Training Babies to Sleep, the Ferber Way

There are a lot of things for new parents to decide on. How to setup their nursery, what stroller to choose and how they will deal with the inevitable sleepless nights ahead. Today’s post is going to focus on a sleep method that gets your baby to sleep through the night; it’s called the Ferber Method. Mothers who have successfully employed this method with their kids swear this method has made their lives a whole lot easier.

The internet is rife with countless tips and methods of getting a baby to sleep through the night but for some reason, the Ferber method seems to rank above all the other techniques for getting babies to sleep at night. Although this technique has garnered a large following, a few parents remain skeptical about trying it.

The reason this is, may not be unconnected to the fact that the Ferber method advocates baby-training; this simply means training babies to self-soothe by allowing them to cry for a pre-determined amount of time and then offering external comfort at a scheduled time. As harsh as this sounds, a lot of parents have found that it worked for them.

Of course, there are also a bunch of steps and rules one has to follow during the baby-training phase and so the next question would be – would this work for all babies? Probably not. A baby’s inability to sleep may be connected to some neurological or general health issues so it’s advisable you speak with a doctor before trying out the Ferber method.

Below is an infographic from that sheds more light on how exactly the Ferber method works.



How to Make and Edit a Perfect Selfie

Selfies are a great way of capturing a portrait of yourself or a group of people – but more often than not they are far from perfect. Because it is difficult to control the lighting, background and other elements in your selfie – editing it after the fact will go a long way to making it perfect.

Fortunately with Movavi Photo Editor you’ll have all the tools that you need to make the perfect selfie. Aside from letting you edit it in normal ways and improve the quality or fix common problems, it also has a range of tools that can be used to specifically improve portraits or give people digital makeovers.

To get started all you need to do is load the selfie that you snapped into Movavi Photo Editor. Once you do, you can browse through its many features and pick the ones that you need to improve it. Some of the ways in which you could choose to edit your selfie include:

  • Applying blush, mascara, eyeshadow, lip tints, and other types of digital makeup.
  • Removing blemishes and any skin imperfections.
  • Whitening teeth to make smiles more vibrant.
  • Removing red eye or changing the eye color completely.
  • Deleting any objects or people that are unwanted from the selfie.
  • Adjust the color settings manually or automatically to improve the image quality or fix poor lighting conditions.

As you can see the features that Movavi Photo Editor provides will help you to improve your selfie (or any other type of portrait) in a range of different ways. However that is really just a small part of what it can do, and you can delve deeper into its features to apply various effects and filters, replace the background, insert customizable text, transform the frame and orientation, or create photo montages.

For the most part when you want to make a perfect selfie you will undoubtedly focus on photo touch up as opposed to more elaborate forms of editing. However at times it may be nice to be creative and use the features in Movavi Photo Editor to turn your selfie into an artistic piece in its own right.

Considering you have all the tools that you need right there, it is up to you to decide how you feel like editing your selfie. At the end of the day whatever you choose Movavi Photo Editor will ensure that you can accomplish it in an easy and straightforward manner.

 photo girls1_zpsejeunpsw.jpg

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals by Cutting out Hidden Sugars

Fitness trainers would be quick to tell you that the first step to losing weight is cutting out unnecessary sugars. You cannot lose weight effectively if you still binge on chocolate chips and ice cream; rather you would be pointed towards healthier meal options like fruits and vegetables that provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals. You would also be asked to increase your protein and fiber intake so you feel full faster and remain hunger-free for longer periods of time.

However, there is still the matter of added sugar to deal with; these sugars are added to “healthy snacks” to make them taste better or to improve their shelf life, they are added to drinks to improve their flavor, they are even used in the manufacturing of flavorings and condiments. These are the ones we have to be concerned about.

What to do?

