Trail to Go Biking

Aside from a quiet location of our property, we are also pleased to know that there is a trail located just right in front of our property stretching as 20 miles East and West. That is a lot of land to go riding a bicycle in any direction you want to go.

I have done 4.5 miles bike ride so far and plan on going longer rides as days to come. I ride my bike in the mornings while the temperatures are cool but cool enough to make me comfortable at the same time basking in the sun to make sweat.

It is with great pleasure using this public trail, I love it. It enables me to enjoy the outdoors at the same time getting my leg exercise. Such a great way to admire the wooded and shaded part of this little town too. Just let yourself loose on foot or on the bike and be thankful for God’s wonderful gift of life.


Back on the Elliptical

I just know when it is time to be back working out again albeit I walk a lot for the entire 8 hours at work. Walking seems not enough for me in order to keep my belly the way I want it. Since I use a lot of energy when at work, I try to eat three times a day which creates a problem in my midsection because for some reason, the food I eat get stuck in my stomach. It does not come down to my butt and lower limbs!

Yes, a lot of people tell me I am skinny. There was even a patient asked me last week if I ever eat because of my figure. I proudly told her, ” yes, I eat a lot because I get hungry all the time. But I have a big belly.” She did not believe me instead told me back that I have a good shape. Yeah right, if only she was right. She just didn’t know that underneath my clothes, there’s an endless story, haha. Shakira’s song!

Anyway, at 99.8 pounds, I feel a bit heavy. Though I can still move fast than anyone else at work yet there is this bugging belly of mine that need to be exercised, it is flabby, soft and jiggly!

So, in order to stop that annoying fats, I decided to do something about it and the only solution is to get my elliptical back into working again. After six months of not being able to use, finally I was able to and used it for 30 minutes. Planning of doing it again right after doing my online personal blog posts!

 photo exercise_zps48lmg0hs.jpg

Strong Physically

I exercise when I find the time, no excuse! Even though sometimes, my mind wants to sweat and my body refuses to do it, I exercise anyway. This is for my own good. I may not have a curvy or sexy body but I have a body I can be proud of because I am healthy. I am naturally skinny so I am not so focused on losing more weight except a pound or two, maybe? My midsection is my only problem for it is where all my fats are stored and you know, it is a part of the body that’s the hardest to melt and tone.

I rarely get sick and most of all, I feel good inside out! I don’t long to be sexy or have six-pack abs. I workout because it feels good to sweat and to get that toxins out of my system.

I workout because I want to be strong physically and boost my self-esteem and self-confidence. These are things that can only be achieved by working out although sufficient love for ourselves enhance self-esteem too. But I prefer the former.

I currently weigh 99.2 or a few ounces more in the evening which is not quite close to my goal weight but heck, I learned to realize that a number in the scale is just a number, what matters to me is that I keep doing what I am doing in order to maintain a healthy body.

Quite frankly, I can call myself lucky because I have three big exercise equipment at home that I can use, a stationery bike, an elliptical and a treadmill. Not forgetting to mention an exercise bench too with 5, 8 and 10 weight dumbbells. Those are enough to do my home workout instead of paying a gym membership.

If I feel bored and want to breathe some fresh air, I walk around the neighborhood for an hour with our dog. You see, there are plenty of ways in order to sweat. If there is no heavy equipment available, there are plenty of workout ideas on Pinterest and Youtube using your body weight that you can follow.

I do cardio for an hour each time and some arms, legs and floor exercises that total 2 hours of workout. If I can do it, you can do it too. No excuse!

…. one of the exercises I do is the weighted bridge kicks. Good for the glutes, back and butt…
 photo workout_zpsdenm7qyq.jpg
… my arms are especially I can be proud to show off because of some toned muscles there. I don’t have bulky biceps but they are not sagging, that’s for sure! As for the abdomen, let’s talk about it when I am making progress in that area of my body. photo dakuglawas_zps0oe4atv1.jpg

Have been doing the elliptical and butt exercises which built me a small booty now. If I stop, booty will go back to being flat again…
 photo P1014192_zpsovsgqyqt.jpg

Over a Pound Away to My Goal Weight

So what’s up with me these days? Nothing much. No plans for the summer or anything exciting to do. Homesickness hasn’t kicked in, thank goodness. It is my first summer that I don’t feel crazy.

