Buffalo Plaid Theme Bedroom

Buffalo Plaid is so popular this year during the Holiday Season. Whether it be long sleeves for adults, baby outfit, gift wrappers, home decor and a whole lot more. I also have this style in our bedroom. Much bigger item than anybody else’s because we got this in our bedroom as a bedding!

I bought this set at Macy’s 2 years ago. Long before I discovered “country” style. How lucky of me to have bought it in flannel and can be used during cold Christmas season. So, here it is sharing you all our bedroom.

I have been wanting to buy that red truck decor or ornament but it is kind of expensive so I just settled for a throw blanket for now which is only $8 from Ross. I am happy because it is useful, so soft and comfortable of a blanket.


Log Home Christmas Decoration 2017

This is going to be our first Christmas in our log home this year. We are in the country and farmhouse decors will be appropriate. However, I got tons of Christmas decorations, some of them are still new in original packaging unopened. I would like to enjoy using them first before ditching them and be replaced with anything country or farmhouse.

Here are some of the decors we’ve done in the house so far. I am not done decorating yet, I still got the dining area to do, table set up and such. I like how the lights and decors bring so much warmth and set our mood to feel the spirit of Christmas.

This year’s color will be green, red and gold. The staircase railing is also decorated as you can see in the picture below, it is my first time to decorate such a thing you know? The girls are thrilled now that we have two of our trees up. They so look forward for the presents to appear under our big tree in the living room.






My Fall Decoration

I love to decorate especially in our new house. My husband once asked me why I wasn’t so keen on decorating our house in the city before. Well, simply because, it needs home improvement and a lot of things need to be done inside and if I decorate, I don’t want my job to be disturbed or moved just because he wants to fix something where my decors are. So for 7+ of living in our other house, all I could do was hang frames on the walls and a little touch of seasonal decors.

Here in the country, I bought quite a lot of decors. I want it to be homey and beautiful but not overwhelmingly decorated inside and outside. Here’s a few pictures of my Fall set up in the front porch.

You see, you don’t live in the country unless you have that wagon wheel, hay bales, rustic milk can and windmill decor.

… you know it’s Fall when mums starting to come out and give beautiful blooms of any color…

…. my table center piece, pumpkin tea set and acorn metal basket I’ve had for 3 years, I bought it from Goodwill in Fort Worth. Pine cones were gathered from the backyard.

…. scare crows from the last two years of having them as well as plug-in jack-0-lanterns.

DIY Shelving

It has been over two months since we moved in to our log home and we are not done moving all our stuff yet from the city house. Around this time some people may have completed decorating their house but not me. I am taking it slow as I am waiting for these two metal wall decors online to arrive.

I have done three DIY shelves so far on the wall in some parts of our house. Shelving is easy to install plus it is a space saver. You can choose to put up stuff on the shelf for decoration purposes at the same time use them when you need them.

My personal preference is display cute things which are functional. I don’t want clutter as well. I want to keep home decorating simple to give our home that cozy feel at the same time less boring. Pictures below are of the shelving I installed for my girls’ bathroom upstairs in the first photo, it is is also the first shelving I did.

There is not much space for cabinets up there and you know girls, they need to have a place to put their everyday things they use for school. So I labeled a tin can for their hairbrushes, separate basket for hair ties and etc.

The second photo is of the shelf by the front door. It shows our patriotic side since my husband had served in the air force and his family was in the military.

Third is in our master bath over the toilet shelving. I thought it was cute for this unique little man in a barrel that I gifted my husband with ten years ago. He did not really like it so the girls got a hold of this toy and just tossed this man everywhere. Now it has found its resting place.

If you think this post interests you, please keep coming back to my blog as I will be posting more updates about my home decorating ideas here in the future.

…. my husband installed the brackets we bought from Hobby Lobby and I sanded and stained the wood to use for shelving that complemented the baseboards and trims of the bathroom.


…. I got this cute Texas brick from Mike’s he has a few and asked for two. Painted it with white, red and blue as a Texas flag looks. Then bought a rustic weighing scale clock from Tractor supply. Toppings I’ve had for years, the small pumpkins were bought. Pine cones are free I picked up from the backyard. The little patriotic bird house I bought for $1.20 at Dollar General just match perfectly for other things on the shelf. I am pleased with how it turns out.


