My First Real Job in America

It has been four days since I have been going to work! This is my first real job in America, I mean a job that requires me to interact with people of different ethnicity, ages and interests. Now I know how it feels like to work with a boss and co-workers that you need to get along with in order to achieve one goal, feed the patients.

I work in a kitchen hospital that is only 20 minutes drive away from home. My position is a hostess and I will never forget this very first ( well, not really my first because I worked as a caregiver to a 102-year old client, I have been blogging for 9 years and earned pretty good amount of money with it and other freelance online works) job I got. It is a big milestone for me you know, finally, after ten years of being a stay-at-home mom, I now have the responsibility to get up early to attend my children’s needs before sending them to school and getting myself ready for work in a few hours.

My job includes expediting orders (putting the items in the tray from the order ticket), transporting food trays to patients, tray retrieval, sanitizing carts, maintaining kitchen area cleanliness, ensure condiments and other stuff are pretty well stocked and a whole lot more.

This is my first choice of job and thankfully, I got hired. Thanks to a Filipino friend who advised me to apply in this certain hospital for they are new and had urgent hiring to work for them. I am more thankful than ever for this opportunity to work a job that I wish to do.

Anyhow, here’s my everyday look at work. Hair all tied up, white long sleeves and a black vest, black pants and black shoes. I love the idea that I have a place to go everyday now, weewww!

 photo thr_zpspvpxnymy.jpg

It’s My Time to Find a Job

The time has come, it is now my time to find a job and experience how it is to mingle and try to get along with other people in a work setting outside our home. I have been applying jobs online an in person, I’ve had one interview so far and a few invitations to the establishments I applied for but these invitations I got cold feet at the last minute so I did not go.

I have been waiting for this time to come, a decade to be exact that this day I will be proven that I am capable of finding a job I like just like everybody else. I will find one hopefully, the right job that my heart tells me to do.

My husband retired just a little over a month ago which I am glad, no more worries of his life at risk for he is now staying at home 24/7. I am anxious to get my first real job in the USA. Yes, I have been here for over ten years yet hasn’t experienced working outside. Well, except for that taking care of an elderly neighbor and actually being paid for my service.

What differs this time from my previous caregiving job is that, I have co-workers to get along with, report and drive at a workplace on time that requires driving and most of all, a boss that I need to impress. Hopefully I can get this job that I really want to do. Cross fingers with that.

Walking on the Dirt Road is Effortless

One of my favorite things to do while being on Mike’s ranch last Spring break was the early morning dirt road hike/walk. Mike would walk his dog for two miles and I realized that I should join too which I did, actually my kids went with us too!

After having warm beverage, we head out to the small road for as long as we could walk. We walked 2 miles each morning and it seemed like I did not even do any walking for it was effortlessly enjoyable. I did not mind the chilly wind kissing our skin because there was plenty of beautiful things to see around like on the other side of the road are herds of cattle, twitting birds, vultures in the blue sky, rabbits crossing the road ahead of us, looking at deer tracks, waving at neighbors who passed by us, talking anything with Mike, watching sissy the dog hunting and running here and there… just things you wouldn’t normally enjoy in the city.

I am more convinced now that living in the country is much nicer than in the city. You got all kinds of activities you can’t do in the city and all the birds, wild animals and the vast land you can own for you to enjoy your quiet mornings to sit on the porch!

I love the country, there is no doubt about that. If my husband decides to move in the country someday, I would wholeheartedly come with him with no complain.

 photo dirt road_zps7aly7qku.jpg

I Caught My Very First Fish

March 23 in Avery, Texas was somewhat significant to me because it was the very day I caught my very first fish. I caught a small crappie at a small creek on a family friend’s ranch.

I grew up surrounded by water but I have never gone fishing all my life until we visited Avery during our child’s Spring break. Two days of trying to fish and thought that I would not give up fishing until I caught one, which I did and it made me feel proud and victorious. Everybody around me were applauding and cheered on me that day, haha.

Fishing is a good way to test your patience, I tell you. Waiting for the fish to eat your bait takes forever, but, if you have patience, you are willing to wait for it. Or worse, you’ll never get any fish at all. Then you will have to try again the next day if you have time. That’s what I did, I did not give up and yes, as you can see photo below. I caught me a crappie!

The feeling was awesome and I was right, I will not give up until I get one!

… my very first experience in fishing and my very first fish!
 photo fish_zpsrbfwjvd6.jpg


Early Saturday Walk at the Rose Garden

I ask my friends to take photos of me in every milestone I make during our walking exercise. The farthest I have done so far is ten miles. My friends and I made a deal to walk on the Trinity trail every Saturday not only for exercise purposes but also to bond and socialize. We find it beneficial for all of us so we must keep doing it no matter what the weather is.

