Trail to Go Biking

Aside from a quiet location of our property, we are also pleased to know that there is a trail located just right in front of our property stretching as 20 miles East and West. That is a lot of land to go riding a bicycle in any direction you want to go.

I have done 4.5 miles bike ride so far and plan on going longer rides as days to come. I ride my bike in the mornings while the temperatures are cool but cool enough to make me comfortable at the same time basking in the sun to make sweat.

It is with great pleasure using this public trail, I love it. It enables me to enjoy the outdoors at the same time getting my leg exercise. Such a great way to admire the wooded and shaded part of this little town too. Just let yourself loose on foot or on the bike and be thankful for God’s wonderful gift of life.


Our New Home

We are one of those that are so blessed and are able to purchase a house we all like. It is a log house that was built in 2007. We are the third owner of this house. We think it’s beautiful, all natural wood inside and brown painted/treated logs on the outside, it is a 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths two-storey house with wrap-around porch.

Right now, we are still in the process of moving and arranging our stuff to make this house cozy and homey. It is situated on a 4+-acre farm on a major US highway in East Texas. We love it out here, it is quiet and you can see the beautiful green trees and in the backyard, you can look as far as your eyes can see!

The closest neighbor we have are the previous owners and their sons which their house is sitting adjacent to our property.

Anyway, one of my favorite parts of the house is the front porch. It is where I can get to hear the traffic ( makes me feel I am not too far from the civilization), the neighbors’ roosters. And it is the front porch where I can watch the kids play, Calico hunting for lizards and admire my plants in pots and hanging baskets. So relaxing! I would like to think that I am beginning to experience a beautiful country life. Thanks to my husband for his ability to buy a property with no problems giving us a life with no worries.



Our log home at night

Our dining room is slowly coming together. It is all orangey/fall looking right now due to upcoming season, Fall and Halloween. I am planning of changing decors as we move through the Holiday seasons. Top of the refrigerator needs a knick knack or two and would love to have a galvanized “friends and family gather here” d├ęcor over the doors.

Keep coming as I will update some parts of our home as I am working on putting up stuff slowly.


Antique Shops in New Boston, Texas

Antique shops is one of my favorite stores to hang out and see stuff nowadays. I have not had any interests with flea markets or antique shops before until we moved to the country, why? Because of the log house we bought and I would think antiques or anything rustic/Western fit best with the house.

I was excited to know that there are actually antique shops that I can go visit in New Boston, Texas which is 12 miles away from us. There are three antique shops located in the same complex so with that said, it just makes me wanna drag my feet there comes trade days. I can’t wait for it. It happens every third Saturday of the month, this month it falls on the 17th of September.

I don’t think I am done with buying home decorations yet, so going to trade days and see what they’ll have makes me want to drag the days to go by fast and indulge myself with the antiques and unique gifts I can find that other people are selling.

Here’s a couple pictures of the shops I took when we visited New Boston last week.