I Caught a Big-Mouthed Bass

Last weekend we had so much fun! We went for a short getaway and was really looking forward to fishing. We were not disappointed because all three of us caught some fish. It was my 5-yr old girl who caught fish first, she had a blue gill fish and later on, I caught a big-mouthed bass about 2.5 pounds!

Then my 8-year old followed, she caught 3 small size catfish after spending quite some time in the pond fishing by herself.

I was so tempted to cook it and put in the grill but Mike did not allow me to cook the fish because he wanted to wait until next year when the fish will double its size. But after that fish took the bait, it got loose with the hook still attached to its mouth which will likely cause him for his death.

OH well, nothing I could do but feeling satisfied for the first time I caught a really big fish. I was so happy and my kids were encouraged to continue fishing.

 photo fishingme_zpsmhi2ebnd.jpg

Beautiful Country Scenery

If you want complete peace of mind, absolute quiet and away from trouble, the country is a place to be. Here are some views I took when we visited Avery, Texas last weekend. We stayed for 2 nights at a friend’s house and enjoyed the surroundings and all.

In his front yard, are tall trees. His backyard is a wide and open field where the two small and medium-sized ponds are located. The road to get to the main highway is not paved or if it is, it is too thin that you can barely tell there’s a pavement there. I find it cool driving on a dirt road, something to admire the beauty of nature.

When it’s sun rise and sunset, you can clearly see the sun rays kissing your skin and oh just beautiful out there.

First photo below was taken at 6 in the afternoon. Background are trees awaiting Spring. Second photo is of the dirt road we took from his house to the main road. You can see the trees along the road how beautifully they are lined up that makes the travel so gorgeous.

Thirdly, is his front porch view.

Imagine living in the city where there are a million people in it and moving to a country like Avery and the population is only 482!

 photo sunset_zpsn3atk97k.jpg
 photo trees_zpsofc5nuyg.jpg
 photo porchview_zpsipuqjnli.jpg

Gorgeous Texas Wildflowers

No matter where you live, if you are happy and like it there where you are, you will appreciate every little thing you see around you. And the more appreciative you are, the happier you get.

I grew up in a city island until I reached the age of 21 where going to the beach is not a problem for we are surrounded by beautiful beaches in Lapu-lapu. We can smell that fresh ocean breeze anytime we want.

When I moved here in Texas to be with my husband and build a family, I could no longer smell that ocean breeze for we are 6 hours drive away from the beach. But despite of that, I still feel fortunate. Albeit, we don’t live near the beach yet we have these super gorgeous Texas wildflowers with vibrant colors. These photos were taken in early Spring 2015 in Benbrook.

You tell me just by looking the photos below if you don’t fall in love with them? I don’t know what they are called but the last one in blue is called the bluebonnets which is the Texas national flower. Picking them is illegal so you just gotta enjoy or admire their beauty ¬†through your eyes and not with your hands.

Gladly, we can see beautiful wildflowers just a few miles drive from where we live. It is located adjacent to Benbrook lake and has a picnic area where you can enjoy your food, the pleasant temperature and at the same time gazing at the beauty of nature laid before your eyes.

 photo TexasWilds20026_zpsxkbbl9vp.jpg
 photo TexasWilds20046_zpskvgkjijs.jpg

 photo TexasWilds20067_zpsouo7ts4q.jpg

It’s My 8th Year in America Today!

Today marks the 8th year since I set foot in the American soil. Thank God to that for giving me the opportunity to experience what it is like to live here in the land of milk and honey far away from home. Yes, 8 years of wonderful life together with my husband and my little children.

I could not ask for a better place to live with my family but here, although homesickness is still my biggest enemy in this country. For some reason it never leave me alone. When it strikes, I feel like all alone and wanting to go back to the Philippines.

Sometimes life is so confusing for when I am in my home country for just three weeks, my body yearns for the comfort American has to offer. If only both countries are so close to each other, it would be very easy for me to fly back and forth. Anyway, I am cheering myself for making it to 8 years without any problems or if there are, they are just minor problems ug madala ra smile!

A look back of the photos taken during my second day in America. Left photo below was taken in Tramway Palm Springs, California, March 14,2006. It was also my first experience/touch of snow. Right photo is of me and my husband just landed in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport waiting for our luggage. I’d say, this was the beginning of our journey together as a married couple!

 photo tbt_zpsdd47b50d.jpg

Icon Helmets To Protect Your Head

So many people in Texas love riding their motorcycle or bike as they call it in the freeways and toll roads. I am scared for them because I don’t feel safer with just two wheels when in the fast roads. While most of the riders wear proper riding gear, there are also a few who don’t. They are calling for their death without wearing protective gear for their head. They should know that the head should be safe at all times. Try looking at these icon helmets, if you haven’t bought one helmet for you then it is your time to get it. Besides, it is the start of tax free weekend.

Real Camping Experience

I was so excited when a family friend of ours asked as if we can try camping out one time. I have never experienced going out for camping with the family. Real camping for me is when you set your own Camping Equipment in the woods or out in an open area in the night, sleep in a sleeping bags, cook your food in a flame etc. I have never done that. I guess it will be very fun and such great adventure for us to do.
I have only gone or experienced camping when I was in grade school. We, students required to do the activity or we wouldn’t pass that specific subject. I still remember vividly how fun that was with all the kids camping out in our school wearing our girl/boy scout uniforms. That was the only camping I have ever tried in my whole life. Hopefully, for once in my life I will be able to try it again and this time it will be different for I have my own family now to share the joy and adventure with.
How about you, do you love camping too? Have you ever tried camping out in your own backyard? Most parents do that here in Texas just to let their children experience what it is like sleeping under the stars and not being covered with roof.

Back Home

We arrived from our visit to my FIL’s place in San Antonio two hours ago and feeling so tired and bit dizzy. On our way back home it took us 5 hours drive and so tired. ’twas so hot yet I enjoyed the view along the road. While at SA, my husband made it sure that he can join his father during breakfast which is too early for him to be getting up by 7:30-8:00 in the morning. I couldn’t join him, too lazy to do that ehhermm..

Yesterday which was our second day, we managed to spent family time together in River walk. Famous for it’s history and fine dining along the river that stretches miles and miles long. We rode a boat although we’ve been there for two times already but it was our first time to hop in the boat and take a tour. Photos are proof below!

……the couple while waiting for the boat…
… on the boat for a quick tour in the river

…. downtown view of San Antonio

….. one of the boats that carries passengers for dining or for the tour…