How Safe is Your Neighborhood

We live in an older house, at least 40 years old in an older, decent and nice neighborhood. Personally, it is an ideal place to raise kids because it is quiet, wider neighborhood streets, well-kept yards, no low-hanging pants people can be seen on our streets and most of all, a presence of a sheriff that patrols the entire neighborhood everyday. I can see them passing by our street at least two or three times a day and a volunteer citizen patrol. I feel safer a little bit seeing them but even that, we cannot be sure that we don’t get our house ransacked or burglarized so it is all up to us to be vigilant and take proper precaution when it comes to our protecting our belongings and install security cameras in our house.

The only thing I can complain in this neighborhood is that people tend to drive very fast, over than the speed they are supposed to drive which is 30 MPH. One time, there was this fast car passing by our street one morning and there were two cute chihuahua mixed dogs, one got hit and died on the spot. I am afraid that because of these reckless drivers that one of my girls could get hit one day too, God forbid.

I couldn’t be any feel safer than here. If you watch the local news everyday, you would know the neighborhoods often mentioned on the news that are prone to gang-related crimes, drugs, rapes, robbery and driveway attacks. Most of these neighborhoods are located in bigger cities like Dallas and etc.

Older Neighborhood

…. above photo is clear shot of Rockmoor Drive where our house can be located.. we were going home from a long walk when I took this one today

According to my husband he cannot live in a newer neighborhood as it has no yard (so very little privacy from people passing by peeking into his windows), narrow streets, short driveway and houses aren’t impressive. They are just like boxes with cover on top from afar forming a house. B-O-R-I-N-G as he say. For him, living in a new neighborhood are best suited for people who do not do any yard work, someone who will just go to work, go home, stay inside the house, sleep and go to work again.

Certainly he wouldn’t change a thing where we are at right now. It is such a privilege to live in an older, nicer, quieter and peaceful(less crimes, no scumbags around) neighborhood like Edgecliff Village.

We have just moved in this place three months ago and already we have learned to like the place, a lot! Friendly neighbors as well as wider streets that you wouldn’t worry for your child to be in danger when you go out for a walk for it is just very quiet here. Just perfect for raising a family!

Since it was such a beautiful day at Wintertime here in our place, we took advantage of strolling around this new neighborhood we’re in. Actually it has been a week we had plenty of sunshine but yesterday and today was perfect to not feel the chills at all although it was gusty yet enough to enjoy the fresh air and the pretty view this place can offer.

So here goes the pictures taken from my mobile phone yesterday and today just to prove how beautiful the weather here lately.

…the house on top of the hill I saw yesterday… the photo shows the back view of the house which for me looks neat and cool.
….my baby with her doll in a carriage just started our walk two houses down from our home..
… Edgecliff neighborhood, the road here is kind of elevated so she was going faster this time…
… thankfully I found a mini park just in this block we belong, I plan of going there when I need time to get away from the house for a short time..

…. one of the houses that I like at the back of our house..

….the sign says CLIFFISDE PARK and am lovin’ it
…… also the little playground 4 blocks away located in a new neighborhood… to get there, we’ll have to cross two busy streets!