Mother’s Day Bouquet of Flowers

Over ten years of our marriage, my husband still gives me flowers occasionally which I appreciate so much. It’s nice to know that he hasn’t forgotten me despite of his busy schedules at work combined with chores around the house every weekend. Our marriage is not perfect, there were times when I tend to feel that I am of no value to him but most number my days being married to him are┬ábeing happy, content, fulfilled and loved.

He knows I love flowers, I have two big flower beds in our front yard yet he bought me assorted flowers last Friday as an advanced present for last Sunday’s occasion. Not only I received flowers from my husband, my firstborn also made me a big Mother’s Day card in school and a few handmade ones she made at home expressing her love for mommy and that she is appreciative of the things I do for her and her sister.

Ah truly I feel blessed because of the only treasure I have in this world, my family!

 photo MDflowers_zpsmsfl9coo.jpg
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Modern Family We Are

Here’s a typical scene of our weekend. Nothing special, just simple living everyday. Upon waking up in the morning on weekends, this is what we usually do. Everybody gets on the internet and each just do their thing. If the girls aren’t on the computer, they’d sit in front of the t.v or play with toys. Both parents are on their respective computer as well.

In our household, it is quiet, sometimes chaotic, less drama and minimal fighting between the two girls. Other than that, we are normally sane people living in this humble abode of ours! A family that is like any other family but rest assured, we have something that others don’t. I so love my family that I built for ten years now. Thank God for my beautiful girls and a husband who works hard to bring food on the table and provide us a cozy shelter during cold winter months.

Just a simple life like this is very well appreciated by me! So thankful that I have them in my life.

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Perfect Family Place to Hangout

There is a perfect place for my family to go visit whenever we want to and it is located just a few miles from where we live. It is called French Lake, it is a place where you can feed/chase and have fun with the ducks at the same time connect with nature. Not only that, there is a also a park adjacent to the lake so going there is never boring for me and the kids. Not only for kids love going there but older people too for there is a trail that goes around the lake to jog, ride a scooter/bike or just walking. You see, it is like an all-in-one place for people of all ages.

I brought my girls there last weekend and we were amazed at how the number of ducks multiplied than the last time we were there late Spring this year. There are a lot of things in French Lake yet it doesn’t cost you any penny when you visit.

I love this place so much and will keep coming back there whenever I have a free time at home, to relax, enjoy, have fun at the same time to create bonding with my girls.

 photo park_zps4919e98b.jpg
… girls caught in action feeding the ducks with French bread. These ducks are amazing, they are wild and live mainly with the feeding of people yet they are not aloof with humans.
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My Husband Turned 58

My husband turned 58 two days ago. We had a very simple celebration with our kids of course. He told me that he cancelled his birthday, how can that be? I baked a small chocolate with avocado cake a day before that and let the girls help me decorate it with pink icing and skittles, lol. When he got home from work, we called him to the dining table, J sung a happy birthday song to her dada and they both each blew the candle on his behalf.

She also made a personalized birthday card for him. Second photo below. You see, his cake and birthday card are homemade which for me, are way better than those store-bought stuff.

After that, J sliced the cake and we all ate together. Yes, that is how we celebrate birthdays in this household, no party, just us, not a lot of people or whatsoever. I could just simply forget the day since he already told me that he cancelled his birthday but no, I had to at least make an effort for it just so he knows he exist and that he matters to me and to our kids.

 photo 58thbirthday005_zps9aad5f0b.jpg

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Simple and Fun Family Day

“One of the best things you can ever receive from someone is his TIME, because that someone loses his time and never gets it back because he choose to spend it with you”.

My husband took a day off, for some reason I don’t know. There is no occasion either. Our Jadyn was home, she was sick last night and we didn’t send her to school today. My husband had plans, plans that were simple and did not involve spending a lot of money doing them. Plans that made create a bond and spending quality together as a family. No gadgets/electronics involved (well, except for me… I had my phone handy to capture those little moments not all family seem to notice…).

As usual, we had a lazy morning, each of us on the computer, girls were on t.v having their warm milk. At 10 in the morning, I got up and cooked them brunch. Watched t.v for a while and headed out to cast our vote. After voting, he brought the entire family to Trail Lake Drive, let the kids play at the park, watched the ducks in the nearby pond and lastly to Braum’s. The girls and the mommy were all excited for the ice cream. It doesn’t happen too often for the dada to treat us out for an ice cream. We all sat together, shared what we ordered. Bought 3 containers of milk and drove home.

I took the girls and the dog for a short walk on our street to burn some calories we had just put in our mouth, after that, they wanted to be outside for a couple more minutes so I let them bring their sidewalk chalks and let them draw while I watched them by the front door at the same time watching my Filipino soap opera, “Two Wives”.

Our day was a fun-filled day. It was an ordinary for some but for me, I appreciated my husband for spending time with us. We have done things as a family, spent our precious time to our family and I sure feels glad thinking that no matter how busy we get at times, we still find time for the family.

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Fun in the Pool with a Friend

We don’t have a family or relative here. It is just us, our family of four. However, we do have one close family friend and he is Mike. My kids love him and so does he. When there are occasions, nobody or we don’t have anybody to spend them with. How awful huh? But I’d rather have ourselves alone than having a family that we don’t get along with.

Mike leaves 3 hours away from us, we don’t see him often but if we do, it sure does fun. One summer weekend, he visited his daughter and he invited us to come to their place which has a pool. My kids upon learning that idea, they were excited and couldn’t wait to see their uncle.

