Job Seeker Blues

Six months since we moved here in the country and I just now feel bored at home especially when the girls are in school and my husband is in the city. Those days when I left alone in this kind of weather just makes me crazy. I now decided to look for a job. Submitted applications both online and in person, ten days have passed still not a single call.

I don’t like this feeling, I feel awful not having something to do, something useful. I feel stuck in the house although I got my exercise machine but I don’t have the motivation to climb on it.

I call this feeling “job seeker blues”, because I really want to have an income but nothing seems responding to my applications, not even Walmart or that small nursing and rehab center in town.

I am anxious to go to work that will fit with my girls’ schedule. Oh Lord, give me that one call that can potentially change my life.

I looked back at my personal handwritten journal 2 years ago, it is inspiring. August ’16 I hoped I could get a job in December ’16 but guess what? I found a job in a hospital earlier than I hoped for. Less than a month I wrote that entry, I started working as a hostess in a hospital in Clearfork, my exact dream to work in the kitchen in a hospital setting. God is awesome! He heard me!

I wish it will be the same these days too.

Days have passed I am still waiting… for that one important call because they need my service for their company. Lord, grant my wish. I know you hear me and you’re listening.

New Year, First Post for 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018! May this year bring more blessings, good health, so much joy, peace, hope and love!

2017 has been great for us. We moved to a new house, new school for our children, new small town for us to explore and enjoy, new circle of friends and most of all new animals that came live with us that we did not expect. We are now a part owner of a Calico cat and a stray black labrador and pit bull mix named Rowdy.

While most people set a New Year’s Resolution, I don’t. Because I know I am gonna fail it and it will be disappointing not to stick with my resolution. What I really want to do beginning of this year is to find a job and start working. Praying and hoping to work in the kitchen around here. I am so ready to pass my application and resume!

Next is to find cheap tickets for the Philippines. A job and a visit to my little siblings are my main goals this year. Lord God, help me make my plans to happen this year.


… this is the first time I skip gathering 13 kinds of round fruits. It is too cold and I feel lazy going to the grocery store so I just settled with what’s available in the kitchen. Also, big polka dots for it represents $$. I feel like we need extra $ this entire year because our medical and dental insurance has gone up.