Round Fruits and Polka Dots Before 2015 Ends

Before this year ends, I would like to post my last entry for the year 2015 and I end it with my 13 kinds of round fruits and myself wearing polka dots all over. One of ┬átraditional Filipino beliefs, we collect 13 kinds of round fruits is for the next year to have abundant food on the table and polka dots clothing for money to come in. I know it is a total crap but I grew up believing it, there’ll be no harm done by doing them so I am doing what I am accustomed to do even here int he United States, I am bringing with me the Filipino myth and belief.

I have done this since I first arrived here in the US and there is no stopping each year, I think.

A short recap of how year 2015 has been for us. Well, I should say that is way better than the previous 4 years for we are completely out of debt. Thank God for that! The long hurdle and burden of the lawsuit we faced for 4 years is over six months ago. Although we did not get all the money we want but we got some. The stress and frustrations it had caused us were overwhelming so now we are glad we put that behind us.

Everybody in our family is healthy throughout the year, nothing shocking had happened, we bought our new ride and most of all, WE GOT PEACE OF MIND we so yearn to achieve. I could not ask for more, truly. We have no debts to pay, we are all healthy, good marriage, good kids, nice and dependable husband. I am pretty BLESSED!

I guess this would be all for this year. Until I can write again next year!

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 photo polkadots_zpslzwbe8yl.jpg