Myself Then and Now

I am glad I brought some old pictures with me when I moved here in America so I can compare how I looked then and now. First photo below was a studio shot of me in the Philippines when I was only 17 years old, weighing just 86 pounds. The main purpose of this photo was to send out to different pen pal agencies along with my biography in the hopes of finding friends and possibly a husband to correspond with overseas.

 photo 17_zpsolftagri.jpg

Fast forward 16 years later, 2016. I am now 33. Living in America, have my own family, happier and has fewer worries in life. I gained 13 pounds since then, after having two kids and being married for almost 12 years! I can say, I am much wiser now, very different and have learned a lot about life.

If I compare myself then and now, I have changed tremendously by the way I view life, friendship, family and politics-wise. Yet, I am still the same person since I was born, conservative!

 photo 33_zpsxawljdex.jpg

What the girl loves to do

A woodwind instrument is pretty. It is even prettier if one of my girls will get interested to learn how to play it, someday. I know someone who’s child started with a flute and now leveling up to a bigger and more complicated type of instrument. I will not be surprised if this girl will be playing woodwind instrument professionally since it is what she loves to do.

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