On the lighter side, I am pleased to see the number in the scale this morning. I exercise less nowadays but eating lighter meals before six in the evening. That somehow took off some pounds that I don’t need. I thought my weight is not gonna come down this far but hey, while there is life, there is hope, lol.

I shall continue doing the after six and discipline myself to not overeat or reach for junk foods when I feel hungry past six. Instead, gulp a cup of water until it’s bedtime. Goal weight is 97, I will truly be satisfied if I reach that number next week.

 photo 98_zpsrigx6kk5.jpg

I am Slowly Seeing Result with my Workout

If there is one wish I want to happen these summer days is for me to be able to workout at least four times a week in order to achieve my flat belly goal. But heck, I have other obligations that need my attention constantly. I am not complaining, I am just saying I wish I have the luxury of time to workout as often as I can.

Right now, I am trying to get that “me time” by working out at home 3 times a week if I can. I started getting serious with my exercise since I realized that I gained 5 pounds from too much eating since December ’till January, with all those party gatherings with awesome food, I just could not resist pigging out.

I got even more determined with exercise when my blood work last month came out I had high cholesterol and is so  high, 241 instead of just getting the normal numbers 90-200 level.

When I exercise, I don’t do the same routine every time I sweat, rotate the kind of workout each time and use different machines for cardio. Luckily, we got a treadmill, an elliptical and a stationery bike. Once that fire start burning, I move on to the main exercise like lifting weights using dumb bells, leg exercises or do Jillian’s HIIT.

Anyway, I am quite pleased ¬†with all those hard work I have for weeks now, I lost 2 pounds, exercise at least 2 hours or more each time and eating light during the day. Photos below is of me looking sweaty right after doing my 30-minute cardio walk/jog on the treadmill and two shots doing Jillian Michaels’ High Intensity Interval Training on Youtube.

Once goal is achieved, I will have to post my before and after photos of my belly. So wish me good luck, friends!

…. myself so sweaty after my cardio…
 photo workout.jpg1_zpswabzuw2l.jpg
…. doing weighted (5 pound dumb bell) rear lunges here, first round of Jillian Michaels’ High Intensity Interval Training

 photo lunges_zpsqclbkq0z.jpg

… I am not there yet but surely doing some progress. There is still at least three pounds need to lose and belly to shrink in two months time.

 photo lunges1_zpslrsa5cs3.jpg

Early Saturday Walk at the Rose Garden

I ask my friends to take photos of me in every milestone I make during our walking exercise. The farthest I have done so far is ten miles. My friends and I made a deal to walk on the Trinity trail every Saturday not only for exercise purposes but also to bond and socialize. We find it beneficial for all of us so we must keep doing it no matter what the weather is.

Anyway, here is a photo of me at the rose garden in Fort Worth. It is 5 miles away from our starting point and on the way back, it is another 5 miles. I was achy and exhausted that day but I don’t want my Saturday to be spent any other way than being on the trail, getting healthy and be with friends I am comfortable with.

… myself in a quiet and peaceful garden early Saturday morning in September.

 photo rosegarden_zpsculljjeq.jpg

Early Saturday Jog/Walk for the Second Time

We had the earliest Saturday walk/jog with two of my friends around here. It was my first time to be on the trail still dark even at 6 in the morning. As expected, I had fun. We had fun although there were only two of us who were left on the trail and continued on until ten as the other one had to go to work that day.

Myself and my neighbor both realized that this kind of hangout is exactly what we need to relieve stress, to laugh and enjoy at the same time exercising. You would know that if you are with friends doing exercise together, you will forget the time and how many miles you’ve walked just by talking endlessly.

Saturday now became my most favorite day of the week and it is also my most anticipated day for I get to go out of the house, have a break from the girls for a few hours, get some sun, breathe fresh summer air, see some great and interesting buildings/structures along the trail and a whole lot more.