… simple over the shelf decors in the master toilet, a pothos plant is good to absorb the stinks we make each time we do our business there.


Trail to Go Biking

Aside from a quiet location of our property, we are also pleased to know that there is a trail located just right in front of our property stretching as 20 miles East and West. That is a lot of land to go riding a bicycle in any direction you want to go.

I have done 4.5 miles bike ride so far and plan on going longer rides as days to come. I ride my bike in the mornings while the temperatures are cool but cool enough to make me comfortable at the same time basking in the sun to make sweat.

It is with great pleasure using this public trail, I love it. It enables me to enjoy the outdoors at the same time getting my leg exercise. Such a great way to admire the wooded and shaded part of this little town too. Just let yourself loose on foot or on the bike and be thankful for God’s wonderful gift of life.


Windows and Doors Installation

It is winter time and not very many people know that in order to save some money on energy bills is to have new windows and doors installed. Doors like hampton doors are great to keep the cold out. We are one of those that are still using the antiquated windows and doors of our house. I get closed to the windows or the door especially the back door, I could feel the cold air coming in because of the huge gap between the door and the door jam. Definitely needs sealing or a new door, that is.

Finding the Right Dust Ruffle for Your Child’s Bed

Whether your children sleep in a twin size beds, full size beds or toddler beds, dust ruffles can serve both aesthetic and practical functions in the bedroom. It certainly can add a more unified look to a bedding ensemble, of course, but it also helps prevents dust from collecting under your child’s bed. A dust ruffle can neatly conceal the clutter that tends to accumulate under the bed, as well as those items that have been neatly packed for storage under the bed.


Many bedding ensembles offer coordinating dust ruffles, either as part of the same package as the ensemble or as an accessory that you can choose to purchase. Many bedding manufacturers offer bedskirts in classic patterns and trendy solid colors. You or your child can select one that matches one of the colors in the comforter or the pillowcases. Make sure to check the package to confirm that it is the proper size for your child’s bed; a dust ruffle designed for a twin bed would be far too large for toddler sized beds. Measure the distance between the bottom of the mattress and the floor, and make sure that the “drop” on the dust ruffle is no longer than this distance.


Another thing to consider when shopping for a new dust ruffle for your child’s bedroom is the pleating. A finely-gathered and pleated dust ruffle, especially in a pink or pastel hue, may look more suitable in a feminine bedroom. The smoother look of a tailored bedskirt can suit either a girl’s or boy’s room. Selecting from the wide variety of dust ruffles available does not need to be a chore; just make sure that the one you choose is the right size for the bed and a color that coordinates with the bedding.

Garden Focal Point

We went out of town last weekend and I loved it even though the long drive is so tiring. We went to this place where there was a big fountain in front of the building. It was so nice and birds would come to the fountain and drink water from it. Having waterfall fountains in front of our garden makes it look beautiful , fountains truly soothe us and they are the focal point of the garden . I only see very few houses in this neighborhood have fountains in their yard or garden, I wonder why?

Cushions For Our Dining Chairs

I am tired of picking up those thick padding of our chairs in the kitchen. Both of our girls keep taking them off the chair and every time I go to the kitchen, I see the cushions and padding on the floor so I have to do the same thing over and over again. We are in a cushion for chair real bad. I need at least five of them soon. I may ask to the husband if I can shop cushions online so our dining chairs will a little better than what they are right now.

Upgrade To Energy Efficient Lighting

Months ago we switched energy company from Atmos to Reliant for one reason, we chose the company that is a bit cheaper. Also we had our roof done using a white metal material as white is known to effectively reflect heat, we had our attic foamed and completely replaced our A/C system into a new one. Hopefully we will be able to see the effect of these major jobs done in our house in order to save money for our energy bill. We expect those jobs will pay us back in ten years time.

Aside from making improvements to our house that could positively impact our bill, we are also slowly changing all of our lighting into energy efficient lighting. In some rooms or areas of the house there are still incandescent and old technology lighting which we don’t use. Anyhow, LED products are such a great idea to be using in residential and commercial areas for energy efficiency purposes.