Fruit of My Labor

We truly never know the value of money unless we work hard to make it. Although I am making a bit of $ online, it is way different when you go out there working for a company that requires your 8-hour energy to do the job and being constantly bossed at.

Anyway, I rewarded myself for working endlessly these past two months. I deserve it and it will serve as a remembrance working in a food service industry. I paid it in full and I am proud using this phone knowing that this is from the fruit of my hard labor, two weeks worth of my paycheck!

With this phone, I know that I appreciate/enjoy it and that I will take care of it to last for years. I know I can easily ask my husband to buy me this, but I wanted to prove to myself that when I like something big, I can buy it from my own sweat now that I have a job.

This is what I want for Christmas and the Victoria’s Secret XO perfume that I waited for so long to come down in price, got it for half off original price, so I am good not wishing for more other than for my family to be together and in good health always!

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Mother’s Day Bouquet of Flowers

Over ten years of our marriage, my husband still gives me flowers occasionally which I appreciate so much. It’s nice to know that he hasn’t forgotten me despite of his busy schedules at work combined with chores around the house every weekend. Our marriage is not perfect, there were times when I tend to feel that I am of no value to him but most number my days being married to him are being happy, content, fulfilled and loved.

He knows I love flowers, I have two big flower beds in our front yard yet he bought me assorted flowers last Friday as an advanced present for last Sunday’s occasion. Not only I received flowers from my husband, my firstborn also made me a big Mother’s Day card in school and a few handmade ones she made at home expressing her love for mommy and that she is appreciative of the things I do for her and her sister.

Ah truly I feel blessed because of the only treasure I have in this world, my family!

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It is the Season of Giving

Christmas is the time of sharing and giving. Though we may not have enough money this Christmastime yet we manage to put food on the table, buy presents for ourselves and most of all keeping up with our bills. I can still say we have been blessed though we may not realized it. God used his instruments to bless us with the things we need.

With that being said, I want to be a small blessing to two people. As my way of appreciation of my daughters first grade teacher, I gave her a set of Victoria’s Secret hand cream. She was so thankful and the look on her face when she thanked me was awesome.

Second person I handed a gift to is the older lady crossing guard at my daughter’s school. We learned that she lost her son to cancer last year. Who would have thought she’d experienced such a terrible loss because everyday we passed by her, she manage to flash her smile to parents and always ready to wave hello to all of us. With that alone gives me inspiration. That no matter how hard life is, we still need to smile to be sane. So I gave her a box full of personal care, photo shown below. Those aren’t much but I hope those help her a bit this Christmas.

Today, I want to pause for a moment and give thanks to the Lord above for giving us good health always and safety everyday of our lives. We have a choking legal fees of $22K but we are thankful because we are fine marriage-wise and we’re all healthy.

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Christmas is a Time of Giving

My husband had recently talked to the woman crossing guard in our child’s school and we learned that she lost her son to cancer a few weeks ago. That is so sad to hear for the fact that Christmas is coming. We walk pass by this woman everyday and she always has her smile on her face that greeted us early morning.

Behind those smiles of her, we didn’t know the pain and sorrows she endure for losing a family member, much more a son. Although she didn’t talk about living with a husband or anybody, I feel the loneliness she keep inside. So what we did is, give her a custom Christmas card and a little gift for her to use for a few months.

I do have a couple stocks of lotions, conditioners and shampoos from  my couponing and so I shared some to her. I hope that the little gift we sent to her would tell her a message that we thought and care about her in this Christmas season. God bless her and give her strength to continue living! Looking forward to see her again once school resumes next year!

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People are Busy Shopping for Gifts

It is the time of the year when people starting to look for gifts to give this Christmas. Are you one of them? Do you prefer giving expensive watches and or jewelry to people closest to your heart? Is there someone in your family that you would like to give a watch? Try to look at this Movado bold brand and see if you think it’s the best you can give. Watches are important to keep track of the time and therefore, anybody who thinks of giving me a watch this Christmas, I will be more than grateful.

Cuban Seed Tobaccos

Everybody is excited of our home coming next month. My other siblings and mother think I’ll be there in May but the truth is, it will be a month from now is our trip. All my presents for them have been shipped and I am so ready. But wait a minute, I have no present for my grandmother yet. I believe a Padron brand cigar can make a good gift since she smokes tobaccos. Gotta buy some online and see what’s her reaction is going to be if I give her this classic high quality patiently handmade with Cuban seed tobaccos.

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The Kindest Fairy Hobmother Of All

For days I have been waiting for the fairy hobmother to come visit me too and yes, finally he was here and sprinkled some fairy dust on me. But before I tell you how are you gonna get him to your page too, please check out these Top Five Washing Machines and come back here.

You just have to simply leave your comments below and tell him that you are inviting him to your blogs too! It’s that easy! Also, if you have twitter, get some fairy dust from him through twitter, just click FAIRYHOBMOTHER

. and it should get you to his profile. Thank you and comment now, please!

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E-reader Gift

My little sister in the Philippines is really doing good in her studies there. She is in her 12th grade in elementary yet she maintains her position to be always the top one in the class. She is a smart girl I should say and that makes me very proud of her. I would like to give her a tablet or an e-reader as my personal gift and appreciation of such great job in her school. I would like to read kobo ereader reviews first before buying this unit because I want to make sure that it works for a long time. Surely my dear little sister would be very happy to have one so she can read a lot the high tech way.

She’s No Longer Have A Baby

A friend’s daughter just turned three years old yesterday. The birthday party will be held at a water park near their home and we are invited. I am excited to bring my little girl over there so they can play and see each other. It is also a good occasion to hangout with friends and catch up all of them at the same time bringing over gifts for the birthday celebrant from The party will be at least two weeks from now so I still have enough time to choose a perfect gift for her.

Inexpensive Gift Baskets You Can Give to Anyone

Guest post written by: Unknown

Gift baskets are wonderful gifts that can be given in all occasions. However, not many people can afford to purchase big and sumptuous baskets. This does not mean that you cannot give such beautiful baskets on special occasions. There are inexpensive baskets that you can make or get for anyone.

Homemade Goodies Basket

These are baskets that you can give to anyone. Homemade goodies are loved by everyone. There are many different kinds of items that can be added in this kind of basket. If you are going to give the basket to someone whom you don’t know the preference, then add general things such as homemade chocolate covered strawberries, beaded bookmarks chocolate chip cookies and more. These things can easily be made at home, but you have to spend time in making these items.

A Cool Yummy Basket

These gift baskets are ideal to those who love sweet, cold and creamy ice creams. They can be given just to anyone. You have to think of all the things that are related to ice creams and put them in the basket. You can include items such as ice cream bowls, paper napkins, ice cream maker and homemade ice cream sauces. Of course, don’t forget to include loads of ice creams.

A Soothing Basket

People who are busy working all day needs time to sit down and relax. A good body massage and bubble bath is one of the best ways to relax the body and mind. A soothing basket is for this purpose only. You can add several inexpensive things to this basket including scented candles, bubble bath, essential oils, body spray, vitamin E cream and more. You can make soap at home and put it in the basket if you have time.

These are just come of the inexpensive baskets that you can give to anyone during a celebration or occasion. To make the gift baskets, you just need to use a basket that you can get from craft stores or discount stores and put old pieces of foam and crumpled newspaper in it. You can use shredded newspapers or brown papers for the decoration. Also, you can add tissue papers, shredded colored sheets and curled ribbons to add beauty on it. The basket is done. All you need to do is to put the gifts on top and give it to your recipient. There are many ways to adorn the basket to make it appear attractive. Just use your imagination while making the baskets or you can take a look around to get some ideas.