I Caught My Very First Fish

March 23 in Avery, Texas was somewhat significant to me because it was the very day I caught my very first fish. I caught a small crappie at a small creek on a family friend’s ranch.

I grew up surrounded by¬†water but I have never gone fishing all my life until we visited Avery during our child’s Spring break. Two days of trying to fish and thought that I would not give up fishing until I caught one, which I did and it made me feel proud and victorious. Everybody around me were applauding and cheered on me that day, haha.

Fishing is a good way to test your patience, I tell you. Waiting for the fish to eat your bait takes forever, but, if you have patience, you are willing to wait for it. Or worse, you’ll never get any fish at all. Then you will have to try again the next day if you have time. That’s what I did, I did not give up and yes, as you can see photo below. I caught me a crappie!

The feeling was awesome and I was right, I will not give up until I get one!

… my very first experience in fishing and my very first fish!
 photo fish_zpsrbfwjvd6.jpg