Clean out your pantry! Oh and while you’re at it, your refrigerator as well; that BBQ sauce may contain some sugar as well. Generally, you want to be looking at the product information on the foods in your pantry; foods that contain lactose, maltose or anything that ends with the suffix “–ose” has got to go. You would be amazed to see there are a lot of them. You should also look for words that end in “-ol” these are the alcohol sugars and they may not be so great for your weight loss goals either. Finally, re-stock your kitchen with fruits, vegetables and nuts. These are healthier snack or meal options.

For more on hidden sugars, here is a great infographic we found for you.


 photo foods-containing-hidden-sugar_zpsgpffasuf.png

5 Tips on How to Teach Your Children to Love Their Siblings

 photo gp_zpstvzytxuo.jpg

Sibling rivalry is something that most parents are well familiar with especially those with children whose ages range from 5 years to around 20 years. At times, sibling rivalry can be very annoying, frustrating and bothersome to the parent particularly if it becomes too much. While most parents view this rivalry as normal, it is worth noting that it can easily turn into hatred as well as verbal & physical abuse if not stopped at an early stage. 

The main problem with excessive sibling rivalry is that it can lead to bullying. What is presumed to be a minor and normal argument can escalate and have lasting effects on the lives of the children. Due to this, it is necessary for parents to take charge and restore peace among their children. Here are some reliable and efficient parenting tips you can use to restore peace and good relations among children:

Avoid taking sides 

When your children are quarreling, you as the parent should stand on a neutral ground and avoid taking sides. Do not favor any child as this will send a wrong message to the less favored child. It is common for parents to favor one child over the other to keep such information within yourself. You should not let your children take note of this favoritism as such preference will only make the situation worse. In addition to this, you should strive to love your children equally without having a favorite child. 

The best way of ensuring that you treat your children equally is by having unconditional love towards all of them. For instance, one of your children may be good in school work while the other performs poorly in school but has a singing/dancing talent. Accepting such diverse abilities in children brings about love and harmony in the family. Consequently, this helps in averting a likelihood of sibling rivalry and hatred arising. 

Insist on avoiding negative situations 

The best and easiest way of solving a problem is by preventing its occurrence. In line with this, you need to teach your children ways and ideas on how to prevent any occurrence of negative situations among them. These are situations that are likely to give rise to conflicts and harbor bad relations. The children need to know how to prevent triggering an argument or disagreement amongst themselves. For example, if “John” gets angry when shouted at, you should caution “Stacy” to avoid shouting at him when they are arguing or having a disagreement. 

The idea behind preventing negative situations revolves around teaching your children that it is alright to have different opinions but they should not hate each other on the basis of these differences. Teach them the importance of walking away before the situation gets out of hand. However, as much as these lessons are important and effective, they are mostly applicable to children of considerable ages such as those above 6 years of age. 

Promote problem solving 

An argument or disagreement between siblings should only be put to rest after the underlying cause is identified and solved. Otherwise, the problem will keep recurring from time to time and it is likely that it will escalate to a bigger problem. If you notice that one of the children is interested in finding a solution to the problem, you should applaud and promote such attempts. This will help your children to realize that coping and solving problems is a great step towards maturity and growth. 

Problem solving helps in maintaining peace and love among siblings even in the midst of arguments and disagreements. What is more important about problem solving is that it helps in fostering good relations and stronger bonds among the children thereby lowering the possibility of sibling rivalry arising. 

Raise sensitive children 

Generally, it is hard to intentionally hurt, hate and despise someone you love and care about. You can teach your children to love each other by showing them how to care and have love for each other. Siblings do not become adversaries unless parents fail to step in and restore good relations among them. This is why parents should raise sensitive children; children who care for each other and who can nurture life-lasting friendships. 

Parents play a pivotal role in fostering sensitivity and positive traits in their children. The first life lesson you should teach your children is learning to live together in harmony with other people. Be a facilitator in your children’s lives by setting conditions for establishing healthy relationships among the children. You should avoid controlling how your children interact with their siblings but instead focus on enabling them in having compatible relationships. It is usually if siblings look up to each as great friends and love each other’s company. 

