Our Not so New Ride

Second week of November. we brought home this new baby of ours from a dealership in Lewisville. It’s a 2005 Lexus RS 330 with only 96,000 miles on it. It’s got a few minor scratches here and there but drives flawlessly. It had stains, dirt and dried up spilled drink inside but after such detailed interior and exterior cleaning, this ride became like new again. Put on new tires on it, new windshield wipers and all.

Wondering why buy an older model instead of the latest? It’s because my husband is practical, he doesn’t want an obligation. It’s been nearly 20 years he had not paid car monthly payments. He buys used cars and pay it in full. Same reason why we bought this Lexus right here. This baby looks to me was driven by a person who has money and has several cars to drive each time he pulls out his driveway because of the low mileage on it.

I LOVE how smooth it drives, so quiet, beautiful beige leather interior and most of all comfortable. I feel it’s the husband’s gift to our family for Christmas which I gladly accepted. He replaced that old white Ford SHO I am driving for he is getting frustrated with it.

At first, it was kind of hard for me to stop driving the white car because it is my very first and practice car until I learned how to drive that my husband bought for me when I first arrived in America over nine years ago. I kind of miss it now, honestly, even though it is just parked in the drive way. My husband insisted me driving the Lexus, so yes, be it! After all, it’s paid in full and I wouldn’t be embarrassed driving it on the streets for we don’t have payments to make for it.

… it has some chipping on the part near the side mirror but that can easily be fixed. Not flawlessly new on the outside but it looks gorgeous.
 photo lexus_zps2eggbd5p.jpg
… shiny and beautiful interior…
 photo lexus1_zpsz9eyayen.jpg
spacious trunk perfect for bulk grocery shopping. Our girls love that part of the car for they imagine they could sleep there during long hours of road trip, haha.
 photo lexus3_zpsauazbcbj.jpg
 photo lexus4_zpsil8iepoj.jpg

Explaining the Car Problem to Your Garage

When you take your car to the garage, like Ramy’s Garage, how do you explain the problem with your car to the auto mechanic? This is not always an easy thing to do. Sometimes the trouble is simple, such as overheating. You can easily tell the mechanic that, after driving a short distance, the engine becomes hot and radiator fluid begins to boil and spew out from under the hood of the car. However, sometimes the trouble is simply a noise that has you concerned. That is not as easy to explain.

Really Pay Attention to the Noise

If you are going to go to the auto repair shop with your car, take the time to listen to the noises your car is making. Roll down the windows and try to pinpoint where on the car the noise is coming from. Perhaps have someone else ride with you, or even stand on the side of the road as you drive by so your friends can help you pinpoint the noise. You can also talk with your friends and neighbors about the noise on your car and ask them to help you determine what it sounds like.

Look for Additional Signs

Another thing you can do before taking your car into a garage is to look for any additional signs from your car that may help the mechanic understand what is wrong. For example, look for warning lights on the car. Warning lights are a great sign to have because that will tell the mechanic exactly where to look for the problem.

Keep an Open Mind

Some people will close their mind off to any suggestion of what the issue is because they are certain they know what the problem is with their car. However, this can lead to longer diagnosis times at the garage, such as Ramy’s Garage. When a customer is insistent on what they believe the problem to be, most mechanics will start there. However, it is better to describe the noises, symptoms, and signals that have been gathered, and let the auto mechanic figure out what is wrong with your car. This will save time and frustration. Remember, the auto mechanic is the expert.

Car Dealers Are Getting Environmentally Friendlier

Car dealers are becoming more cognizant of the fact that people want vehicles that are environmentally friendlier. Scientists may never be able to come up with the perfect vehicle that does not pollute, but they have already made advances in electric vehicles (EV) and natural gas vehicles. Unfortunately, those cars may cost too much for the average car buyer, which makes the next best vehicle to purchase a used car that gets good gas mileage. Dealers like Bill Stasek Chevy are stocking up on cars that have already been produced.
Electric vehicles have the power and can do everything that gas powered vehicles can do. The biggest knock is that the vehicles have a limited range, but when most of your driving is within 20 miles of home, that range doesn’t matter. Many EVs come with a gas powered engine to help keep them running like a hybrid, and they come in pickup truck form that can power tools directly from the battery.
Natural Gas
While natural gas is still a petroleum product, it is cleaner burning than gasoline. That means less pollution. With the current demand for natural gas being so low, it is also less expensive than regular gasoline. Many government fleets are switching to natural gas.
Used Vehicles
Used vehicles are environmentally friendlier because they have already used the natural resources that it takes to build and deliver them. The only natural resources that you will be using are the ones that you put into the vehicle to keep it running. Some of these vehicles can be further adapted to make them more environmentally friendlier. Motors can be swapped out for more efficient motors that run on different substances.
Car Dealers
Car dealers like Bill Stasek Chevy are getting hip to the fact that environmentalism is where it is at. They are adapting their workspaces to be friendlier to the environment, and they are adopting practices that help the environment. Cars that get good gas mileage, that have already been used, and that run on alternative fuels are only the beginning of efforts that dealers are putting forth to help the environment.

