My Fall Decoration

I love to decorate especially in our new house. My husband once asked me why I wasn’t so keen on decorating our house in the city before. Well, simply because, it needs home improvement and a lot of things need to be done inside and if I decorate, I don’t want my job to be disturbed or moved just because he wants to fix something where my decors are. So for 7+ of living in our other house, all I could do was hang frames on the walls and a little touch of seasonal decors.

Here in the country, I bought quite a lot of decors. I want it to be homey and beautiful but not overwhelmingly decorated inside and outside. Here’s a few pictures of my Fall set up in the front porch.

You see, you don’t live in the country unless you have that wagon wheel, hay bales, rustic milk can and windmill decor.

… you know it’s Fall when mums starting to come out and give beautiful blooms of any color…

…. my table center piece, pumpkin tea set and acorn metal basket I’ve had for 3 years, I bought it from Goodwill in Fort Worth. Pine cones were gathered from the backyard.

…. scare crows from the last two years of having them as well as plug-in jack-0-lanterns.

Mirrors On The Wall

I don’t believe one can live without a mirror or two in his or her house. We all need it for the same purpose just so we can take a good look of ourselves before facing our visitors or going out, to ensure that we dressed well and that we don’t have any flaws that others might see, do you agree? Mirrors don’t only serve their purpose, they also add beauty to our walls such as these Contemporary floor mirror and Decorative mirror for bathrooms.
The decorative mirrors for the bathrooms especially have unique shape that your partner might want to have in the house. I know a person who admires art and for that this kind of mirror can make a great gift on his birthday for his bathroom. Now I know what kind of gift should I buy for him in the next couple of weeks.