Foster teamwork and promote empathy 

A team spirit is crucial in teaching your children to love each other. This is because team work teaches them more about the benefits and advantages of working together in a group. This realization is a very important tool for success and progress in life. Siblings who share a team spirit among themselves tend to get along well and without any hatred or rivalry at all. 

In line with team spirit, you should also promote empathy among your children. You need to teach them that they should not treat their siblings in a way that themselves would not want to be treated. Empathy brings about love, understanding, patience, and unity among siblings. It makes it possible for siblings to care for each other and have regard for other people’s feelings. 

When your children quarrel and argue about small issues such as toys, they should learn to solve such problems on their own without necessary involving you. This helps in promoting a responsible behavior and may also help them realize that conflicts are a part of every relationship. Parents should treat their children equally so that envy does not provide grounds for sibling rivalry. For instance, if you are planning for a family getaway, ensure that you carry along all the children and make everyone feel as a part of the family. 


Parents should not compare the abilities and inferiorities of their children especially in the presence of the children. Praise every accomplishment however little it may be and do not compare one child’s achievements to that of his/her siblings. This is because children are created differently and thus have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. 

Expecting a Baby? Here’s How to Prepare for Your Bundle of Joy

When not properly planned for, having a baby can cause anxiety and stress, especially in first-time mothers, as opposed to relaxing and taking it easy during this time. There’s often so much to do with so little time and sometimes with a limited budget. All of a sudden, everyone has an opinion – water birth or no water birth; they leave you wondering whether your initial decision to go with a home-delivery was a wise one. Let’s not forget the all-important task of choosing a healthcare provider; because no law says you have to stick with your current provider. There are all these decisions to make and frankly, it can tire anyone out.

The objective of this post therefore, is to make the experience as worry-free as possible for you. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing; that feeling you get when you feel your baby kick for the first time is one that cannot be aptly described. Whispering sweet little nothings to your baby while still in the womb, seeing those ultrasound images of your baby, holding your baby for the first time…these are all precious moments that should not be ruined by the million and one decisions you have to make in anticipation of your baby’s arrival.

So if you are a first-time mom, you would probably find this simple guide from Dr. Thiara at MidAtlantic OBGYN on preparing for the arrival of your baby quite useful; and without further ado, here are some important decisions you want to make.

  1. In the first three months, you want to start taking your prenatal supplements. Prenatal supplements are vitamins and minerals that help your baby develop properly; they include calcium, folic acid, Vitamin D, and iron.

Prenatal vitamins also ensure that the mother is not lacking sufficient nutrients for her own body, as well as babies solely, rely on the nutrients they get from their mothers. This could leave the mother anemic in the case of insufficient iron.  

  1. Decide on a health care provider – Scout around for a good OBGYN, talk to people about their experiences with their doctors, read reviews, consider the distance between your home and the clinic, find out what payment plans they offer and how much insurance coverage you get. This is one decision, you would need to make really fast as you want to be sure that the doctor is involved at the earliest time possible.
  1. As your pregnancy progresses, you should get tested for gestational diabetes, this is important because if you test positive, it could mean that the fetus could experience overgrowth which can lead to all sorts of complications down the line. This test usually takes place around the 26th week or earlier if you have a history of diabetes.

You also want to do the multiple marker screening, a test that screens for possible defects such as Spina Bifida and Down syndrome in the fetus.

  1. Don’t forget to enroll in educational classes for child birthing, while you set up a birthing plan alongside. A doctor should be able to provide you with the necessary information.
  2. Finally, make the necessary changes to your diet; cut down on the caffeine and say goodbye to raw meat and unpasteurized milk. To make things easier, here’s a great nutrition guide for pregnant women you should checkout; let us know what you think.

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How to Resize Photos Easily with Movavi Photo Batch

When was the last time you needed to resize photos? For anyone who deals with photos on a regular basis, resizing photos is a task that need to be carried out fairly regularly and while there are quite a number of ways to resize a photo it can quickly become a tedious and time consuming process.

