13 Years Anniversary

Being married to my husband is such a blessing and I am pretty proud to say, life has been good with him. My marriage and my own family are the biggest blessing I ever received in my entire life. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life right now and praying that we will still be together until our last breath.

Thirteen years with him, we have two kids, moved to three different houses and a small dog. Typical American family but we are one of those that still share or eat dinner together. Though there were days when schedules got hectic and we didn’t get to sit together at the table but once the normality of life got back, everything was normal again.

Here’s to our 13th anniversary. We actually just dined out last night, a post celebration because my husband had suffered gout the past days so we couldn’t go out. Nothing fancy, no expensive gifts or whatsoever. I am just thankful I have these beautiful people with me in this journey we call life.


Simple Family Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

My husband is far from being perfect, he has flaws because he is human. He is a man of few words. He is also sweet, does not sugar-coat his words. Instead, show his love through his actions.

Rest assured, family comes first to him. He cares and devotes his life so much for his family and he does half of the responsibility like every parent should. When there’s an occasion, he will do something to remind us that each occasion is worth celebrating.

Like today, it’s Valentine’s Day. It is the first VD we did not go out, what he did is he take an effort to make our dinner. A whooping 3-pound steak baked in the oven, baked fries and steamed broccoli all prepared by him for this occasion. He did not buy chocolates, card or flowers but his action speaks louder than words and I am grateful. I made sure I appreciated him for what he did, it was an awesome and tasty dinner shared tonight. The children loved what was on the table.

I sure am one lucky wife for finding a man like my husband. I love my husband, I love my kids. I love my family. In every occasion, they are there celebrating with me! They are my precious treasure and a dream come true. They are my family I call my own.

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Dear Paloma Sanborn

You were only three when your father last saw you, you are 20 or 21 now. I hope you know that you were once a daddy’s girl. You loved her, he loves you. He was your favorite person, as you can see how you wrapped your daddy’s neck with your arms.

To him, you were his world but that changed when you left for Spain. Imagine how painful that was to the father  who adored and love you very much. Years have passed he hasn’t heard anything nor seen your pictures yet when he found you on Facebook, you seemed aloof. The longing of a father’s love from his daughter is infinite. He hopes that one day, you’ll come to her and utter the word, “dad” to him. It will be a big miracle in his life when that happens. Just know, he is waiting… waiting for you in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Sunny, the Big Black Dog

This is a late post. I should have done this the day following Sunny’s arrival. I would like to introduce to you all the new member of our family, Sunny. She is 8 months old (when she arrived, we don’t know when’s her birthday). She is husky/blue heeler mix.

She is a big dog, something that we are not used to. For 8 years, we only have one dog and she is so tiny, a 1/2 chichuahua/ 1/4 dachshund and 1/4 pekingese breed named Chicha.

Sunny, is so dark in color, gigantic in size but friendly, playful, energetic, fun and sweet girl. She only pooped and peed once in the house since she arrived almost two weeks ago. Oh, I should not forget the date she came here, July 27,2016.

Her staying with was unexpected. Her owner brought her in our house so we can see her and know if the dog will get along with our chihuahua. But, we thought Sunny was pretty, she obeys basic commands and about to be potty trained. My husband gave me two options, accept Sunny and let her stay or we set another appointment to see Sunny at her owner’s house someday with our dog. I chose the former and so the owner did not hesitate to hand me the leash and left the dog with us.

There has been lots of barking and an almost-fight incidents in this house since Sunny arrived but things are going pretty well. Our little dog I can see is jealous of her because she now has a rival when it comes to petting and affection from her human family.

Sunny became comfortable with me right away and became mommy’s girl since then. She cries when I am out of her sight and follows me around the house. I must admit, Sunny is so playful and we love it from her. Although we are still adjusting of her size and presence, she is literally a good dog. A great addition to our family and Jadyn loves her already.

…. this is Sunny’s first picture the day of her arrival, July 27,2016..
 photo first day_zpsvdupva2u.jpg

…this is her now, August 8,2016. Just three days away since her arrival…
 photo sunny headshot_zps624ymhxf.jpg

Late Upload Mother’s Day Celebration

When there is an occasion, we try to celebrate it simply and exclusively for our family. On Mother’s Day, as a tradition in our household, my husband took us out to a 45-minute drive away from home for dinner and for the children to enjoy bungee jump at the mall.

