My 34th Birthday

I turned 34 yesterday. It was just a simple celebration but I still feel blessed with another year of my life, not having an illness or anything health-related issues. I feel good generally. I am thankful to God for blessing me with so many things I wished for in life, I couldn’t ask for more!

My day started by with a good two hours workout, a nice brunch with my husband and children, they handed me a birthday card with their writings in it. Then hours later, I brought my girls to splash pad we then joined by a Filipina friend and her kids later. She bought a roasted chicken and we shared it all for our dinner.

That was it! So simple really, nothing special. Nothing fancy. We stayed over two hours and when we came home, my husband baked some steaks, tasted a bit and it was good. That is how I spent my birthday. Looking forward to living many many more years so I can witness my children grow!

Oh wait! Before I close this entry, I would like to state fact that I am now showing signs of aging… white/gray hair are slowly growing. Just weeks before I could turn 34, I spotted at least 3 gray hair in my head and fine lines under my eyes are visible. Oh well, why should I worry so much about that? It is pretty much normal to turn gray as our age increases.

 photo mycake_zpsypyc9h6g.jpg

 photo splashpad_zps3iryrulj.jpg

Officially 33

Another year is added to my existence here on earth. I am beyond blessed to be living and reach this age because there are a few of my batch mates in school who unfortunately did not make it to my age.

As usual, we celebrated our birthday by dining out at Red Lobster exclusively with family. Nothing fancy, nothing special except that I feel special because my husband took a day off today. He gave me flowers and a balloon yesterday. That alone make me feel pretty, haha.

I am thankful to the Lord above for giving me this opportunity to celebrate my 33rd birthday with people I love the most. I am healthy at this age and most of all, I have peace of mind. That’s a gift because not everyone in this world have that and having peace of mind is something that cannot be bought.

Anyway, I ordered the biggest plate of Red Lobsters’ “Lobster and Shrimp Summer Fest” menu. It’s my birthday so it’s a treat and I believe, I deserve it. Who does not? The food is scrumptious and yes, it’s huge that I couldn’t eat it all. Bringing home the leftover just give me another meal to enjoy my birthday food.

I saw the summer fest advertised on Facebook last night and I knew right then what I am gonna order today, so I did. We had some appetizer, main dish and a dessert which is a strawberry cheesecake. We all enjoyed the dinner and I feel blessed.

…. a reminder how I look at 33
 photo P1013784_zpsihz7nizc.jpg
… a treat for myself on my birthday. I love everything that’s in the plate. My kind of food to be exact.
 photo fb6295ef-11e8-40eb-b492-f180bc6eaf2c_zpsnv8s1vt7.jpg

…. cheesecake with strawberry, the only dessert that was ordered because everybody was too full for more food, except Jadyn…
 photo 5075e591-2faf-4552-a814-83f4ba1b607b_zpswe5sjxmv.jpg

My Husband Turned 58

My husband turned 58 two days ago. We had a very simple celebration with our kids of course. He told me that he cancelled his birthday, how can that be? I baked a small chocolate with avocado cake a day before that and let the girls help me decorate it with pink icing and skittles, lol. When he got home from work, we called him to the dining table, J sung a happy birthday song to her dada and they both each blew the candle on his behalf.

She also made a personalized birthday card for him. Second photo below. You see, his cake and birthday card are homemade which for me, are way better than those store-bought stuff.

After that, J sliced the cake and we all ate together. Yes, that is how we celebrate birthdays in this household, no party, just us, not a lot of people or whatsoever. I could just simply forget the day since he already told me that he cancelled his birthday but no, I had to at least make an effort for it just so he knows he exist and that he matters to me and to our kids.

 photo 58thbirthday005_zps9aad5f0b.jpg

 photo 58thbirthday011_zps734887f4.jpg


Alive at 31

I don’t normally take solo pictures of myself, not unless I have to. I often update my Facebook wall with photos but not of my face but of my kids, food, flowers or other interesting shots of things I see beautiful. Anyway, since it’s my blog, I am entitled to love myself a little bit by posting these photos taken a day after I turned 31 for remembrance purposes.

As much as possible, I take photos of how I look each year I celebrate my birthday so to compare them from previous years. Oh man, I’m really 31 now! I remember, when I was 17… I was rushing to be 18 so that I won’t scare men of my age. I was itching to find a serious man at that age and when I told them how old I was, they seemed to back out and never chat with me again. When I was 18, I was the happiest. A couple of years later, here I am… amazed at how the years went by so quickly.

Yes, I am 31 and a secret to confess, I have not had an experience working from outside the house. I mean, I only had a brief 3 months paid occupation when I was single and that’s it. All I was focusing in my younger years was to find a man to marry.

