Keds Shoes In My Wishlist

Keds Shoes not only they look comfortable but also there are variety of print designs and color options to choose from when buying one. They can add a great look to your wardrobe. These are the kind of shoes I normally wear for comfort. I can walk all day with these shoes because they are flat and would not give me blisters.

If I write my Christmas wishlist, a pair or two of Keds shoes with floral design will be in the number one. I am looking one right now on clearance, I love the Keds Champion ankle wrap. This pair looks simple, beautiful color and most of all stylish to wear.

How about you guys? What type of shoes do you usually wear everyday for comfort? Would you rather go high heels or flats? As for me, I am most comfortable wearing flats since I do have a baby that goes with me whenever I go out of the house for shopping.


A Footwear

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