Early Saturday Jog/Walk for the Second Time

We had the earliest Saturday walk/jog with two of my friends around here. It was my first time to be on the trail still dark even at 6 in the morning. As expected, I had fun. We had fun although there were only two of us who were left on the trail and continued on until ten as the other one had to go to work that day.

Myself and my neighbor both realized that this kind of hangout is exactly what we need to relieve stress, to laugh and enjoy at the same time exercising. You would know that if you are with friends doing exercise together, you will forget the time and how many miles you’ve walked just by talking endlessly.

Saturday now became my most favorite day of the week and it is also my most anticipated day for I get to go out of the house, have a break from the girls for a few hours, get some sun, breathe fresh summer air, see some great and interesting buildings/structures along the trail and a whole lot more.

It is my kind of activity that I have no problem doing forever, not only it is beneficial to my ever growing old self but also I get to connect with nature. Simple living is what it is that I appreciate rather than partying and going to bars wasting my nights with it.

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