Co-Workers I Love Working With

In life, you cross path with people you don’t expect in  unexpected situations. You meet them for a reason, some may go and others will stay longer in your life. Embrace and treasure those you know that bring joy, smile and happiness in your life.

These below are the kind of people that make my job easier. I go home with peace of mind knowing that I accomplished the job I am supposed to do with these people around helping me. I help those who help me, take note!

With that being said, I would like to introduce to you all the people I like to be around with at my work. I just met them there 4 months ago since the hospital we are working opened.


Analyn, a Filipina who has the same rants as me, haha. All in all, since we come from the same country, the Philippines, we connect in almost all things about food and life.

 photo us_zpsiifhrdlq.jpg
Then there’s these two. Molli (in black cap), a hard-worker cook who is always cheerful and with bright smiles on her face. Her positive energy is contagious, when I work morning shifts and she is there, rest assured, I will be cheerful the rest of my shift too. Not forgetting, she is a person who shares the same political view as me.

Another one is Tanaya, she is Analyn’s BFF at work but I like her too for she is friendly, easy to-get along with, helps other people. She takes the initiative in helping me without asking for it. She also has a positive attitude that I like, all smiling and funny to talk with.

These are the people in the kitchen that I want to work with everyday if I am given a chance or allowed, haha. Sadly though, I cannot do that. Like the manager said, I have to get along with everybody not just with my favorites which I have been trying to do since day one.


 photo coworkers_zps2iw8gkzs.jpg

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  1. Tanaya says:

    Awww I’am thankful to have you as my friend and my co worker. You are an amazing person to work with. You always keep me laughing with such positive energy… Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge me in your blog as well as my other friends/co-workers … 🙂

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