Big Yard Work

There is an advantage of me working as a PRN or on call at work because I get plenty of time to do some yard work around here. One that in desperate need of attention right now is our front yard. My husband just pull out all the bushes and there’s quite a lot of them that covers a good area for me to fix and hopefully plant some really colorful flowers and lemongrass in it.

As you can see photos below, you will know what I am talking about. These are before and after photos, the last one is an aftermath after uprooting the bushes. Guess what? I am gonna do all the hardwork just to make the flower garden beautiful once it’s done.

I am gonna make it pretty and that’s a promise! If I say it, rest assured it will happen. Watch me.

… Along this line here, I want to have at least 3-4 lemongrass bushes here. Not only they are insect reppelants but good for dishes as well as with health benefits.

…. it’s the current situation of our front yard. It is all messy and there’s big holes from where the bushes were.

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