The problem with resizing photos is that simply blowing them up or shrinking them to a certain set of dimensions often doesn’t work out the way you intended. Doing so carries the risk of affecting the aspect ratio of the photo – which could cause it to appear stretched or squashed.

On the other hand manually resizing photos (especially in bulk) while preserving the aspect ratio can often take a long time. That is where software like Movavi Photo Batch will prove to be extremely useful in simplifying the process and making it easier and faster.

Selecting the Best Way to Resize Photos

Part of the reason why Movavi Photo Batch will make it easier to resize your photos is the fact that it offers three different ways in which you can do so with its batch image resizer:

  • Resize photos to a percentage of the original size of the photos so that the aspect ratio is preserved.
  • Fit photos within a certain frame size to resize them to the largest size that fits into that frame while preserving the aspect ratio.
  • Ignore the aspect ratio and resize photos to a specific set of dimensions.

Between these three options, you should be able to resize your photos for any purpose. For example if you want to shrink some of your travel photos slightly to conserve space then you could simply resize them to 80% of their original size. Alternatively if you want to prepare photos for a website and have them roughly the same size then you could determine a frame size and resize them to fit into it.

On top of all that, Movavi Photo Batch will also allow you to convert the format of your photos, adjust their quality, rename them, and rotate or flip their orientation – all of which should help prepare your photos to be published or stored exactly as you need them to be. Seeing as it is a batch processing software, it should come as no surprise that all these actions can be performed on photos in bulk – saving you a ton of time and lots of effort in the process.

 photo 2 2_zpswxppdo3x.jpg

Working through the Grieving Process with Funeral Homes

Everything in life has a beginning and an end. A seed falls from a tree and manages to take root in the forest ground. The possibilities for this small tree are endless. It could grow up to be the tallest and oldest tree in the world. Or it could be chopped down by a lumber company in a matter of years. It might provide food and shelter for dozens of different animals. There is no telling how this tree’s story will unfold. A human life is similar in that everyone has their own story. Some people overcome amazing odds while others offer valuable life lessons. The amazing thing about people is their ability to learn and grow through another person’s experience. Losing a loved one is always a difficult experience. However, it does not have to be a negative experience. Moving on from the death of a loved one is an important part of the grieving process. A huge turning point in the grieving process is finding a way to celebrate and appreciate the life of your fallen loved one just by going on with life. Through your actions you can choose to continue the story of your loved one.

Customize the Service and Celebrate the Life

People have varying preferences when it comes to their funeral. Thankfully Boulder funeral homes offer a wide array of arrangements. A funeral is a time for remembering the fond memories of your loved one. Make sure to design a service that will help you honor your loved one’s time spent here on earth.

Help and Resources to Plan a Memorable Positive Service

Returning to your regular happy self after losing a loved one may seem impossible at first. There will always be a stage of sadness and depression. However, everyone deals with their grief in different ways. Within Boulder funeral homes, you will find all the help and resources you need to plan a service that will celebrate the life of your fallen friend. Focusing on all the joy and good times of your relationship with the deceased will help you move through the grieving process.

Things to Do with an Engineering Degree

If you are good at logical thinking, problem-solving, and have strong mathematical abilities, you are probably considering pursuing an engineering degree. This is a broad degree with many directions you could go in when it comes to specializing and employment. Read on for more information on what you can do with this kind of expertise, including computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and more.

Computer Engineering

Think about the computers you were using a decade ago, if you can. Picture how far computers have come in their sizes, speeds, and abilities. This is something you can affect as a computer engineer. In this major, you may learn some amount of computer programming along with the electrical aspects of the computer. If you get a job in this field, you may be responsible for being familiar with operating systems and the functionalities of equipment. If something stops working, you will need to figure out what is causing the break in the system. You could learn a lot in a position like this, and develop new ideas for computing systems that run better.

Mechanical Engineering

If the mechanics of things interest you, or you like to know the causes and effects of certain things, this may be the field for you. A car mechanic has to know the basics about engines and be able to understand how they work even though there are so many different designs. If you learn enough about the mechanics of things, you can develop more advanced, safer technologies related to things like airbag deployment and temperature resistance.

