Vinyl Siding NJ

We couldn’t be more happier than having our own house to live with big yards. It is not a newly constructed house yet the foundation was built strongly so after a decade of facing difficult calamities, the house still standing strong and really no problems with foundation itself. Its walls are yellow colored brick. Somehow we wished we had a vinyl siding because we thought it looked pretty. But hey, I shouldn’t complain nor say anything that criticizes the house for it’s been our shelter for almost two years providing us roof from the rain and comfort during cold Winter months.
I am just saying vinyl siding on a house would look better and prettier. Houses I have seen on the website of are gorgeous. So if you are out there wanting to have your walls upgraded and living in the New Jersey area, please visit or consider vinyl siding NJ to be the company to do all the siding job for your home. Promise you will love their work. They have been on the business for many years and have been committed and dedicated to providing quality workmanship and customer satisfaction that ranked them among the very best. Plus they have an outstanding reputation with more than 30 years of hands-on experience in Manufacturing, Construction, Sales and Customer Service to form what has proven to be New Jersey and New York’s # 1 choice for sunrooms,
windows, and siding.

No Ash To Clean

I see most houses old and new are built with fireplace in them. I see not all people are using their fireplace during Winter and I can only understand why. Fireplaces can sometimes be a mess, why? Because if you light it up of course the logs are burning and produce smoke and ash. Cleaning up the ash is such a trouble so they would rather be using their heater than enjoy the heat that their fireplace can give. There is a great alternative to that, an electric fireplace mantel can be beautiful center piece in your living at the same time it replaces the real fire place by simply plugging it in, sit back and enjoy the electric fireplace. It has become very popular nowadays because of their imitation look of masonry fireplaces.

A Remodeled Kitchen

One thing that makes me very excited right now even if this isn’t happening yet is to look forward to having our kitchen remodeled. I am pretty sure that it is going to be the best place in the house I want to stay for a long period of time and perhaps makes me a better cook? Funny! We already have an idea or a plan how is it going to look like after the big job is done. We will have new refaced cabinets in lighter color, new counter tops, quieter and easy to pull out drawers, new kitchen appliances and etc. And of course I will also put a new Kitchen Curtains on the big glass window in the dining area where is just connected to the kitchen to make it even more prettier. Besides, kitchen curtains help keeping the heat of the sun out of the house.
Hopefully this can be done in a week or two. I really hope so! Oh somebody’s hear our little prayers! We already have a contract signed, all we need is the budget so cabinet people can start right away. Once we will have the money (which I’m positive can be here sometime next week) we will contact cabinetfacers and have them transformed our old fashion kitchen.

A Must For Relaxation

If you have a huge beautiful and nicely kept garden to relax and unwind then you are lucky. A beautiful yard or garden is such a great escape for someone who is stressed at work to have quiet and peace in mind. An Adirondack chair can be a good accessory to purchase and use it while sitting down until the sunset in your own backyard. If you are looking for real high quality construction of Adirondack chairs, please click on the link above. There you can choose tons of colors, sizes and prices that suit your budget. Hurry now while these chairs are on sale so you can get a massive discounts if you buy several of those.

What Catches My Attention

When I go to a house or an establishment where I can have all the time to see all the beautiful things inside of that place, the very first that could catch my attention is the modern furniture. Like for instance, when we went to check in at one of the Air Force Village’s guest rooms, the moment I entered the door, I saw this neatly arranged dining table just adjacent to the small bar they have. When I went to the bedroom, there it was a nice contemporary bedroom with all the matching bedding and bed skirting in blue just wowed me. I am not into furniture but I can appreciate fine furniture if I see one.

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I guess we need some proper lighting in our living room too for this particular area here is just so dark at all times. We haven’t gotten to finishing our painting job in this house that is why we still have these dark walls inside the house.

Bath Vanity

I came in a nice and orderly home including the bathrooms, almost no clutter. The husband has been busy fixing stuff at home. He even fixed the holes on the wall of Jadyn’s bath, sealed the gaps between floors and floorboards, put back switches and so on. What a nice life to come home to a comfortable home where everything is within reach. But with all the comfort we have, there still one thing I wish we have, a bath vanity. Although we have bathroom cabinets but I do feel we need a vanity to put stuff on to make them accessible all the time or everytime we use the bathroom.

Several Bathrooms

The advantage of having two or more bathrooms in the house is that you don’t have to wait for somebody to get done using the bathroom when you feel like using it because since you have a spare bathroom, you can just get in there and relieve yourself. I have experienced several times from the past, I had to wait for my husband taking a shower while I was suffering, holding the call of nature for too long didn’t feel good.
Now that we moved in to our own house and we have three bathrooms to use, I am comfortable. We are done doing the two bathrooms, the master bath and Jadyn’s bathroom are repainted, toilet bowls replaced, new flooring is on and most of all we made it like new. The third bathroom is yet to be fixed. To do that, I need to browse at so I can get ideas on what to do with the third one. It should be nice and neat since it is going to be our guest’s bathroom in the future.

New Bed For Baby Girl

If I were to buy a new bed for our Princess Baden, I’d like to buy something that we don’t need to change in a couple of years. I want to look at adjustable beds online and see if I can find that very bed I would like to put in her bedroom. I also want something that I could use comfortably when the second baby is here because for sure I am going to be sleeping in a separate bedroom far from my husband because I don’t whant to cause him sleepless night and that can only be done by sleeping in Baden’s bedroom. Of course the older girl wants to sleep beside me so a queen size adjustable bed would be a perfect bed for three of us.

Concrete And Fences Are Up

These are the finished work here, the first picture is the side fence facing to the road, they put new panels there just because they have to make gate door..

..above is the fence that divides us from the neighbor, we call it as privacy fence…
..right here are paved pathway..above photo is where the back porch is gonna be built…

….back of the we’re comfy walking here…