DIY Shelving

It has been over two months since we moved in to our log home and we are not done moving all our stuff yet from the city house. Around this time some people may have completed decorating their house but not me. I am taking it slow as I am waiting for these two metal wall decors online to arrive.

I have done three DIY shelves so far on the wall in some parts of our house. Shelving is easy to install plus it is a space saver. You can choose to put up stuff on the shelf for decoration purposes at the same time use them when you need them.

My personal preference is display cute things which are functional. I don’t want clutter as well. I want to keep home decorating simple to give our home that cozy feel at the same time less boring. Pictures below are of the shelving I installed for my girls’ bathroom upstairs in the first photo, it is is also the first shelving I did.

There is not much space for cabinets up there and you know girls, they need to have a place to put their everyday things they use for school. So I labeled a tin can for their hairbrushes, separate basket for hair ties and etc.

The second photo is of the shelf by the front door. It shows our patriotic side since my husband had served in the air force and his family was in the military.

Third is in our master bath over the toilet shelving. I thought it was cute for this unique little man in a barrel that I gifted my husband with ten years ago. He did not really like it so the girls got a hold of this toy and just tossed this man everywhere. Now it has found its resting place.

If you think this post interests you, please keep coming back to my blog as I will be posting more updates about my home decorating ideas here in the future.

…. my husband installed the brackets we bought from Hobby Lobby and I sanded and stained the wood to use for shelving that complemented the baseboards and trims of the bathroom.


…. I got this cute Texas brick from Mike’s he has a few and asked for two. Painted it with white, red and blue as a Texas flag looks. Then bought a rustic weighing scale clock from Tractor supply. Toppings I’ve had for years, the small pumpkins were bought. Pine cones are free I picked up from the backyard. The little patriotic bird house I bought for $1.20 at Dollar General just match perfectly for other things on the shelf. I am pleased with how it turns out.


… simple over the shelf decors in the master toilet, a pothos plant is good to absorb the stinks we make each time we do our business there.


Windows and Doors Installation

It is winter time and not very many people know that in order to save some money on energy bills is to have new windows and doors installed. Doors like hampton doors are great to keep the cold out. We are one of those that are still using the antiquated windows and doors of our house. I get closed to the windows or the door especially the back door, I could feel the cold air coming in because of the huge gap between the door and the door jam. Definitely needs sealing or a new door, that is.

Garden Focal Point

We went out of town last weekend and I loved it even though the long drive is so tiring. We went to this place where there was a big fountain in front of the building. It was so nice and birds would come to the fountain and drink water from it. Having waterfall fountains in front of our garden makes it look beautiful , fountains truly soothe us and they are the focal point of the garden . I only see very few houses in this neighborhood have fountains in their yard or garden, I wonder why?

Cushions For Our Dining Chairs

I am tired of picking up those thick padding of our chairs in the kitchen. Both of our girls keep taking them off the chair and every time I go to the kitchen, I see the cushions and padding on the floor so I have to do the same thing over and over again. We are in a cushion for chair real bad. I need at least five of them soon. I may ask to the husband if I can shop cushions online so our dining chairs will a little better than what they are right now.

Upgrade To Energy Efficient Lighting

Months ago we switched energy company from Atmos to Reliant for one reason, we chose the company that is a bit cheaper. Also we had our roof done using a white metal material as white is known to effectively reflect heat, we had our attic foamed and completely replaced our A/C system into a new one. Hopefully we will be able to see the effect of these major jobs done in our house in order to save money for our energy bill. We expect those jobs will pay us back in ten years time.

Aside from making improvements to our house that could positively impact our bill, we are also slowly changing all of our lighting into energy efficient lighting. In some rooms or areas of the house there are still incandescent and old technology lighting which we don’t use. Anyhow, LED products are such a great idea to be using in residential and commercial areas for energy efficiency purposes.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Attic and wall insulation is the topic me and my husband have been talking about lately. He decided to have our attic and possibly wall insulated before having an A/C guy to come over and replace our antiquated A/C unit. He said it makes sense because once the new unit is here we will never wonder why the electricity bill hasn’t come down and it also makes the new A/C system efficient especially the peak season of Summer. Talking about attic foaming and such, he also tackled about ICF or insulated concrete forms for our walls. I told him, whatever it is you want as long as you have a budget, I will not oppose to it. Just go ahead with whatever decision you make because I know, someday we will make profit of our house once we sell it. This is also to increase the value of our house.

I remember him searching on the internet one time and he came across this company called Durisol insulated concrete forms. They are the original insulated concrete forms -ICF system. They have been on the business since 1945 and they are the only company that manufacture the reinforced insulated concrete forms that do not use foam or polystyrene and instead, use Durisol – a proprietary wood concrete material (cement bonded wood fiber).

Careful With The Wall

If there is one person I know in this world that takes good care of all his stuff is my husband. Even the smallest and oldest thing he has, he’d take care of it. How much more when it comes to his house? When we do something in this house especially the walls, he’d make it sure he doesn’t create further damage to the wall. He would use proper drywall anchors so to careful bore holes on the walls. Although we can cure holes but it would be different if we can limit the damage on to the wall.

Giving Your Kitchen A New Look

Have you ever thought or are you thinking of redesigning or giving your kitchen a new look? A new kitchen inspires the cook of the house to do more than just rather cooking the usual recipe that your family usually eat. Say goodbye to the old fashion, dark and stained counter tops and backsplash by giving them a whole new look. You have an option to change your back splash into either a mosaic tile by or glass tiles from It is your choice which one should you go and I tell you, they will create a tremendous change in your kitchen or give your kitchen a phenomenal modern conversation piece when finished.

At Eden Mosaic tile, you can find several options. They are the premiere retailer of specialty metal and glass mosaic tile. They also offer the following; metal tile, stainless steel tile, copper tile, aluminum tile and glass tile in a handful of finishes and colors. Unique glass and stone mixed mosaic tiles that really bring out a new level of texture are also available at Eden Mosaic tile.

My Husband’s Wish Is To Have A Workshop

I know how my husband feels right now, he is a bit impatient and disappointed. He is anticipating to having what he call a “workshop” where he can do his manly hobby in a comfortable place. Besides having a workshop, this building that he plans to have would also be our storage unit for some stuff. But things are sort of “put off” right now because of this major project that we haven’t done yet. Budget is not an issue here instead it is the roofer himself that is incompetent.

Back to the workshop, the husband is a picky man. If he wants something, he would make it sure what he is going to have in the backyard will be strong and could last forever. That is why he looked for metal buildings on the internet for it is the only material that he likes. He doesn’t want to spend something but then years later he has to fix it or something.

No Basements In Texas

I do have a lot of friends living in other states. I do have circle of friends too and sometimes we talk about home renovation or home remodeling and we even talk about basements. We asked ourselves why houses in Texas have no basements at all. Unlike in other states, it would be unusual for a house without one.
I asked some of my friends who live in Iowa and other neighboring states if they do have basements, they all said yes. In fact, there is this friend who just had their basement installed with a basement floor tile for they were tired of their old ancient basement laminate floor.