How’s Our Country Life?

An update about our big move we made almost a year ago. Amazing how time flies so fast that we will be celebrating our first year in our log house in three weeks!

Life here has been quiet and peaceful so far, can’t complain! I have found several Filipinas in this small town which I can relate and comfortably hang around with. I am making progress beautifying our front yard a little bit, planted a few vegetables in our garden. Bought some chicks to raise for eggs purposes. Adopted a dumped dog we call Rowdy.

Husband’s move has been pretty slow, almost a year now and he is still driving back and forth to Fort Worth and hasn’t even moved his 2 sport cars, tractor and attic is still packed with stuff! I have found a job at a nearby nursing home as a PRN (pro re nata) or when needed. I work in housekeeping department and currently cross-training as a kitchen aide.

Here’s a picture of how our life is like out here. I sit in the porch watching my girls play and visit the chicken fenced-in area everyday to get an egg a day! Our life is so simple yet it is satisfying for me.


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