Log Home Christmas Decoration 2017

This is going to be our first Christmas in our log home this year. We are in the country and farmhouse decors will be appropriate. However, I got tons of Christmas decorations, some of them are still new in original packaging unopened. I would like to enjoy using them first before ditching them and be replaced with anything country or farmhouse.

Here are some of the decors we’ve done in the house so far. I am not done decorating yet, I still got the dining area to do, table set up and such. I like how the lights and decors bring so much warmth and set our mood to feel the spirit of Christmas.

This year’s color will be green, red and gold. The staircase railing is also decorated as you can see in the picture below, it is my first time to decorate such a thing you know? The girls are thrilled now that we have two of our trees up. They so look forward for the presents to appear under our big tree in the living room.






Thankful on Christmas Day 2016

Another Christmas in our life, my family is intact and we’re together. I am more than thankful because this year has been good for us. We probably have less worries than most Americans. Thank You, Lord! Another thing is that we are able to provide for our children not just their needs but also their wishes and wants especially for Christmas. We have more gifts for them this year than previous.

Though presents under the Christmas tree look great, nothing is more gorgeous than the family that opened them this morning. I saw the facial expressions, I captured themĀ all while they had fun!

 photo tree16_zpstihwio5f.jpg

 photo gifts_zpsk18xuwak.jpg

Our Christmas Tree 2015

It has been four days since our Christmas tree of this year is up. If not because of my children kept bugging me to put it up, I would have not done it. I kind of thinking to wait until Thanksgiving but here we are.

This year’s motif is silver and gold. I remember last year it was red, green and gold. I want our theme to be different each year since I have collected enough ornaments to beautify our tree as I like.

My firstborn made fun of our tree and said it has ears. Well, it kinds looks like it has ears but it looks pretty in actual. I don’t have anything to add to it for now. I am lacking those long and curling top decors but I worry not, right after Christmas I would buy more decors that would go on top of the tree and make it look awesome next year, I promise!

Somehow with the tree up, it changes the ambiance and it kind of set our feelings a lot like Christmas is drawing near.

 photo Christmas2015_zpsxfkt6dk2.jpg

Our Tiny Christmas Tree IS Up

After debating myself for one week whether to put up our little Christmas tree or not, I came up with the result of putting it up for if I won’t, it is going to be our second Christmas this year without our Christmas tree. I feel empty inside not having the sparkling lights and decorated Christmas tree inside the house. I am also jealous with the neighbors who already hang their lights outside their house and ours is so empty, dark and boring.

On a lighter note, this year is going to be my 4th Christmas here in the US and for that I am thankful for another year that God has given me to celebrate it with my family. Although American celebration of Christmas is solemn but I am still thankful for I’m with my husband and very own kid, Deden.

P.S Attached photos are of our cute Christmas tree with my Jadyn taken from my mobile phone, shots are blurry that’s why. Digital camera is very dead still…