How to Find the Right Car for You

When it is time to search for a replacement vehicle, regardless of whether it is a used or new car, many people are not quite sure what to do. Too often they end up with a car that is too expensive for their budget and still doesn’t fit their needs. Following are three suggestions to help you find the car that is right for your needs:

  • Establish a budget and financing.
  • Figure out what your needs are.
  • Search online sites such as www.chevycruzewheelingil.com to get an idea of what options match your needs.

Establish a Budget and Financing

The first thing to do is establish a budget for how much you want to spend on a new car. When figuring out how much to spend, take a look at your monthly expenses. Based on your income and expenses, establish an amount that you can afford to spend on a monthly payment. As you evaluate your budget, calculate a maximum monthly payment. Then when you are looking at cars, do not allow yourself to go over that maximum payment.

According to an article published on the Internet by Kelly Blue Book, once you have figured out how much you can spend each month, it is time to obtain financing options. There are several different options available for financing. A good place to start is through your bank or credit union. Also, dealer websites often have links that will allow you to apply for financing through them.

Determine Your Needs

Another important aspect to establish before you ever start searching for a car is to determine what your needs are. Without careful thought in this area, you could end up with a vehicle that doesn’t really work for you. For example, if you want to transport passengers, a truck might not be ideal, even one with a second row of seats. If you are looking for fuel economy, an SUV isn’t the right choice.

Find the Right Fit

Armed with financing and a list of your needs, it is time to start looking at what you want to buy. Before you go to the dealership, start by searching sites such as www.chevycruzewheelingil.com to see what inventory is available. Then you can go to the dealership with a specific idea in mind when you talk to a sales rep.

A Luxury Car, I Wish

I am having really wishful thinking right at this moment. I do this when I feel bored and nothing I could think of doing except wishing for things that I can never have. There is no harm if you do this anyway so let my mind float and dream.
The reason I brought this up because I spoke with someone few days ago who just arrived in America not so long ago, she mentioned to me that they are in a hunt for a car for her husband. I thought she said he is looking for a hyundai genesis car and I told her to visit the 2011 Hyundai Genesis car official website because they have all of the latest models as well as pre-owned units on their site. That way they can have an idea how much this car would cost them new and used.
I told her, if we can afford to have a luxury car like one of these hyundai genesis cars I would love to have the husband to buy one. But of course, we know where we at in our budget right now so getting one is impossible. Besides, we don’t need one yet. Our every day cars are old but they are still in good running condition so I don’t see a reason to replace them..not just yet..

Expensive Car Repairs

It truly is expensive to repair a car. The more cars you possess the bigger or higher expense it would cost you once something is damaged or something failed to function normally so it is just right to keep your car warranty or auto warranty up-to-date. If it is going to expire soon or about to expire, try getting an extended warranty immediately for you will never know one of these your car suddenly breaks down on you.
Pretty sure, you will not be prepared to face a costly car repair. At a time when everyone is strapped for cash a busted air conditioner or water pump without having an auto warranty, can be all it takes to wreck your budget, or worse, put you in debt by thousands of dollars! So what are you waiting for? Please visit PAS because they are here to make sure your budget isn’t affected by costly repairs to your automobile or truck, with the help of our budget-friendly Extended Vehicle Protection Plans.


I wonder what happen to the guy who we used to hire to fix my husband’s Acura NSX now? Whenever he has problems with his sports car, he always went or needed this guy’s service for it his line of work servicing sports cars. My husband hired him like maybe three times I believe but then the last time he sent his car to his home, this guy was taking advantage of the car by driving it carelessly. He made it his everyday car like he owns it.

Well, it was my husband who told him that he can drive the car occasionally just to keep the engine alive but he was not thinking what that poor guy is going to do with the car. Yes, he drove it a couple times, added more mileage to it, scratched the paint and worst, he damaged the front tires of the car. When it was returned my husband was so frustrated of the guy’s behavior, although he gave him permission to drive our NSX Acura but he abused it so much that he needed to replace the two tires.

And you know, you cannot just put an ordinary tire to any sports car, right? You have to put back the tires appropriate for that kind of car. Good thing though, wheels and tires online store has got the tires we are looking for. They carry different tire name brands and custom wheel and tire package. I should say, it is the best online store to buy your tires for your valuable possession.

About the guy who took advantage of us, he got fired. My husband never wanted to go to his place for a repair rather he looked for a new place where his car can be safe.

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This Cool Car

Yesterday we went to an auto show nearby. I was quite disappointed when we entered the exhibit hall for I truly expected we can see plenty of classic sports car. As we entered the hall, all we could see at first were just ordinary everyday cars from Toyota, Buick, BMW and other auto manufacturers. So anyways, we went ahead and roam around the huge hall they have until I was slowly having fun. There were few cars that I thought were cool but did not take picture of them until I saw this volkswagen in cool colors.

I know it when I like something for I cannot take my eyes off it or take a picture on that thing so I can look at it over and over again. So here, you find myself smiling with the volks I like.

……….. cool ride eh but only in my dreams I can have this…

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