Celebrated Our 11th Wedding Anniversary

Cheers to us for we have just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary 4 days ago. The special day fell on Friday and my husband had to go to work so we waited the following day before we could go out for dinner. It was so simple, just a dinner yet to me it means a lot. Eleven years is quite a long time already and yes, we have had long cold treatments, less fights and more happiness and peace within our marriage.

Ours is not perfect. There is no way it can be perfect as there is no such thing as “perfect marriage”. What matters is that we picked up from where we left off and how we bounce back after the cold treatments I did to my husband when I’m upset with him.

I treasure our marriage and our family. It is the only thing I can brag to the world, and yes, I am blessed not with material things but with love, healthy marriage and family. Having these three great people in my life is enough for me to be fulfilled and content everyday. As long as we’re together, healthy and happy.

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