Metro PCS Phones on Groupon

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Two more sleeps and it will be back to school here in our place. Both of our children are now ready as well as the school supplies list are all waiting to be brought to school. Buying all those supplies surely cost us some money, gladly though that I am a wise shopper and took my time looking for cheap prices on each of the supply. Anyway, for those who have not finished completing the school supply list, you still have time to do it before the opening of class.

Children these days are expensive. Not only we, parents need to spend money on uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, some parents also need to spend on each big kid’s cell phones. And you know cell phones can be quite pricey too especially if they choose branded products. Not only that, the phone service can cost a lot of money depending on the plans you’re getting for them.

When it comes to buying new phones, I can recommend looking for prices and or phone models that you can very well afford on Groupon Goods. Yeah, on Groupon, you can find almost anything you need for your life to be comfortable and convenient. When you find that very phone for your kid/s, you may also want to compare rates and plans whether you want pre-paid or subscribe to big companies with contract.

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Groupon is a Site to Go to Save

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I love to shop! Who does not love shopping, raise your right hand? I admit, I tend to buy too much stuff we don’t need especially when it comes to clothing, shoes, children’s clothing, beauty products and a whole lot more. But take note, I don’t buy them in full price. I always hunt for bargains when in stores or even online. I always look for coupons.

When shopping online, I always compare prices and visiting one site to another. Some of the best deals are found on one particular website, not only that, they offer Groupon Coupons. They always have coupons for everything, everyday!

If you are like me who likes to save some money and hunt for deep discounts, you should try browsing on Groupons. You will find out that tons of stores you can think about have coupons for you to use on their site. One of the stores I love to have coupon to use is Petsmart coupons because my second born is having a birthday next week. I’d like to give her a fish, but before that, I want to know if I can save something from shopping at Petsmart with the use of a coupon code.

I Can Never Stop

I thought I won’t be going to the pharmacy anymore until I have shopped from Kroger today. We ran out of milk since last night so I only bought a gallon of it at CVS this morning thinking that there’ll be a cheaper price of milk at Kroger but there was none so I didn’t buy one.

I am thinking the CVS price is a lot cheaper right now since it’s on sale so might as well buy 3 or 4 gallons tomorrow. That also the reason why I should go there right after dropping off Jadyn in school. Another reason is to buy more diapers for the little one using my husband’s extracare card for mine has reached its limit. I am excited I tell you because I got tons of coupons to use for the diaper. Hopefully I can just pay out of pocket for $6. We shall see if my calculation is right.

Pampering Myself For Less


Some women love to buy cosmetics or other health products by brands. Others settle on products that work best for them and are affordable. While most prefer middle brands that contain the same contents as branded ones. That is understandable for we all have different preferences when it comes to maintaining our physical well-being.

As for practical women like me, I would buy cheap health products that I am comfortable using without breaking my budget. I am a less maintenance kind of person so whatever I find that is affordable that works as good compare to leading brands, I would buy it and with an open heart use it.

I am just glad to have access to the internet everyday because it enables me to find great discounts online including local deals in spas or salons. I have never experienced being pampered or went to the salon here in the United States because I always thought they were too costly for me. I am a stay-at-home mom and a full-time housewife and paying for something like that would be too much. However, with, I would like to give it a try someday and grab the chance to relax and revitalize for less at Champneys. This is  so cool to actually find affordable spa services online best suited for people both men and women who have limited budget. Thanks to the internet for it enables us to find the best and affordable services through searching for coupons for a certain percentage taken from the original price of services offered.

Using Coupons Every Time We Shop

It is always nice to use coupons every time we shop either in stores or on the internet for it enable us to save a bit of money upon check out. American shoppers are just lucky because there are coupons available up for grabs in almost all clothing, shoes, grocery stores and even accessories or belts for ab exercises. Those who want to have flatter and harder abs, please use coupons at when you buy The Flex Belt. You can save up to $35.95 by using their coupons. Check it out now.

Why choose The Flex Belt in the first place? The Flex Belt is the most advanced abdominal toning device on the market that uses electronic muscle stimulation. It’s been tested in studied by academics and it’s effectiveness proven time and time again.

Things To Do In Orlando

Packages to Universal Studios. This is so great for future travelers can save some money going to Orlando, Florida.

I must say it will be worth the expense if they ever choose to go to Orlando because there are so many things to do in Orlando people of all ages can enjoy especially the kids.

If I am given a chance to go for a vacation, I would not hesitate choosing to go to Florida where I can have a long sandy beach, soak in the seawater, get some sun and spend the rest of my vacation days exploring Orlando especially at the Universal Studios. It would be a great adventure for me who hasn’t been there and for the kids. I have two, although they are both girls but I know they would love to experience such great adventure that Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida can offer.

Things To Do In Orlando

As mentioned in my other blog, I am wishing of visiting Orlando someday. Not only because I missed the beach but also see Walt Disney World and Orlando Sea World. There are so many Things To Do In Orlando that if ever given a chance to fly there someday, I would not hesitate to experience all of what Orlando has to offer.

This is going to be a wish for now but I know it will be made possible in the months or years to come. Oh by the way, I happen to stumble upon Orlandoescape, an Orlando hotels specialists and found this to be so helpful when it comes to looking for hotels and packages. I bookmarked the site so I can just open it when I need it next time.

Scotty McCreery recently performed at Seaworld Orlando's bands

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Head On To For Deals

When I first heard of the word of nomorerack from my friends, I didn’t know exactly what they were talking about. As hesitant as I was to ask them, I did my own search for it on the internet since Google is always ready to give you any information you would like to know. So I found its website, is actually a shopping site wherein members get to steal real deals on almost everything you can imagine. Take note, it is not just your ordinary shopping website for they present you with “deals of the day” and the prices are marked down at next to nothing.
Still not convinced what this site can do to save you money? Head on to their site, register yourself and remember to open it everyday. You will never know what you can buy there at a very low price. Or hey, wait a minute, click on the second link above and it should get you to a certain blog site wherein she has a break down of’s insanity deal. You will thank me you’ve come across in this blog of mine and discovered about this awesome website.

black friday deals

One of the many things I look forward every year is the big sale that every store online or local have. Black Friday deals are most people love because it’s the time where they can buy stuff at their lowest and cheapest price they can get in stores. Black Friday is considered as one of the largest shopping days of the year. Stores distribute dozens of excellent deals. There would be no store that is not being flooded by shoppers during this time.

I remember last year, there was one person who due to human stampede happened in Walmart store. Now you don’t want that happen to you, do you? Why go with the big crowd if in fact you can just do your shopping online at the convenience of your own home? Check out Black Friday deals soon.