Rain Forest Cafe in Grapevine Mills Mall was the destination where I had my seafood combo, salmon and rice for the husband and chicken/shrimp nuggets for the girls. We do not require grand celebration in our household as long as the husband remembers me on days that pertain to appreciating the hard work I do for our family, that’s what matters to me. And I am happy with it.

What’s important is, we got to go out, everybody had fun and we bonded together as a whole family.

 photo md_zpseo3r6al3.jpg
 photo md1_zpst7d70ec1.jpg

Post Valentine Dinner

This post is long overdue, lol! We are a family of simplicity and easy to please. We don’t need much to be happy. A simple occasional dinner outside is enough to remember that it’s a special day and need to be celebrated with the family.

Here’s my most favorite people in the world after having a Valentine’s dinner at Red Lobster in Burleson. Everybody is smiling in this picture because they are full and the weather was very beautiful.

In every occasion, there’s just us who would gladly go together and have fun even just for a moment. There should be no one left behind for we are a family.

How about you guys, how did you celebrate your Valentine’s Day?

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Our Not so New Ride

Second week of November. we brought home this new baby of ours from a dealership in Lewisville. It’s a 2005 Lexus RS 330 with only 96,000 miles on it. It’s got a few minor scratches here and there but drives flawlessly. It had stains, dirt and dried up spilled drink inside but after such detailed interior and exterior cleaning, this ride became like new again. Put on new tires on it, new windshield wipers and all.

Wondering why buy an older model instead of the latest? It’s because my husband is practical, he doesn’t want an obligation. It’s been nearly 20 years he had not paid car monthly payments. He buys used cars and pay it in full. Same reason why we bought this Lexus right here. This baby looks to me was driven by a person who has money and has several cars to drive each time he pulls out his driveway because of the low mileage on it.

I LOVE how smooth it drives, so quiet, beautiful beige leather interior and most of all comfortable. I feel it’s the husband’s gift to our family for Christmas which I gladly accepted. He replaced that old white Ford SHO I am driving for he is getting frustrated with it.

At first, it was kind of hard for me to stop driving the white car because it is my very first and practice car until I learned how to drive that my husband bought for me when I first arrived in America over nine years ago. I kind of miss it now, honestly, even though it is just parked in the drive way. My husband insisted me driving the Lexus, so yes, be it! After all, it’s paid in full and I wouldn’t be embarrassed driving it on the streets for we don’t have payments to make for it.

… it has some chipping on the part near the side mirror but that can easily be fixed. Not flawlessly new on the outside but it looks gorgeous.
 photo lexus_zps2eggbd5p.jpg
… shiny and beautiful interior…
 photo lexus1_zpsz9eyayen.jpg
spacious trunk perfect for bulk grocery shopping. Our girls love that part of the car for they imagine they could sleep there during long hours of road trip, haha.
 photo lexus3_zpsauazbcbj.jpg
 photo lexus4_zpsil8iepoj.jpg

Goodbye is Not Always Easy

Over the course of almost ten years of living here in the USA, I have traveled at least 9 times back to my homeland. I consider myself lucky because I know a few of Filipinas who have not gone home for a couple of years and visit their family. One reason is that, traveling overseas can be very expensive and not all people have the budget for that so they stayed in America and do not know when they will be able to do that.

Have I not going home in the past years my children would not have  a sense of living in a poor country nor an idea where their mother came from. They would have not known their Filipino roots especially my first born who luckily met her grandfather before passing away, they would have not experienced playing with relatives outdoors with pure fun and gadgets is out of the picture, etc.

Every trip we made in the past always had good memories created and the more we come visit the Philippines, the more my little siblings and our girls form a solid bond only uncle,auntie and nieces share. We travel every two years and stay there for a month or longer but that seems too short when you are enjoying your stay with them.

