Job Seeker Blues

Six months since we moved here in the country and I just now feel bored at home especially when the girls are in school and my husband is in the city. Those days when I left alone in this kind of weather just makes me crazy. I now decided to look for a job. Submitted applications both online and in person, ten days have passed still not a single call.

I don’t like this feeling, I feel awful not having something to do, something useful. I feel stuck in the house although I got my exercise machine but I don’t have the motivation to climb on it.

I call this feeling “job seeker blues”, because I really want to have an income but nothing seems responding to my applications, not even Walmart or that small nursing and rehab center in town.

I am anxious to go to work that will fit with my girls’ schedule. Oh Lord, give me that one call that can potentially change my life.

I looked back at my personal handwritten journal 2 years ago, it is inspiring. August ’16 I hoped I could get a job in December ’16 but guess what? I found a job in a hospital earlier than I hoped for. Less than a month I wrote that entry, I started working as a hostess in a hospital in Clearfork, my exact dream to work in the kitchen in a hospital setting. God is awesome! He heard me!

I wish it will be the same these days too.

Days have passed I am still waiting… for that one important call because they need my service for their company. Lord, grant my wish. I know you hear me and you’re listening.

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