How to Resize Photos Easily with Movavi Photo Batch

When was the last time you needed to resize photos? For anyone who deals with photos on a regular basis, resizing photos is a task that need to be carried out fairly regularly and while there are quite a number of ways to resize a photo it can quickly become a tedious and time consuming process.

The problem with resizing photos is that simply blowing them up or shrinking them to a certain set of dimensions often doesn’t work out the way you intended. Doing so carries the risk of affecting the aspect ratio of the photo – which could cause it to appear stretched or squashed.

On the other hand manually resizing photos (especially in bulk) while preserving the aspect ratio can often take a long time. That is where software like Movavi Photo Batch will prove to be extremely useful in simplifying the process and making it easier and faster.

Selecting the Best Way to Resize Photos

Part of the reason why Movavi Photo Batch will make it easier to resize your photos is the fact that it offers three different ways in which you can do so with its batch image resizer:

  • Resize photos to a percentage of the original size of the photos so that the aspect ratio is preserved.
  • Fit photos within a certain frame size to resize them to the largest size that fits into that frame while preserving the aspect ratio.
  • Ignore the aspect ratio and resize photos to a specific set of dimensions.

Between these three options, you should be able to resize your photos for any purpose. For example if you want to shrink some of your travel photos slightly to conserve space then you could simply resize them to 80% of their original size. Alternatively if you want to prepare photos for a website and have them roughly the same size then you could determine a frame size and resize them to fit into it.

On top of all that, Movavi Photo Batch will also allow you to convert the format of your photos, adjust their quality, rename them, and rotate or flip their orientation – all of which should help prepare your photos to be published or stored exactly as you need them to be. Seeing as it is a batch processing software, it should come as no surprise that all these actions can be performed on photos in bulk – saving you a ton of time and lots of effort in the process.

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