Our Not so New Ride

Second week of November. we brought home this new baby of ours from a dealership in Lewisville. It’s a 2005 Lexus RS 330 with only 96,000 miles on it. It’s got a few minor scratches here and there but drives flawlessly. It had stains, dirt and dried up spilled drink inside but after such detailed interior and exterior cleaning, this ride became like new again. Put on new tires on it, new windshield wipers and all.

Wondering why buy an older model instead of the latest? It’s because my husband is practical, he doesn’t want an obligation. It’s been nearly 20 years he had not paid car monthly┬ápayments. He buys used cars and pay it in full. Same reason why we bought this Lexus right here. This baby looks to me was driven by a person who has money and has several cars to drive each time he pulls out his driveway because of the low mileage on it.

I LOVE how smooth it drives, so quiet, beautiful beige leather interior and most of all comfortable. I feel it’s the husband’s gift to our family for Christmas which I gladly accepted. He replaced that old white Ford SHO I am driving for he is getting frustrated with it.

At first, it was kind of hard for me to stop driving the white car because it is my very first and practice car until I learned how to drive that my husband bought for me when I first arrived in America over nine years ago. I kind of miss it now, honestly, even though it is just parked in the drive way. My husband insisted me driving the Lexus, so yes, be it! After all, it’s paid in full and I wouldn’t be embarrassed driving it on the streets for we don’t have payments to make for it.

… it has some chipping on the part near the side mirror but that can easily be fixed. Not flawlessly new on the outside but it looks gorgeous.
 photo lexus_zps2eggbd5p.jpg
… shiny and beautiful interior…
 photo lexus1_zpsz9eyayen.jpg
spacious trunk perfect for bulk grocery shopping. Our girls love that part of the car for they imagine they could sleep there during long hours of road trip, haha.
 photo lexus3_zpsauazbcbj.jpg
 photo lexus4_zpsil8iepoj.jpg