Found a New Job

There is nothing really interesting about this post today. It’s just that I feel the need to chronicle it simply because it is part of my endeavor here in America. I’ve been applying jobs online and in person for over a month, as you all know, we live in a small town so jobs around here are scarce.

After a month I applied in a nursing home, finally I got a job from there that isn’t really what I’m looking for but it is good for now while awaiting for our flight to the Philippines. It is better than not having anything at all.

So, I had started on Valentine’s Day in my scrubs. I now work in housekeeping/laundry department. I have done my 3 days training and will do another three days in laundry. From there, I shall wait for them to report for work since this position is PRN ( pro re nata) or as needed or as the situation arises. In short, when somebody calls in, they’ll call me to work.

While it is good to be PRN for now, I think it shouldn’t be hard on them to grant me a month-long vacation off when the right time comes. Hope so.

Myself in selfie on my first day of work wearing a scrub suit. Enjoy!


Job Seeker Blues

Six months since we moved here in the country and I just now feel bored at home especially when the girls are in school and my husband is in the city. Those days when I left alone in this kind of weather just makes me crazy. I now decided to look for a job. Submitted applications both online and in person, ten days have passed still not a single call.

I don’t like this feeling, I feel awful not having something to do, something useful. I feel stuck in the house although I got my exercise machine but I don’t have the motivation to climb on it.

I call this feeling “job seeker blues”, because I really want to have an income but nothing seems responding to my applications, not even Walmart or that small nursing and rehab center in town.

I am anxious to go to work that will fit with my girls’ schedule. Oh Lord, give me that one call that can potentially change my life.

I looked back at my personal handwritten journal 2 years ago, it is inspiring. August ’16 I hoped I could get a job in December ’16 but guess what? I found a job in a hospital earlier than I hoped for. Less than a month I wrote that entry, I started working as a hostess in a hospital in Clearfork, my exact dream to work in the kitchen in a hospital setting. God is awesome! He heard me!

I wish it will be the same these days too.

Days have passed I am still waiting… for that one important call because they need my service for their company. Lord, grant my wish. I know you hear me and you’re listening.

Accounting Jobs On The Internet

I am not sure why I a lot of people couldn’t get an employment while it is often advertised on t.v especially on the news that certain companies are hiring. There are also a lot of companies looking to hire people from different areas/department including accounting jobs. Could it be that they don’t submit impressive resume or something?

If you should visit the link above, you will see not only this agency are open for accounting applicants but also in sales, marketing, legal, it, executive and administrative supports, human resources, finance, advertising and many others. Please do visit now if you are interested working in any of those mentioned department.

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Check Out Sales Job On The Internet

Since the downfall of the economy, many lost their jobs and still many are getting laid off up to these days. Others have been looking for jobs for several months or worse for over a year. It takes a matter of pride before one can accept the possible job they can find, from the highest position with good salary down to just being an ordinary employee with average or minimum pay. If one has a good communication or PR or public relation skill then he can probably look for sales jobs in his area or on the internet just to get by while waiting for that very job he wanted to apply that he is qualified for.

Construction Jobs

If only Philippines and the U.S are close to each other so unemployed Filipinos could just get construction jobs in the land of milk and honey. Mexico is one lucky country but their people seem taking advantage of the location of the two countries for they just jump in borders just to get to the U.S. Poor Filipinos they somehow wish they could at least take a glimpse or experience how it is working in the most powerful country in the world. During my short visit to my grandmother’s place, one of my childhood friends talked to me of his wishes getting a job in the U.S even just working as a construction employee. I feel him, he sounded so desperate in getting a job.

Healthcare IT Jobs

One can join the healthcare team by switching careers, working in healthcare it jobs for example is such a great idea to do. Aside from doing what you love to do, you can also be earning a fair amount of money, enough to sustain your needs. If you are looking forward to working in a healthcare industry, you might be interested in visiting the website or the url given in this entry. Who knows a nicer position is awaiting for you. Visit the site now and check out their latest job postings. Good luck and may you find that dream job you have been looking for.

Picking Up

They say that the economy is slowly picking up? Why everytime I turn on the t.v to watch news there is still a scarcity of employment? There are still people left jobless in North Texas alone. In my part, if I have a degree and was hit by recession, I would try very hard to look for another one even if it means working part-time in the meantime. Then while working, I would also look for career opportunities online for I know there are several agencies or websites out there that show work vacancies for qualified candidates.

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Keeping Everyone Safe

So many crimes happening every where even at workplaces. One time I saw this on t.v about an episode showing how teenagers being harassed and abused by their own supervisors. And if they refuse their wants, they threaten the girls so poor are the girls, they have nowhere to go and so afraid to tell what is truly going on at their work. If only companies get a thorough employment screening or background check before they will hire someone to protect their young workers, there could have been no problem at all.

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web testing

In my three years in paid blogging I have made quite a fair amount of money where I am being paid to give honest reviews, opinions on products that I like. Two years ago, the tremendous amount I made on the internet had helped me a lot achieved all my plans including a trip to the Philippines all at my blogging expense. What a great opportunity to have discovered this kind of sideline job. As a full time mommy this is such a great help to me since I don’t drive, I can’t work as of yet but I have something to do online and make some money. After the economic crisis hit globally my blogging has also affected.

Therefore, I am looking for another possible way to make money. Gladly I discovered web testing this morning and this could be another possible job for me to do. How does this work? Web testing is run by Acobay website in which web users sell and webmasters buy bug reports. It is simple and easy to use. You can register and start improving your websites or earning bug dollars in just a few minutes.

When you become a member here are the things that you can do, just do the bugs reporting you find on the internet and sell them! Voila! You make money while you work from home, work while surfing and most of all make money by reporting bugs. How is that for a job huh?

What I Need Soon

I feel somehow slightly envious of some people who work. Yes, I do have paid blogging as my sideline while staying at home but at times I couldn’t help thinking that it is not enough. What I need to get soon is an employment not just to make money but also to keep myself occupied during the day. I don’t need to work full time, a part time job will do when my husband is off work. I guess I just have to open this thing up to him sometime and see if he allows me to get a part time job this time. Several times I attempted telling him that I want to work but there is only one thing he kept telling me that he did not marry me to make money! Argggsss! That is obviously relays that he never want me to work.

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