It is my kind of activity that I have no problem doing forever, not only it is beneficial to my ever growing old self but also I get to connect with nature. Simple living is what it is that I appreciate rather than partying and going to bars wasting my nights with it.

 photo mecountry_zpss9w52tf7.jpg
 photo hike_zpsg76oemrj.jpg

Hanging Out with Friends Who Like to Be Fit

“No man is an island” as the saying goes which has proven to be true to me. I am in a country half across the globe and away from my Filipino family. I have built my own family yet my heart yearns for a company that can relate with me, who speak the same language as me and most of all who I can be with simply because we can talk anything and laugh together at silly stuff. That is how my friends come in and fill that little void in my life.

Luckily, I know a few in our area that don’t only speak Bisaya but also are interested in keeping themselves fit. In fact, one of the ladies I hangout with runs in marathons and she gives us motivation to sweat! I could not ask for a better group of people than these ladies. We walk t, we laugh and be silly together. When all is combined, endless fun is achieved the entire walk on the trail not knowing we’ve done 9.47 miles last Saturday.

Of course, taking pictures along the way makes it even better. Looking forward to be with these ladies next Saturday and for the many Saturdays in the future.

 photo walk1_zpslu2toyal.jpg
 photo walk_zps0iaokpvr.jpg

 photo trinity_zpszdeeiu7j.jpg

I Refuse to Let Myself Go

I am married- a proud still married woman with two children. But comes with it, a slight change of my physical appearance. Not that I am blaming them but it’s obvious I am no longer as skinny as I was neither my belly, it isn’t tight anymore.

I have only gained ten pounds since I married and after having two children. For me, it’s not too bad. I can still call myself skinny except for that flabby and soft abdomen I have. I don’t mind the stretchmarks on my butt and side butt, they can be hidden and I am proud of them. I earned them, you know?

Anyway, I have been workingout at home religiously and trying my best to keep it going until I go to the Philippines in two months. I am doing this in the hope to lose that belly fat and to feel good generally. I love myself and I respect myself. Therefore, I refuse to let myself go. I am a mother and a married woman, that doesn’t mean I don’t need to take care of my body anymore.

Although I get lazy at times but I don’t let that take over my mind. Yes, working out is hard and it needs self-discipline and determination. I may not there yet but I am certainly getting there. I just have to be consistent of what I do and honestly, I feel good about doing this.

Sweating 5 times a week is just awesome. It builds my confidence, it gives me energy at the end of the day and most of all, it tones my body, well, except for my very big problem, “my fat belly”. I try to walk either on the treadmill or around the neighborhood twice a week and weightlifting using dumbbells at home three times a week. That’s the routine I try to follow.

Here are photos of what I did this week, yesterday I used the treadmill and burned over 400 calories, it was followed by some abs/ floor exercises. And today, I did my lower body exercises and abs. I took pictures of my sweaty self as a reminder that I am making a progress. I sweat profusely more than ever and it just so feelin’ good. I get to taste my sweat sometimes and today I noticed that it is no longer salty. Does this mean that I let that bad chemicals that were in my body from months and months of being stagnant inside out? I hope so.

I have no plan of stopping anytime soon. In fact, I am gonna pack me some active outfits and two pairs of running shoes to bring to my home country so I can continue being active while on a vacation. Good Luck to me!

 photo calories_zpsenyq6szu.jpg
 photo sweat_zpsgxgvdx1c.jpg

Keeping my Weight Under 95 Pounds

The only thing I can do at least for myself to boost self-esteem is to keep my weight under 95 lbs. I am 5’1″ in height and currently weighs 93 or sometimes 92.8 in the mornings. I am happy with that but I wish I can do more in my midsection. Although it is not bulging but it is soft like jelly.

I tried some abs exercises weeks ago and stopped due to the lack of energy at the end of the day and busy schedule juggling my household chores, motherhood, online tasks and couponing. I almost have no energy left to do that anymore. I know I can do it if I don’t have any excuses but geeezzz I look skinny compared to those who got two children just like me. Anyway, I am happy of my current weight, if I lose some more pounds… that would be great too.

 photo 1441553_10152367658344517_841221599_n1_zps45f83266.jpg