I’m 30 Years Old So I Should Take Care of Myself

A few of my friends on Facebook know I have been working out four times a week at home religiously. The reason why I do this is because when I was in the Philippines I gained 3 pounds and I felt disgusted of myself every time I look at myself in the mirror because of the flabby front abdomen and side waists. Not only that, I had a bulging belly and when it bulge like that I feel tired and my body is heavy and it feels as if I couldn’t move around freely. Second reason is, I am now 30 years old and once you hit that age, I have this perception that diseases, wrinkles and other kind of negative stuff start to surface. So those are the things that motivated me to start working out again.

This week’s working out took a toll on me although I did not really stop but my mind and body refused to lift weight, they are telling me that it’s hard to do and just quit but then, when I took a picture of myself again yesterday which is shown on the right pic, it just give me justice of sweating every afternoon. I am not quite there yet as you can see I still see some fats in the front abdomen there but I just have to keep going. After all, it’s for my own good and you know I don’t look too “loud” in my husband’s eyes.

 photo rfp5j4c4toxpwtfdg9al6cwgozyvphba_zpsdc1b28e6.jpg

left photo was taken on June 24, just three days after my birthday and the right photo was taken yesterday, July 11. Looking at these photos I can see I am making progress although I have not heard any comment from my husband about my body has toned a bit but at least the pictures do justice of the hard work I have been doing.

Walking to be Fit

It was a wake up call for me when my husband told me I sit more, I do less activity. At that time he said that, I just arrived from the Philippines and knowing the 22 hours of long flight we’ve done, I expect for my body clock to have a hard time adjusting the Central time.

But then, I looked at myself in the mirror. Flabby front abdomen and my waists what greet me every time I take off my shirt. That somehow motivated me to go back to work out and if I feel like walking, despite of the hot temperature outside, I’d go walk towing my two girls with me.

Walking is such a joy thing to do and sweating out the bad elements in the body just makes me feel good. I posted my recent photo on Facebook and some of my friends noticed the toned arm and legs I have. Thank God, my hard work paid off. I work out in order to feel good and healthy and the idea of other people actually noticing the change, it is just awesome. I plan of working out four times a week as long as I can. I don’t think I can stop it anytime since my body craves for it.

 photo pms6jyvgd16fx3j3e5gizo4y463mqylr_zpsc9286d2d.jpg

My Quest on Losing Weight

I can say I am making a big progress on my quest to losing weight. I am happy of the result and I feel like new again. Just a pound to lose and I’ll reach my target weight which is 95 pounds. Guess, I was only 86 lbs. when I first came to America 7 years ago, and to weigh under 100 after having two babies isn’t bad at all.

As much as possible I would like to maintain my weight in order to be healthy, look good not just for my husband or for other people but for myself. It makes a big difference when I am feeling skinny, easy to move around and it boosts my self-esteem. I just have to keep working out, sweating the bad elements out and I will be good forever, haha.

 photo 983257_10152003162259517_819586413_n_zps1dc9e405.jpg

On Losing Weight and Working Out

I have been diligently working out for almost a month now. I work out at least four times a week targeting my biceps/arms, butt and glute and my abdomen. I gained pounds when I was in the Philippines for a vacation and when I arrived here in Texas, I felt so disgusted of myself. I weighed 100.8 and now down to 96.6 in the mornings.

I can say I am doing pretty good with my exercise. Not only I am doing workout but I also eat less rice these days and disciplining myself not to eat when it is past six o’clock. By doing so, I lost weight resulting to feeling good about myself. Doing these things isn’t easy, you know but you just have to be determined and keep that self-discipline in you in order to reach your goal. I am almost there, I just have to keep working out and live a healthy lifestyle for my own good.

Hard to Get Back on Track

It has been over a week now since I am off with my exercise and with that span of time I can see how easy it is put on pounds but not doing any exercise at all. I had my leg and abs exercises the other day and I tell you man, it was harder as if I just started exercising for the first time. I wish I can have a motivation to do it today so I won’t be feeling guilty every time I eat my meal.

I may look skinny in my pictures but underneath my clothes there is this flabby tummy that I wish for the fats to melt in just one day. I know it is possible to have a firm tummy and all I got to do is be focused and believe that I can do it. Yayy self encouragement and positiveness for myself so I’ll be in shape before I fly to the Philippines soon!

After 6 and Lifting Weights

I started my after 6 and lifting weights three weeks ago. I realized that I need to take care of myself before I can be a mother/wife. How can I function and do my roles if I don’t feel good, unhealthy and over weight? I must admit, it takes a lot of effort in order to stay in shape. Don’t get me wrong, I am naturally a skinny woman but having two kids already, keeping my belly flat is almost impossible.

If I just eat and eat, the fats would start to accumulate in my abdomen area and waists and my upper and lower limbs stay skinny. Imagine seeing a skinny woman with bulging belly, don’t you think it’s gross? They say “no pain, no gain”. I can relate to that for it is so tiring and painful trying to get rid  of these fats in my tummy. But in fairness, after exercising and sweating those bad elements out, it makes me feel good about myself.

Exercising and after six together seem to work for me but it takes a while to see the result. I know I can bring this tummy back a little flatter and I just have to be determined and serious of what I am doing in order to achieve my goal.

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Abdominal Belts For Flatter Stomach

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I often get stuck in the house, I get bored and sits on the computer most of the time so there is no way I could burn the calories I intake, that is why. I don’t worry about it too much though because I know belly fats are easy to lose. I can’t wait for summer to be over so I can start walking again and have my belly get toned by doing ab exercise using abdominal belts.

A flatter stomach is everyone’s dream but depends on the individual how determined he or she is in order to achieve a flatter, toned and hard stomach. Things you can do such as dieting, exercising, ab exercises or even use ab belts to help speed up the process and of course one great factor is personal discipline and motivation.

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