Dear Paloma Sanborn

You were only three when your father last saw you, you are 20 or 21 now. I hope you know that you were once a daddy’s girl. You loved her, he loves you. He was your favorite person, as you can see how you wrapped your daddy’s neck with your arms.

To him, you were his world but that changed when you left for Spain. Imagine how painful that was to the father ¬†who adored and love you very much. Years have passed he hasn’t heard anything nor seen your pictures yet when he found you on Facebook, you seemed aloof. The longing of a father’s love from his daughter is infinite. He hopes that one day, you’ll come to her and utter the word, “dad” to him. It will be a big miracle in his life when that happens. Just know, he is waiting… waiting for you in Fort Worth, Texas.

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