Training Babies to Sleep, the Ferber Way

There are a lot of things for new parents to decide on. How to setup their nursery, what stroller to choose and how they will deal with the inevitable sleepless nights ahead. Today’s post is going to focus on a sleep method that gets your baby to sleep through the night; it’s called the Ferber Method. Mothers who have successfully employed this method with their kids swear this method has made their lives a whole lot easier.

The internet is rife with countless tips and methods of getting a baby to sleep through the night but for some reason, the Ferber method seems to rank above all the other techniques for getting babies to sleep at night. Although this technique has garnered a large following, a few parents remain skeptical about trying it.

The reason this is, may not be unconnected to the fact that the Ferber method advocates baby-training; this simply means training babies to self-soothe by allowing them to cry for a pre-determined amount of time and then offering external comfort at a scheduled time. As harsh as this sounds, a lot of parents have found that it worked for them.

Of course, there are also a bunch of steps and rules one has to follow during the baby-training phase and so the next question would be – would this work for all babies? Probably not. A baby’s inability to sleep may be connected to some neurological or general health issues so it’s advisable you speak with a doctor before trying out the Ferber method.

Below is an infographic from that sheds more light on how exactly the Ferber method works.



I Feel Miserable

I haven’t had a good sleep 3 nights in a row. Last night was the worst because I only had 2 hours of shallow sleep. I was nauseated, with hoarse throat and stuffy nose. I don’t feel good at all, I feel so miserable plus the baby is teething. She is cranky and wouldn’t sleep, if she sleeps it would be 15-minute nap since last night.
Poor girl, her lower gum is swelling, looks like two teeth are gonna come out soon. There is no one around to help me with her. I try myself though to attend my sick baby even though I don’t feel good. Here’s the worst case scenario, I am passing my virus to my baby when I fed her this morning. I had to lick and blow her spoon before I could give it to her to ensure the food is not hot…. Great way of passing my sickness to her, yeah?

Heart Melting Smile

This is my little Pearl at 2 months, 1 week and 1 day old. I love her so much. She is soooooo pretty,cute and adorable. I don’t care if other people won’t agree but for me my child/ren are the prettiest of all. Looking at these pictures of my baby make me smile deep in my heart too!

Look Alike Because They Are Sisters

Can you tell who is who? I won’t tell you to get you puzzled lolz. These are photos of my two girls when they are about the same age. Interestingly, I found these two babies of mine look alike as babies although the second born looks more like her Grandpa. But there are angles in their photographs that you will have a hard time pointing who is who.

About The Same Age

Photos of my babies about the same age using the same bouncer. Luckily I did not get rid all my Jadyn’s stuff from birth to present so the second girl can use them all. Save us money from buying the same things. Here are my cuties, bald and a lot of hair… their head is the only thing you can distinguish who is who.

Jadyn was two weeks in this photo and Megan approaching two weeks…

They Are My Pride

Thank God for my cute precious little girls. They are my pride and my joy. Mommy and daddy’s little angels. Big sister Jadyn being so good at her little sister, she feels absolutely no jealousy towards Megan. She looks after her and she even help her mommy in her small way. Megan on the other hand, the pretty and easy (well, Jadyn too when she was a baby) baby is quiet and would just sleep all day long. She’d only cry if she needs to be fed or need to be changed a diaper. 
How lucky I am to have these little girls to take care of, to watch them grow and most of all to love them with all my heart! Thank You, Lord! I am so blessed with precious beautiful girls; Jadyn and Megan!

She Is A Week Old

Amazing how days gone by so quickly. Our second Princess has turned one week old yesterday at ten forty three in the morning. Yes, she is that young… that also means that it’s been a week I’ve been losing my sleep at night. I don’t know how long is this going to last but I am hoping that the baby will learn to sleep by herself pretty soon. 
But anyways, I receive ample amount of compliments when I posted some photos of my little girl on Facebook. Some say she looks like her grandfather, most people commented that she got prominent nose which I agree. Its shape is different than her big sister.

Fun Under The Sprinkler

It’s the 14h day we hit triple digit temperature. It’s seriously hot here, I tell you. In order to beat the summer heat, as we water our yard, I let my child go out there and enjoy the fun that water comes out from our manual sprinkler. I let her experience how it is playing with water while she is still a child. Someday she’ll remember doing it as part of her happy memory in her childhood just like I do, though my experience was way too different than hers.
When it rains, we managed to go out with all the neighbors’ kids my age to play in the rain no matter how cold we were we didn’t mind it as long as we enjoyed the water. That was part of my childhood I can never forget and honestly, I missed playing under the rain.

Our Little Cutiepie

Jadyn nowadays just know how to strike a pose whenever she is being told by her mother to make a pose. I am glad she is cooperating with me hehe. It’s with my great pleasure taking a lot of photos of my little kid especially when she is all pink.
Just look at her in pink hat, glasses, shirt, leggings and slippers, isn’t she cute? She just look like a local tourist ehhhhhhhh…. Hmm I wish to make another baby girl just like her so good all the time so she can have someone to play with besides the dog.

On Diaper And Youtube

Where else can you find a baby who at two years old already knows how to browse for videos on youtube? Don’t get me wrong, she only browse cartoons like mickey mouse and blues clues on there. That is my Jadyn, when bored, she gets on her or my computer and do youtubing ON DIAPER!

I took this photo on the left when we were in San Antonio, it was hot down there that is why she only wore diaper. But it’s cute I think.