Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals by Cutting out Hidden Sugars

Fitness trainers would be quick to tell you that the first step to losing weight is cutting out unnecessary sugars. You cannot lose weight effectively if you still binge on chocolate chips and ice cream; rather you would be pointed towards healthier meal options like fruits and vegetables that provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals. You would also be asked to increase your protein and fiber intake so you feel full faster and remain hunger-free for longer periods of time.

However, there is still the matter of added sugar to deal with; these sugars are added to “healthy snacks” to make them taste better or to improve their shelf life, they are added to drinks to improve their flavor, they are even used in the manufacturing of flavorings and condiments. These are the ones we have to be concerned about.

What to do?

Clean out your pantry! Oh and while you’re at it, your refrigerator as well; that BBQ sauce may contain some sugar as well. Generally, you want to be looking at the product information on the foods in your pantry; foods that contain lactose, maltose or anything that ends with the suffix “–ose” has got to go. You would be amazed to see there are a lot of them. You should also look for words that end in “-ol” these are the alcohol sugars and they may not be so great for your weight loss goals either. Finally, re-stock your kitchen with fruits, vegetables and nuts. These are healthier snack or meal options.

For more on hidden sugars, here is a great infographic we found for you.


 photo foods-containing-hidden-sugar_zpsgpffasuf.png

I Gained 4 Pounds After the Holiday

This was my weight (photo below) before the Holiday after months of less rice and “after 6”. But then when the Holiday came, I had my fair reason to eat a lot with rice! Amazing how fast I can put on weight for just a short period of time, a total 4 pounds I gained and it stays with me until I do something about it.

Losing weight is easy but it is a bit painful to me for I suffer tummy ache when I do my “after 6” method. I am still considered to be skinny by other people here but my midsection is my concern. It is bulging and making folds when I sit down or do a slouchy position although it is not obvious when I have a dress or top on. But it’s there, jelly and wiggly when I try to move fast do a sudden move, haha. Underneath a woman’s cloth, there lies her sacred “fats”. But duh, I am not too worried about it, I am making money using my brain, NOT my body so who cares?

 photo 90_zps3cf9683a.jpg

Complete Your Medical Kits Efficiently

You should be able to quickly and efficiently complete your medical kits. In order to make the most out of your time and budget you don’t want to order supplies that you do not need, spending needless amounts of money on things that are unnecessary. The best thing that you can do is to order from a company such as Red Cell Medical Supply or other such Internet sites for specific, individual pieces needed to put together medical kits. Some of the necessary medical pieces that you can find will be discussed in this article.

These small parts work as connectors between the syringe with the needle or with an adapter to enable the successful transmission of liquid medicine or compounds without any leakage loss. Some luers that may be purchased individually on the Internet include the following:
Male luers
Female luers
Spin luers
Luer locks

Pressure Tubing
Pressure tubing is designed to carry fluids, air, and other gases under higher-than-normal atmospheric pressure. Besides the actual tubing that is needed in a variety of medical situations, there are supplies like connectors that go along with the tubing that need to be purchased. Some of the connectors that may be purchased include the following:
Male connector, thin wall, red, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
Male connector, thin wall, yellow, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
Rotator assembly, clear, high pressure tubing
Rotator assembly, braided high pressure tubing
Connector, thin wall, clear pressure tubing, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
Connector, luer, female, winged, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
10 inch clear high-pressure tubing, with rotator
2 port manifold, horizontal mount, 3-way off-handle with all female port
And much more

Flush Devices
Finally, you can also get flush devices from multiple sites on the Internet, such as Red Cell Medical Supply and other supply companies. Some of the flush device supplies you can purchase include the following:
INTRAFLO, 60 inches pressure tubing 3 mL/hr
Squeeze flush, 3mL
Squeeze flush, “T”, 3mL, new clip
INTRAFLO, 1 port, 3mL laser drilled
INTRAFLO, 2 port, 3mL, laser drilled
Squeeze flush, 3mL, (for Japan only)
Squeeze flush, 30mL
And many more

I’m 30 Years Old So I Should Take Care of Myself

A few of my friends on Facebook know I have been working out four times a week at home religiously. The reason why I do this is because when I was in the Philippines I gained 3 pounds and I felt disgusted of myself every time I look at myself in the mirror because of the flabby front abdomen and side waists. Not only that, I had a bulging belly and when it bulge like that I feel tired and my body is heavy and it feels as if I couldn’t move around freely. Second reason is, I am now 30 years old and once you hit that age, I have this perception that diseases, wrinkles and other kind of negative stuff start to surface. So those are the things that motivated me to start working out again.

This week’s working out took a toll on me although I did not really stop but my mind and body refused to lift weight, they are telling me that it’s hard to do and just quit but then, when I took a picture of myself again yesterday which is shown on the right pic, it just give me justice of sweating every afternoon. I am not quite there yet as you can see I still see some fats in the front abdomen there but I just have to keep going. After all, it’s for my own good and you know I don’t look too “loud” in my husband’s eyes.

 photo rfp5j4c4toxpwtfdg9al6cwgozyvphba_zpsdc1b28e6.jpg

left photo was taken on June 24, just three days after my birthday and the right photo was taken yesterday, July 11. Looking at these photos I can see I am making progress although I have not heard any comment from my husband about my body has toned a bit but at least the pictures do justice of the hard work I have been doing.

