Crawfish Trippin’

I LOVE TO EAT (Bold and capslock para tindi)! And I am not embarrassed to shout that to the world. I am glad I found Filipinas in our new place who speak the same dialect and who also share the same interest as me, “eating”, that is. Something I am thankful for because, living in a small town and knowing they are around me gives me a sigh of relief. Thank God, I am not alone in this beautiful but small town called De Kalb.

I guess I will be fine living here for a long time since these ladies know how to fight boredom. They set a small get together even if there is no occasion. They find things to do, like a simple trip to a friend’s house for a meal is good and I like that.

Anyway, three of these ladies and I all agreed to drive an hour back and forth to buy a cooked crawfish in Texarkana which happened last Saturday. For me, it was a fun and uneventful car ride with them. We did a little bit of shopping and coffee for a while before driving to Texas-Arkansas state line for that sumptuous hot crawfish.

That hour drive was nothing and not a dull moment in the car with 4 Filipinas in it, you know the chitchat is endless until we got to our house to enjoy that most craved crawfish with rice! Everybody was full to their neck and could barely move after pigging to our hearts’ content.

I am looking forward to more Crawfish Trippin’ with these awesome ladies in the future.