Anyway, here is a photo of me at the rose garden in Fort Worth. It is 5 miles away from our starting point and on the way back, it is another 5 miles. I was achy and exhausted that day but I don’t want my Saturday to be spent any other way than being on the trail, getting healthy and be with friends I am comfortable with.

… myself in a quiet and peaceful garden early Saturday morning in September.

 photo rosegarden_zpsculljjeq.jpg

Hopping from Korean to a Japanese Store

I have been to a Chinese and Vietnamese stores many times in the past to shop for fish, meat, dry and canned goods. Nothing much of a difference between the two, I find some Filipino stuff in both stores so going either way is fine with me.

When one of my friends asked me if we could go to a Korean grocery store in Carollton one Saturday, who am I to refuse? I have not been to a Korean store so we went two weeks ago. I was amazed at everything sold in their market. If you don’t know me, I so love Korean food! I like the seaweeds, side dishes and ahhh anything Korean I am so in love so you can only imagine myself upon entering the store and saw all these goodies that laid before my eyes.

Anyway, hanging out with Filipinas who speak the same language as me is always the best. We talk, eat and laugh endlessly. While at Hmart grocery store, we made sure to fill our stomachs with delicious Korean dishes before grabbing some groceries. When we were all finished, we headed to a Japanese store nearby. It was also my first time to be in that store and for me, hopping from a Korean store to the Japanese store was like going to two different nations in Asia.

I had a blast that one Saturday in September. I was out with friends for the whole entire day without my children. That was exactly what I needed and fortunately, the husband was okay with it. Looking forward to many more Saturday walks and shopping with my girl friends in the future.

… with my Filipina neighbor Jazzie just four blocks away from me…
 photo dinekorean_zpsohikxxpd.jpg

… the ladies after having such scrumptious lunch about to have bubble teas…
 photo koreanstore_zpsgrzpap0z.jpg

… outside Daiso, they have cool stuff and plenty of Japanese delicacies to grab inside. Nice store, I shall say.
 photo daiso_zps0svnknia.jpg

Early Saturday Jog/Walk for the Second Time

We had the earliest Saturday walk/jog with two of my friends around here. It was my first time to be on the trail still dark even at 6 in the morning. As expected, I had fun. We had fun although there were only two of us who were left on the trail and continued on until ten as the other one had to go to work that day.

Myself and my neighbor both realized that this kind of hangout is exactly what we need to relieve stress, to laugh and enjoy at the same time exercising. You would know that if you are with friends doing exercise together, you will forget the time and how many miles you’ve walked just by talking endlessly.

Saturday now became my most favorite day of the week and it is also my most anticipated day for I get to go out of the house, have a break from the girls for a few hours, get some sun, breathe fresh summer air, see some great and interesting buildings/structures along the trail and a whole lot more.

It is my kind of activity that I have no problem doing forever, not only it is beneficial to my ever growing old self but also I get to connect with nature. Simple living is what it is that I appreciate rather than partying and going to bars wasting my nights with it.

 photo mecountry_zpss9w52tf7.jpg
 photo hike_zpsg76oemrj.jpg

Hanging Out with Friends Who Like to Be Fit

“No man is an island” as the saying goes which has proven to be true to me. I am in a country half across the globe and away from my Filipino family. I have built my own family yet my heart yearns for a company that can relate with me, who speak the same language as me and most of all who I can be with simply because we can talk anything and laugh together at silly stuff. That is how my friends come in and fill that little void in my life.

Luckily, I know a few in our area that don’t only speak Bisaya but also are interested in keeping themselves fit. In fact, one of the ladies I hangout with runs in marathons and she gives us motivation to sweat! I could not ask for a better group of people than these ladies. We walk t, we laugh and be silly together. When all is combined, endless fun is achieved the entire walk on the trail not knowing we’ve done 9.47 miles last Saturday.

Of course, taking pictures along the way makes it even better. Looking forward to be with these ladies next Saturday and for the many Saturdays in the future.

 photo walk1_zpslu2toyal.jpg
 photo walk_zps0iaokpvr.jpg

 photo trinity_zpszdeeiu7j.jpg

Recap of My So-Called Homeland Vacation

Pardon for the long absence in blogosphere. As most of my friends know, I went on a vacation to my homeland with our girls for a month. While being there, I did not have a decent internet service so I could not update my blogs as often as I wanted to.