As what they say, all good things have come to an end just like a vacation should also end. And you know when that time comes, even if you are not ready to come back to the US yet, you have to and saying goodbye is not always easy. Pictures below were taken just a few hours before our departure on August 12,2015. My mother, little brother and sister have always been grateful of our visit and they are the reason despite of my bad encounter with my brothers inspire me why I should come back to the Philippines again and again.

 photo departure1_zps8cxm6f9y.jpg

 photo departure_zps8nwlgtvj.jpg

Recap of My So-Called Homeland Vacation

Pardon for the long absence in blogosphere. As most of my friends know, I went on a vacation to my homeland with our girls for a month. While being there, I did not have a decent internet service so I could not update my blogs as often as I wanted to.

Anyway, we are back here in the States since last week and still suffering what we call “jetlag”. My body clock is adjusting to the new time zone. I can’t sleep at night and can only take a few hours nap during the day.
Anyway, I did not expect for my vacation to be so exhausting and stressful for my part and some of my family members affected. I was really hoping I could take a relaxing vacation but to my dismay, there are people there that caused so much trouble to our mother due to drug use and had gotten worse over the years to the point of maltreating her and kicking her out of her own house.

A few days after my arrival in Cebu, we had an early confrontation with two of my younger brothers, it was me and my mother and them against us. We hurled hurtful words against each other because they were becoming so disrespectful of my mother and me that made me moved out of the house where we grew up. According to them, I brought trouble with me when I arrived.

Not only that I had to deal with those two SOBS, yet another challenge came up. We went to the beach for my second born’s birthday and my nephew had a near-drowning accident that almost cost him his life. He was so lucky there were doctor and midwife interns at the beach that performed CPR on him and  got revived. All medical bills were paid for none other than me. Then this drug addict father of the child wanted some of the money that the beach resort refunded me. Heck, he did not even contribute a peso for that accident.

Then a major job I had to do, I moved my mother out of that hell house, finally. After years and years of verbal abuse and threats from her son, she can finally have a relief from stress. I paid her house rental for two months and for the cab that we rented to transport some of her stuff to the new house. Arggs!

After all that financial help I did, he had the guts to chase me with a “sundang”. Only because I did not pay him of his three days work towards the fence I built up against the neighbors. Shameless SOB, he eats, sleeps and don’t wash his dirty dishes yet he acted like I was the one who owe him anything? F!

I did not get to enjoy my vacation until the last week of it. Thanks to my little siblings who were there for me and my girls, they helped me to be a better older sibling to them so they will continue to respect me as their “ate”. Unlike those SOB brothers of mine who took the wrong path in life by taking drugs.

We flew back to the US not even talking or saying goodbye to my three brothers. I don’t see the need to do so anymore and when I go back in the next two years, I would let them feel that I am no longer interested making up with them or whatsoever. My concern now is my mother and my two younger siblings. I promised to my self, there will be no financial support they can get from me from that day forward.

There will also be no more pasalubong for them as they don’t see the value or did not appreciate the stuff I gave them. In fact, the severely addicted SOB sold the stuff that I gave him for cheap price or worst swapped them for a gram of shabu! Imagine?

I will still visit the Philippines but am not gonna set foot in that house ever again. I can live without them and I won’t die not talking to them. Promise, my next vacation will be enjoyable with just a few members of my family to hang out with.

My emotions are raging, I know. But can you blame me?

Doggie Love

We have this 7 years old half chihuahua, 1/4 Pekingese and 1/4 dachshund dog that feels like a human being and trapped in a dog’s body who is the center of our family’s love and affection.

Whenever we wake up in the morning, come home or just being in the house, this dog knows that she is a part of us. She is a happy greeter too that’s why we love her so much. She is the same age as our first born and we treat her like a baby.

Whenever we sat down on a sofa to watch t.v, rest assured she will be there too. She is an indoor dog so her smell is addicting. She doesn’t stink at all! In fact, I keep kissing her belly up to her chest and neck and not a day to pass by without smelling her, haha. Weird I know but her smell is addicting.

Here’s a snap of us this morning while I am on the computer and her on my lap. She is sweet and can be aggressive one threatened with a bite by her mommy. Chicha is her name and the cutest dog of all.

 photo doggie_zps76ozpakx.jpg