Other Possibilities

The possibilities in this field really are endless. The need for knowledgeable people in math, science, and technology cannot be overstated as technology advances so rapidly. Engineers are needed to improve transportation and healthcare. You may be called upon to solve problems: How fuel-efficient can you make a vehicle? How can you improve this messy intersection? Energy efficiency is a huge trend, so those who can create alternative energy and design “green” buildings will be in high demand. If any of this sounds appealing, you may want to pursue an engineering degree.

Complete Your Medical Kits Efficiently

You should be able to quickly and efficiently complete your medical kits. In order to make the most out of your time and budget you don’t want to order supplies that you do not need, spending needless amounts of money on things that are unnecessary. The best thing that you can do is to order from a company such as Red Cell Medical Supply or other such Internet sites for specific, individual pieces needed to put together medical kits. Some of the necessary medical pieces that you can find will be discussed in this article.

These small parts work as connectors between the syringe with the needle or with an adapter to enable the successful transmission of liquid medicine or compounds without any leakage loss. Some luers that may be purchased individually on the Internet include the following:
Male luers
Female luers
Spin luers
Luer locks

Pressure Tubing
Pressure tubing is designed to carry fluids, air, and other gases under higher-than-normal atmospheric pressure. Besides the actual tubing that is needed in a variety of medical situations, there are supplies like connectors that go along with the tubing that need to be purchased. Some of the connectors that may be purchased include the following:
Male connector, thin wall, red, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
Male connector, thin wall, yellow, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
Rotator assembly, clear, high pressure tubing
Rotator assembly, braided high pressure tubing
Connector, thin wall, clear pressure tubing, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
Connector, luer, female, winged, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
10 inch clear high-pressure tubing, with rotator
2 port manifold, horizontal mount, 3-way off-handle with all female port
And much more

Flush Devices
Finally, you can also get flush devices from multiple sites on the Internet, such as Red Cell Medical Supply and other supply companies. Some of the flush device supplies you can purchase include the following:
INTRAFLO, 60 inches pressure tubing 3 mL/hr
Squeeze flush, 3mL
Squeeze flush, “T”, 3mL, new clip
INTRAFLO, 1 port, 3mL laser drilled
INTRAFLO, 2 port, 3mL, laser drilled
Squeeze flush, 3mL, (for Japan only)
Squeeze flush, 30mL
And many more

Explaining the Car Problem to Your Garage

When you take your car to the garage, like Ramy’s Garage, how do you explain the problem with your car to the auto mechanic? This is not always an easy thing to do. Sometimes the trouble is simple, such as overheating. You can easily tell the mechanic that, after driving a short distance, the engine becomes hot and radiator fluid begins to boil and spew out from under the hood of the car. However, sometimes the trouble is simply a noise that has you concerned. That is not as easy to explain.

Really Pay Attention to the Noise

If you are going to go to the auto repair shop with your car, take the time to listen to the noises your car is making. Roll down the windows and try to pinpoint where on the car the noise is coming from. Perhaps have someone else ride with you, or even stand on the side of the road as you drive by so your friends can help you pinpoint the noise. You can also talk with your friends and neighbors about the noise on your car and ask them to help you determine what it sounds like.

Look for Additional Signs

Another thing you can do before taking your car into a garage is to look for any additional signs from your car that may help the mechanic understand what is wrong. For example, look for warning lights on the car. Warning lights are a great sign to have because that will tell the mechanic exactly where to look for the problem.

Keep an Open Mind

Some people will close their mind off to any suggestion of what the issue is because they are certain they know what the problem is with their car. However, this can lead to longer diagnosis times at the garage, such as Ramy’s Garage. When a customer is insistent on what they believe the problem to be, most mechanics will start there. However, it is better to describe the noises, symptoms, and signals that have been gathered, and let the auto mechanic figure out what is wrong with your car. This will save time and frustration. Remember, the auto mechanic is the expert.