Anyway, we are back here in the States since last week and still suffering what we call “jetlag”. My body clock is adjusting to the new time zone. I can’t sleep at night and can only take a few hours nap during the day.
Anyway, I did not expect for my vacation to be so exhausting and stressful for my part and some of my family members affected. I was really hoping I could take a relaxing vacation but to my dismay, there are people there that caused so much trouble to our mother due to drug use and had gotten worse over the years to the point of maltreating her and kicking her out of her own house.

A few days after my arrival in Cebu, we had an early confrontation with two of my younger brothers, it was me and my mother and them against us. We hurled hurtful words against each other because they were becoming so disrespectful of my mother and me that made me moved out of the house where we grew up. According to them, I brought trouble with me when I arrived.

Not only that I had to deal with those two SOBS, yet another challenge came up. We went to the beach for my second born’s birthday and my nephew had a near-drowning accident that almost cost him his life. He was so lucky there were doctor and midwife interns at the beach that performed CPR on him and  got revived. All medical bills were paid for none other than me. Then this drug addict father of the child wanted some of the money that the beach resort refunded me. Heck, he did not even contribute a peso for that accident.

Then a major job I had to do, I moved my mother out of that hell house, finally. After years and years of verbal abuse and threats from her son, she can finally have a relief from stress. I paid her house rental for two months and for the cab that we rented to transport some of her stuff to the new house. Arggs!

After all that financial help I did, he had the guts to chase me with a “sundang”. Only because I did not pay him of his three days work towards the fence I built up against the neighbors. Shameless SOB, he eats, sleeps and don’t wash his dirty dishes yet he acted like I was the one who owe him anything? F!

I did not get to enjoy my vacation until the last week of it. Thanks to my little siblings who were there for me and my girls, they helped me to be a better older sibling to them so they will continue to respect me as their “ate”. Unlike those SOB brothers of mine who took the wrong path in life by taking drugs.

We flew back to the US not even talking or saying goodbye to my three brothers. I don’t see the need to do so anymore and when I go back in the next two years, I would let them feel that I am no longer interested making up with them or whatsoever. My concern now is my mother and my two younger siblings. I promised to my self, there will be no financial support they can get from me from that day forward.

There will also be no more pasalubong for them as they don’t see the value or did not appreciate the stuff I gave them. In fact, the severely addicted SOB sold the stuff that I gave him for cheap price or worst swapped them for a gram of shabu! Imagine?

I will still visit the Philippines but am not gonna set foot in that house ever again. I can live without them and I won’t die not talking to them. Promise, my next vacation will be enjoyable with just a few members of my family to hang out with.

My emotions are raging, I know. But can you blame me?

I Refuse to Let Myself Go

I am married- a proud still married woman with two children. But comes with it, a slight change of my physical appearance. Not that I am blaming them but it’s obvious I am no longer as skinny as I was neither my belly, it isn’t tight anymore.

I have only gained ten pounds since I married and after having two children. For me, it’s not too bad. I can still call myself skinny except for that flabby and soft abdomen I have. I don’t mind the stretchmarks on my butt and side butt, they can be hidden and I am proud of them. I earned them, you know?

Anyway, I have been workingout at home religiously and trying my best to keep it going until I go to the Philippines in two months. I am doing this in the hope to lose that belly fat and to feel good generally. I love myself and I respect myself. Therefore, I refuse to let myself go. I am a mother and a married woman, that doesn’t mean I don’t need to take care of my body anymore.

Although I get lazy at times but I don’t let that take over my mind. Yes, working out is hard and it needs self-discipline and determination. I may not there yet but I am certainly getting there. I just have to be consistent of what I do and honestly, I feel good about doing this.

Sweating 5 times a week is just awesome. It builds my confidence, it gives me energy at the end of the day and most of all, it tones my body, well, except for my very big problem, “my fat belly”. I try to walk either on the treadmill or around the neighborhood twice a week and weightlifting using dumbbells at home three times a week. That’s the routine I try to follow.

Here are photos of what I did this week, yesterday I used the treadmill and burned over 400 calories, it was followed by some abs/ floor exercises. And today, I did my lower body exercises and abs. I took pictures of my sweaty self as a reminder that I am making a progress. I sweat profusely more than ever and it just so feelin’ good. I get to taste my sweat sometimes and today I noticed that it is no longer salty. Does this mean that I let that bad chemicals that were in my body from months and months of being stagnant inside out? I hope so.

I have no plan of stopping anytime soon. In fact, I am gonna pack me some active outfits and two pairs of running shoes to bring to my home country so I can continue being active while on a vacation. Good Luck to me!

 photo calories_zpsenyq6szu.jpg
 photo sweat_zpsgxgvdx1c.jpg