I found the one for me and now have a close-knit family of my own. I am a full-time mom, a blogger and does a job that pays so little online. I don’t complain being at home though. Not all mothers have the privilege to stay home, take care of their kids and have no boss around. Some are forced to work just so to make ends meet, I am not. My husband provides for the family and consider myself lucky because of the stable job he has.

Thankful to the Heavens above for the life’s blessings He poured into me and to my family. For all the greatness life has to offer and for granting me my biggest dream in life.

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Birthday Card for Me from My First Born

Today is my 31st birthday. Nothing significant going on, just another year added to my life here on Earth. I am thankful to God because of it. I have been blessed with so many things and can only wish three things, that I will live longer/more years to come for me, good health, safety for me and for my family all the time and lastly, financial relief for us so then we will start saving up for a possible vacation to the Philippines next year.

Anyway, we planned of going to a Japanese buffet today but guess, it’s going to be postponed tomorrow due to some reasons. I woke up feeling alright this morning and that is all what’s important to me. Received a happy birthday greeting from my husband in bed, minutes later, my first born woke up and handed me her handmade heartfelt card for my birthday. She told me last night that she has a surprise for me and that she made me a birthday card, when she handed that to me, the feeling was just overwhelming with joy.

It feels I am appreciated and thought of by her because of the card. She had given me several cards on ordinary days but the idea she made me one on my birthday is amazing. How thoughtful can she be? I am lucky! I want to keep the card forever because I know this is just the beginning…. the first gift she could give me.

 photo bday1_zps9aa19755.jpg
 photo bday_zps6168cf15.jpg

A Birthday Suprise!

This is what greeted me this morning when I woke up and walked to my desk. Two dozens of roses, wow I am feeling special and loved by my better half! He is like courting me again because of these flowers!

After all these years of being together, he still the same guy I met almost 9 years ago! God, I am blessed, so blessed by You! Thank you for giving me a great life, a wonderful husband and most of all healthy super silly beautiful kids! My life is complete having You and them!

 photo f3pszydwxgd8mw8zfsqv5hch6xetagco_zps596f03e0.jpg

My 30th Birthday

So time really does fly fast. I will be officially 30 tomorrow and I actually don’t think much about it. However, I am thankful to God for giving me another year of my life being healthy, alive and most of all diseases-free. Yes, it is hard to admit that I WILL BE 30 in a day because for me that sounds a bit too old. I don’t feel old though, lol.

Anyway, I don’t have plan or food to cook for my birthday. Just the thought of being with my family is good enough to celebrate my birthday. I am only praying one thing though, that since the crook roofers are going to meet our lawyer for a deposition, I am praying to God that something really really good will happen on my birthday. Please Jesus, you know what’s in my heart, hear my wishes and prayers! I entrust everything to You in Your precious name! AMEN!

My Birthday Is Coming Up

It will be another year added to my existence here on Earth in 17 days. I am thankful to God for that. I have been so blessed with good health, great family, beautiful kids and a wonderful husband.

There is nothing else I could wish for except for more long years to live and for us all to be healthy, happy, safety and strong family. However, I did ask the husband a favor. This may sound simple to you all but it will be a great favor on my side and the husband said yes to it already which I’m glad.

I don’t want something else for my birthday instead a drive to Grapevine Mills mall so I could return a few times to the store will be much appreciated. I am easy to please you know? Just do my wish and I’ll be fine.

Celebrating My 28th Birthday

Dear God, thank You for giving me another year to live. I have been very blessed with so much love from my family, friends and a new blessing, our second baby! These I owe you a lot. I want nothing else but to be healthy all the time, having a good and safe delivery in August, for this family I have to remain intact and strong forever and most of all for us to be safe all the time. Amen.
As I’ve posted on Facebook wall, it is also our 7th engagement anniversary and my father in-law’s first death anniversary! Who would’ve thought that these two unforgettable moments (good and bad) would fall on my birthday? Each year as I celebrate my birthday, I also have to remember those two events happened on the same natal day of mine.

Upcoming Birthday

My little girl will soon be celebrating her 2nd birthday on the 16th of this month. That will be a week from now. My friend and I were planning of having a birthday party at her house and will just invite some of our common friends who have kids to make it alive but there is a sudden change of plan.

I chose to call it quit not because I don’t want to but because I won’t be able to enjoy as much as they do in my Jadyn’s birthday. Three days before that, I am scheduled to have my braces adjusted and as expected it’s gonna be like hell for me. Awfully sore is my mouth gonna be and will be having hard time chewing on food, can’t even talk when it happens.

However, I just plan of simple celebration for my girl, “inato lang” in our native language. I’ll just buy her a big piece of cupcake and put a number 2 candle in it so she can blow her cake for remembrance. Would probably be cooking some bam-e for longer life.

Unlike her first birthday (was a big birthday party held in the Philippines) this time it’s just gonna be the three of us and a solemn celebration.