13 Years Anniversary

Being married to my husband is such a blessing and I am pretty proud to say, life has been good with him. My marriage and my own family are the biggest blessing I ever received in my entire life. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life right now and praying that we will still be together until our last breath.

Thirteen years with him, we have two kids, moved to three different houses and a small dog. Typical American family but we are one of those that still share or eat dinner together. Though there were days when schedules got hectic and we didn’t get to sit together at the table but once the normality of life got back, everything was normal again.

Here’s to our 13th anniversary. We actually just dined out last night, a post celebration because my husband had suffered gout the past days so we couldn’t go out. Nothing fancy, no expensive gifts or whatsoever. I am just thankful I have these beautiful people with me in this journey we call life.


Myself Then and Now

I am glad I brought some old pictures with me when I moved here in America so I can compare how I looked then and now. First photo below was a studio shot of me in the Philippines when I was only 17 years old, weighing just 86 pounds. The main purpose of this photo was to send out to different pen pal agencies along with my biography in the hopes of finding friends and possibly a husband to correspond with overseas.

 photo 17_zpsolftagri.jpg

Fast forward 16 years later, 2016. I am now 33. Living in America, have my own family, happier and has fewer worries in life. I gained 13 pounds since then, after having two kids and being married for almost 12 years! I can say, I am much wiser now, very different and have learned a lot about life.

If I compare myself then and now, I have changed tremendously by the way I view life, friendship, family and politics-wise. Yet, I am still the same person since I was born, conservative!

 photo 33_zpsxawljdex.jpg

I’m Worn Out

Mr.Sun was out at  last. For days we had such gloomy, wet and freezing temperatures here. When our days are like that, I don’t want to do anything in the house. My chores were left behind especially sweeping off the dust and crumbs on the rugs and floor. I kept delaying them because we don’t have enough lighting in the living room and there is no sense cleaning the floor in the dark.

Today, I finally was able to do all that and now our house is straight and clean. I started at 10 in the morning by cleaning the two bathrooms. Doing those took me at least 45 minutes or more then didn’t waste a second proceeded to dusting off the furniture, picking up small pieces of toys off the floor, cleaning the couch, vacuuming the rugs, sweeping the living room and kitchen floors and the hardest job ever is mopping the entire floor that makes me catch my breath which I had to do last. I worked least 5 hours doing my chores!

Huh, life of a housewife. It is 8:19 in the evening as of this writing and I feel like going to bed already. I am so worn out. There are a few dishes waiting in the sink for me but heck, I am not doing any more chores for tonight. I am done!

I Am so Exhausted

I don’t feel like doing anything today. I didn’t even care preparing Jadyn to school or packing her lunch. She made me mad and told her to take care of herself for I am not in the mood doing things for her this morning. I am so exhausted, all I want to do is rest, sleep all day, eat and rest again to gain my energy back I lost during the whole week of driving back and forth to school and to the stores almost everyday.

I feel like I have no help around here which is obviously I don’t have any. Sometimes I want to give up because I feel like I am overwhelmed of the tasks I am obliged to do in my life right now. If only I can rest for one week, hopefully I can…. since Jadyn has no school next week for Thanksgiving break.

My Everyday Routine

Everybody knows I am a busy mom to two girls. I got even more busier when my first born started schooling last late Summer. Everyday my routine would be, waking up early to prepare breakfast and lunch for the student, getting the kids ready to go out, drive to school, visit CVS pharmacy almost everyday for deals, do grocery shopping, come home, do my online stuff this include blogging, Facebooking and selling some of my stuff then four hours later go back to school and pick up the student. I can only rest at night when it’s bed time. And on weekends, I do my household chores and rarely do some fun things like going to the mall.

That is pretty much my life here in case you are wondering how Anne is doing. I am glad you passed by here and read this because I would really want to keep in touch with you even just through my blogs, lol.

Headache Is Gone Because Of The Good News

What an amazing morning I have, thank You, Lord!!! My day started out so busy. Life as a mother and blogger is like juggling tasks everyday both online and offline. Wow that makes me a superwoman as I always say. I’ve been so blessed with plenty of online tasks to do. I was kind of confused this morning how am I gonna ever finish them all today? I had a baby with me that is so squirmy plus a headache!

Gladly, she went to bed and been sleeping for an hour now. I am taking my time to really finish these tasks before I get drowsy for I took a headache pill earlier. My headache is gone now because of the good news I received in my personal e-mail. An e-mail saying my blog has been approved and that this new paid blogging site is welcoming me to their network! Awesome! New blogging network means additional future moolah for me? Hope so, Lord!

Too Much Computer?

At long last my husband finally said the words and those words are “too much computer”. So he noticed I’ve been spending so much time on my laptop eh? He doesn’t understand a thing what I am doing. We were getting ready to bed when I brought my laptop here in my girl’s bedroom to do my pending online tasks. I left it on the carpet for a while and he saw it, he returned it to my desk in the living room. I came back and asked where did my computer go?

He thought that it was Jadyn who brought it here. I told him I want to use the computer some more because there are still a lot of things I need to do that I can’t do during the day because of too many distractions and disturbances, that is when he uttered those magic words!, “you’re using too much computer, it’s time to sleep!”  What can he do? My blogs are part of me and I am only working this hard these past few days because I want them to be safe, beautiful and updated. Once I am done with all these, my time will be just to focus with my kids and married life of course and house hold chores…

No Enough Time

I’m a full-time mom and wife as you may all know. I got two kids to take care of. They are my main reason why I choose to stay at home rather than working outside. I do have my “sideline” though and I am happy having my blogs which serve as my online diary at the same time make money from them.

Lately I have been so busy taking care of my blogs. I’ve been working on them for days now and I am still not done yet. I got too many things to do online and in my offline world yet too little time. I’ve never felt so stressed like this before. Honestly, I missed those “boring times” I have had in the past. It would be a great relief once I get my normal schedule back.

While writing this entry at this moment, my eyes feel like they are ready to fall off. I can’t go to bed yet because I still have three tasks need to finish tonight. Geezzz baby Megan is still awake, she’s right here beside me giggly and making baby noise. For some reason, this baby stays up with me tonight….


Quite a productive day I have today. Although I am very sleepy I try not to be defeated with it. Earlier this morning I have written at least six opportunities and a few personal entries in my blogs. I have also fed me and my girls, bathed Megan and put her to sleep. Right after she slumber, I went on to do the dusting the furniture in our bedroom as well as the study room, cleaned two sinks in the master bedroom, cleaned the master bathroom as well. I planned of vacuuming two bedrooms and the hallway today but after doing the bathroom, I realized I need to rest so here I am tapping back in my computer..resting for me is finishing off my opportunities… after this I would want to take a nap, hopefully the baby still be sleeping by then.

One Productive Day

I felt so bored this morning that I didn’t want to do anything else including writing my tasks. I just set them aside for I cannot force my brain to work when I am not in the mood. What I did was got up from the computer and turned my attention to some of the chores that I’d been meaning to do. I couldn’t get around to them the past few days so today I tried to force myself to get them over with.
I vacuumed the study and tidy up Jadyn’s bedrooom, vacuumed the hallway as well, cleaned Jadyn’s bathroom sink and swept the floor and then went to take a shower. I felt relieved and glad that I’ve done something worthwhile today. Those are the chores I kept putting on hold due to the fact that I don’t have enough energy to do chores these days. I still have not been sleeping so good at night, that is why. Now I am just waiting for my baby girl to wake up, feed her and take a nap once she is back to sleeping again.