I love it when Mike is around, the kids are so fond of him and he sure knows how to make the kids happy and laugh. It’s apparent in the photos below. Summer and the pool? Ah just so perfect with an awesome friend and family.

 photo mikepool_zpsd0dadf74.jpg

Family on 4th of July 2014

It’s a late upload for our celebration of 4th of July. My family went to downtown Fort Worth to witness the annual spectacular Fireworks display. As usual, there were hundreds of people of all ages drove down there to watch the show. My last visit to the fireworks show was maybe three years ago. Back then, people would just go downtown and sit down to wait for it to start. The city since changed that. They enclosed the entire vast area with fences, put entrances to it and made sure the crowd would only go to the designated entrances where they are being checked for food and other items which aren’t allowed in the vicinity.

I don’t remember having that three years ago. It’s like a city’s idea to take advantage on making money from the crowd. While it was lively, upbeat music, with plenty of activities for kids to do while waiting for the display, food stands for hungry crowd and so on, they wouldn’t allow our own food to be brought inside. Heck, our chips and juices got confiscated by the entrance people.

Me and my kids were really looking forward to munching on our chips but to our dismay we weren’t able to do that. Added the fact that their dada refused to buy them hotdogs or burgers during our entire stay by the river which resulted to cranky, hungry, whiny and bored children. Lesson learned, I should bring my own wallet next time we go out so that I can buy my children food whenever they ask for it and don’t let them go starve!

All in all though, we were all amazed at how beautiful the fireworks display was. My girls couldn’t stop uttering, “wow! I love it mommy!” or “wow, magical!”. I should say, it was worth the wait, worth the hassle of traffic getting in and out there and most of all worth our time!

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Happy National Siblings Day!

If it wasn’t of Facebook I would have not known that today is a National Siblings Day celebration. Here’s my family photos for today’s occasion. Photos 1 and 2 are pretty much the same, only we took
turns by the photographer to ensure everybody is in the picture.

These were taken last November 2,2011 in our house in Cebu, Philippines. They were by the way when me and my firstborn about to go to the airport for departure. My father wasn’t in the picture and wouldn’t be anymore for he went to Heaven with the Lord.

In fact, the purpose of my travel at that time was to attend his wake and funeral. Sad huh, yes it was! Looking at these photo makes me thankful for the “pasaway” family I have back in the Philippines for they are the reason to come home to every two years.

 photo siblings_zpsc5220357.jpg

 photo siblings2_zps288a7930.jpg

I Gathered My Family for Christmas Lunch

As always, in every occasion, there’s always just the four of us. Our Christmas day started out good. The big girl was all shocked and joyous when she saw all those wrapped presents under the tree. She really believed Santa came and dropped those for them.

At one o’clock, I gathered my family to sit down and shared our lunch together. The celebration was simple, no one said a thank You prayer but I did silently, in my heart and in my mind. I am thankful that despite of the distance I am separated from my Filipino family, yet God blessed me with my own family to celebrate His birthday with. I couldn’t be more thankful for the grace, joy, gift of marriage, love and unity that Christmas season brings.

Here’s a small feast I prepared for us. Unfortunately, both of our girls didn’t eat well. I wished they could have eaten half of what they put in their plate… it was just me and my husband who ate good… even though he is sick, he still showed appetite to the foods.

So, generally, that’s how we spent our Christmas. How was yours? Did you spend it with your family, relatives or friends? Tell me about it!

 photo fam1_zps22e07717.jpg

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A Father…

I thought I’d share it on my blog too since this is about a father who went to his child’s college school to personally pay the tuition fee himself. As you can see, this father patiently waiting in line along with other students, he looked so simple with just slippers on probably and no nice clothes nor jewelry. What does that say to you?

In my personal opinion, he is a good father. He thinks of his child’s sake first before himself. He doesn’t want the child to miss the exam that is why he made it there on time just so the child doesn’t have to think about it and just focus on studying and preparing for the big day.

Looking at this picture makes me miss my father even more. He passed away two years ago and I missed him so much now. The picture below reminds me of my own father who selflessly worked his bottom very hard so he can send his children to school. During my two years in college (well, I only have an associate’s degree for I didn’t want to continue studying for a bachelor’s degree), my father made sure that I can pay my tuition always on time. He paid every semester in FULL which I didn’t thank him when he was alive although I appreciated very much what he did to me from being a child until I was able to contribute financial help to our family.

One funny thing is that, every time my mother bring in the money to our school’s cashier, the lady would be pouting because of those small bill bundles of Philippine money with hundreds of coins to count just so we can come up the amount of the tuition. Man, it took them forever counting the money and when they were done, they were both exhausted, haha. You wonder why that was? Because my father was a tricycle driver yet he was able to send me to school! He had to drive rain or shine! That’s how good of a father he was.

Of course, when you were young… you didn’t appreciate all that he’d done to our family… he died not thanking him and I regret that.

Photo not mine,,, just snagged from Facebook…

Kesha Bogz

“I went to my sister’s school earlier to pay her tuition. I was next to this man. He is patiently falling in line to pay her daughter’s tuition “i did sneak to the assesment he’s holding”. He don’t have nice clothes, he’s not even wearing long pants and a pair of shoes. Such a picture of a perfect father. He is still able to send her daughter to a private school with nothing left to him. He literally broke my heart. I miss my dad now.”

 photo father_zps349b14bc.jpg