My Quest on Losing Weight

I can say I am making a big progress on my quest to losing weight. I am happy of the result and I feel like new again. Just a pound to lose and I’ll reach my target weight which is 95 pounds. Guess, I was only 86 lbs. when I first came to America 7 years ago, and to weigh under 100 after having two babies isn’t bad at all.

As much as possible I would like to maintain my weight in order to be healthy, look good not just for my husband or for other people but for myself. It makes a big difference when I am feeling skinny, easy to move around and it boosts my self-esteem. I just have to keep working out, sweating the bad elements out and I will be good forever, haha.

 photo 983257_10152003162259517_819586413_n_zps1dc9e405.jpg

Quality Chicago Lasik Procedure

A Chicago LASIK and Cataract Surgery Specialist – Dr. Stuart Sondheimer offers the following services; quality Chicago lasik procedure, contact lens fittings, glaucoma treatments, Crystalens lens implants, ReSTOR Multifocal lens implants, toric lens implants to treat astigmatism and cataract surgery in Illinois.

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Health Insurance That You Can Afford

Getting health insurance for yourself is very important for it helps defray the cost of medical services incurred by individuals and families. Although not all people buy health insurance simply because they cannot afford it, it is a must have insurance for their own sake. Where should you look for affordable health insurance? There are certain websites that offer you insurance policy best suited for your needs and budget. Working individuals for the following; government agencies, private business and other organizations protect people against the risk of medical expenses by offering them insurance policies for a monthly fee.

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You know when you feel something is not right with your body and your intuition says you need to go see a doctor for a check up, please listen to it for this little voice you ignore so often is always right. When you have blurry vision, excess thirst, feeling fatigue, doing frequent trips to the bathroom for urination, hunger and weight loss, you should see a doctor right away for these are symptoms of high blood sugar levels.

However, if you already know you are diabetic and have been seeing your doctor, just continue doing the usual routine you should do like monitoring your blood glucose. Test strips are used to test your blood glucose levels in blood glucose meters. Blood glucose test strips are one of the components of a diabetes monitoring system. Diabetic test strips are an essential part of monitoring blood glucose.

Americans tend to buy too much stuff and in the end they realize they don’t need a lot of those or for instance, diabetic people buy boxes of diabetic strips and suddenly they stopped working with the new meter. Now what they should do is sell unused diabetic strips. Yes, they can resell those and earn money on unused test strips. As long as the boxes are unopened, unexpired and are new, they are still useful and truly have still value. Please visit the links above on how you can learn to sell yours.

Alternative to Tobacco Smoking

Many people are struggling to quit smoking especially if they have been smoking for years. You cannot just quit that easy for your body years or longs for tobacco. What you do is, gradually change your smoking pattern like for instance you smoke a pack of cigarette a day, you will reduce the number of sticks at least two sticks every day until your body get adjusted to it. Then, if for some reason, you still want some more try to consider using e-cigarettes. It is a great alternative to tobacco smoking. You can buy your starter kit online or on the link provided here. You can also find great information on e-cigarettes on the same link as well as, different prices and flavors of these things.

The Advantages of Using Medical Alert Systems

 Thanks for the guest post. Author unknown.

A recent study conducted showed that seniors who have medical alert systems stay living independently for at least 5 years longer than someone who doesn’t wear a medical alert button. These seniors with med alert buttons are able to remain in their homes and retain active lifestyle. They are free from fear that they might fall and unable to get help. If a medical emergency happens, then it is important that they can get help within the first hour in order to avoid long term health problems.

On the other hand, seniors who don’t have medical alert systems have no means to get a quick help in case of an emergency. Emergency help is always available for your love ones with the use of these med alert buttons. There is always an emergency response team that monitors your folks that allow them to live a life free from fear and increase the quality of life. Moreover, this alert system has a positive effect on the mental and physical health and well-being of the seniors.

Lots of people believe that a nursing home or an assisted living facility is the only care option for seniors. Low cost assisted living facilities costs an average of $3,000 per month and the quality of care greatly varies. For families with limited income, this type of care for seniors can be a severe burden. Moreover, moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility can be very traumatic for seniors. Also, their health condition deteriorates quickly because they are inactive.

Moreover, the reduced mobility and fitness level of the seniors in a nursing home can lead to increase fear of falling and actual risk of injury. The best option to keep our seniors happy and active in their own home is to put up a push button alert system. With this system, seniors can stay in their own homes with added security, have peace of mind, and stay living actively.

An alarm system for medical emergency for the older people can protect them against various types of emergencies. These systems are monitored systems are connected to EMS personnel, local fire department and police stations. Hence, you will never alone in case of break in, fire, or medical emergencies.

The greatest advantage of medical alert systems is the security and peace of mind it gives to you and your love ones.

The medical alert device will make you feel secure knowing that your old folks always have access to help, and you can be notified instantly in case an unlikely incident happens.