My Pretty Zinnia in a Vase

It was last Fall of 2014 when I spread the zinnia seeds into my two flower gardens in the front yard, I did not have that many seeds, I just threw what I had and did not expect much from it. Last year, there wasn’t much zinnia but this year, I guess it’s their season. They are in fact overcrowding the two beds. The Celosia cannot be seen and did not grow tall because of my zinnia.

Who am I to complain? They just look stunning outside, there are so many of them that I needed to bring some in the house. Any flower that you brought in can make any room beautiful. I always put my harvested flower in the bathroom near the hallway because that’s where everybody goes to do their business and I want them to be delighted every time they go in there, including myself of course!

Look at this photo, don’t you agree that zinnia flowers in pink look gorgeous? And to think that I did not have to buy them, they grow right outside our house!

 photo zinnia_zpskzscinvo.jpg

My Vegetable Garden in Late Spring

I am into gardening as you may have noticed in my previous entries. Too bad I don’t have my gardening blog anymore, you could have followed me through these years boasting about my plants.

Anyway, here are snaps of what we have in the backyard right now. So lush green are the leaves and they are thriving pretty well with all the sunlight and heavy rainfall we’ve been getting lately. It brings joy to my heart seeing my plants grow and eventually harvest some and serve them at the table for my family to enjoy.

In these pots are; carrots, eggplants, okra, Asian spinach or alugbate in our native dialect, Asian long string beans or sitaw in Tagalog and batong in Bisaya, sweet potatoes, lemongrass, cucumber, moringa oleifera or kamunggay, asparagus and some water spinach in separate pots.

I have harvested the potato tops yesterday and made a salad out of it. Both of my girls love the salad, the first born compared the taste to a popping seaweed (lato) that can only be found in the Philippines.

I don’t have anything to brag around here except my beautiful gardens and that we are eating organic around this time of year.

How about you people? Do you have a garden too? What kind of plants do you prefer to have in the garden?

 photo vegetable_zpsbzscu79j.jpg
 photo vegetable1_zpstl2rugjw.jpg

Free Elegant Asiatic Lily in a Vase

The picture of Asiatic lily below in a vase is elegant and you can’t argue with that. Would you believe me if I planted them? That they came from my very own flower garden? That they would have cost me $50 if I bought them?

The flower petals are crisps, vibrant, healthy and big! I put these flowers in the bathroom where the entire family frequents to put a smile on our faces whenever we go there and do our business. They just light up the entire room, I tell you.

The secret to these flowers are full sun, fertilizer (I put cow dung) in early spring and of course, bountiful rain too. When it rains, it makes me happy because it serves as the natural fertilizer for my plants both the flowers and vegetables.

See first photo below, I cut them when they were about to bloom. So there are not so many there compared to the second photo.

 photo lily_zpszhiifccr.jpg

… below was taken this morning, as you can see, they are bigger and more beautiful even if they have been sitting in the bathroom one week since I cut them from the garden. This is what I like about gardening, I give beautiful blooms in return.

 photo lily1_zpsbcy9nwnj.jpg

Fresh Cut Flowers from My Garden

One of my stress relievers is gardening, whether it be vegetable or flowers! I do both every year. I start sowing vegetable seeds in late March and then by mid Summer, I start harvesting whatever I have planted. Meanwhile, in the front yard, I have two big flower beds that are oozing with different colors and varieties of flower blooms every Spring.

I started these beds six years ago when we first moved in this house. My dream back then, when we have our own house that has a yard large enough for a garden, I’d love to have my own flower garden. Dream came true as I now have two large round flower beds. Each year, I would plant perennial bulbs in the Fall and other varieties when there is a sale for plants at home improvement stores until I filled up the two beds. I did not buy anything this year yet I am getting blooms.

I have done such a great job stabilizing my gardens and truly filled it with colorful flowers year after year. There is something with flowers that fill my soul with calmness and joy every time I go out to the front yard and see them especially in the morning when I need some fresh air and something to cheer me up. My flowers are like my babies smiling back at me, waving at me and saying, “mommy, here we are!”.

Sometimes my girls hear me talk to my plants and they find it weird, they’d ask me why I am talking to my flowers? ‘Coz, I am connecting with them and they say, plants love being talked at. The more you talk to them, the more they give you produce/flowers back.

See photo below? You would think they are store bought, right? But no, as pretty as they are, I am proud to say that I cut them yesterday from my very own garden. They just look so beautiful and the big hybrid tea rose smells sweet.

The base of flowers is now sitting in our bathroom and each time I go there, I feel happy seeing my flowers so beautiful.

 photo buwak_zpsmcd64xh5.jpg


We already have plans on what to do with our quite a huge backyard. My husband says he is going to have a back porch extended to the back of the fence so he can have a space where he can relax and do his grilling comfortably. On the other side of the yard, he wants me to have a big garden there and I was like, what? Do you have any idea how much work it could be to have such a huge garden? He replied that he would help me do it.

On the other hand, nobody has every tried using the hydroponic systems which is more on indoor gardening and hydroponics. Hydroponics systems categories include aeroponics, drip systems, ebb and flow and small systems which for me sound promising. This is good for another way to plant indoor, at least for a change. I wonder if this makes indoor gardening worth the effort?