I Refuse to Let Myself Go

I am married- a proud still married woman with two children. But comes with it, a slight change of my physical appearance. Not that I am blaming them but it’s obvious I am no longer as skinny as I was neither my belly, it isn’t tight anymore.

I have only gained ten pounds since I married and after having two children. For me, it’s not too bad. I can still call myself skinny except for that flabby and soft abdomen I have. I don’t mind the stretchmarks on my butt and side butt, they can be hidden and I am proud of them. I earned them, you know?

Anyway, I have been workingout at home religiously and trying my best to keep it going until I go to the Philippines in two months. I am doing this in the hope to lose that belly fat and to feel good generally. I love myself and I respect myself. Therefore, I refuse to let myself go. I am a mother and a married woman, that doesn’t mean I don’t need to take care of my body anymore.

Although I get lazy at times but I don’t let that take over my mind. Yes, working out is hard and it needs self-discipline and determination. I may not there yet but I am certainly getting there. I just have to be consistent of what I do and honestly, I feel good about doing this.

Sweating 5 times a week is just awesome. It builds my confidence, it gives me energy at the end of the day and most of all, it tones my body, well, except for my very big problem, “my fat belly”. I try to walk either on the treadmill or around the neighborhood twice a week and weightlifting using dumbbells at home three times a week. That’s the routine I try to follow.

Here are photos of what I did this week, yesterday I used the treadmill and burned over 400 calories, it was followed by some abs/ floor exercises. And today, I did my lower body exercises and abs. I took pictures of my sweaty self as a reminder that I am making a progress. I sweat profusely more than ever and it just so feelin’ good. I get to taste my sweat sometimes and today I noticed that it is no longer salty. Does this mean that I let that bad chemicals that were in my body from months and months of being stagnant inside out? I hope so.

I have no plan of stopping anytime soon. In fact, I am gonna pack me some active outfits and two pairs of running shoes to bring to my home country so I can continue being active while on a vacation. Good Luck to me!

 photo calories_zpsenyq6szu.jpg
 photo sweat_zpsgxgvdx1c.jpg