Filipinas Around Me

We left Fort Worth which has a quarter million population, I’ve lived there for 10 years and have met countless Filipinas. To me, hanging out with Filipinas is important so I don’t feel homesick. But then when we moved in this cute little town with only 1700 population, I felt isolated at first and constantly wondering, why the heck did I allow myself to move to a place where we don’t know anybody?

For six months I was left with questions whether I’m gonna be able to adjust in a town that’s too little, not so many stores nearby, 3 hours drive away from the Asian market, no dark-haired people except myself…. it was more painful to me when we go to town and people seem to know everybody while we stood there, observing how country folks behave and greeted each other.

Then they had this festival called, “Octoberfest” in October, we attended to this event just so our girls could enjoy and had some play outdoors. Well, yeah, they acted having fun while we just watched them. It hit me hard, people were in groups, laughing, chitchatting, eating and enjoying the summer festivity.

Then, maybe God has heard my little wishes… my husband met a Filipina at a water vending machine… then another one added me on Facebook and the rest followed… not just two or three Filipinas I have found in De Kalb. In fact, there are 7 of them that live around here now. Thank God, I am not alone in this town. I now feel I belong to this town because I am not alone anymore!

Here’s a picture of us in Megan’s birthday. I treasure these ladies who can relate and hang out with no problems. Most of them are Bisaya, only one from the Luzon area.