Another Dream Came True

Eleven years ago I had this short essay written for my English subject titled “What Will I be Ten Years From Now” and becoming a wife and mother was what I wanted to become. Early on I knew what I wanted in life and as years passed by I became more determined to achieve that very goal I had, marrying a foreigner, having my own family,living in America and have two kids.  I scored 98 out of 100 for that not to be conceited. Too bad I lost the paper, I should have kept it!
I met my husband then my dream has come true, he gave me a beautiful girl, give me that American dream life I dreamed and just four days ago another beautiful girl is born, Megan. All these things used to be just a dream and now it came true and fulfilled. I can’t ask for more except seeing my kids grow and marriage to prosper! Thank God for all the goodness/blessings He showered me. 

Starting My Chores Early

I have an energy to get my chores started early. I’ve already watered my potted plants in the front porch and just started my first load of laundry. Better start chores early so I can finish before nap time hits. After doing the bed sheets, a basket full of dirty clothes will follow. It is heaping full right now and I’m hoping I can finish my laundry in one day that of course including the folding process which for me is troublesome going through all the small pieces of clean clothes and socks. That is the dreaded part after washing but there is no one else who can do that other than me.
Aside the chores, I’ve already written at least two online tasks and one personal entry. Wow what a productive morning I have so far. If I don’t get too tired sitting on the computer, I might vacuum the study room… I shall see though if laziness won’t strike me later. Anyway, I got all the days I have to clean the entire carpeted floor so no rush.

My American Breakfast

What a nice life I have…instead I cook for the husband on his day off, he’s the one cooking for me… wow, how did I get so lucky? Lolz.. shameless me. While he works hard for the family, he cooks his own dinner everyday and on his day off he sometimes cooks my breakfast… this is what I had yesterday morning…. made by my husband and brought it here in my computer!

……. toast bread, fried eggs and melted cheese with pickle! yum!! but hey, this food did not last in my tummy very long.. at 4 o’clock I found myself eating plenty of food with rice again…nyaaaaahahaha..

Some Lazy Mornings

There were days when I woke up I felt so lazy and tired. I wouldn’t want to do anything but sit on my computer for an hour before my body can go back to normal. It would take me an hour or two to regain my strength and energy but by the time I feel okay that will be past lunch.
So what I do, in order for my Jadyn to eat her breakfast I would only give her the easiest and quickest fix, yogurt or cereal or peanut wheat bread with peanut butter and fruits like that shown in the picture. Not the typical breakfast we usually have but that is good enough to last until lunch.

Anniversary Dinner Date

As you all know we just celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary yesterday, October 16. We didn’t go out last night instead we had Mike- husband’s close buddy came over to join us for cook out. While the husband started the coals outside, me and Mike got to sit down and watched our wedding video on t.v. Seeing those young familiar faces of the people dear to me makes me wanna go home right away.
So that was how we celebrated our anniversary. Today, my husband took us out to dinner as post anniversary celebration. He treat me to have some crabs which I like hehehe…here’s few of the photos we took…

P.S To those friends and people who greeted us and wished us for more years of our marriage…thank you so much guys. I thank the Lord most of all for He blessed us with fruitful, blissful and wonderful marriage. I am so happy we are strong and in love with other…. I still feel that butterflies in the stomach everytime I look at my husband and still find him so attractive. Looking forward for more years of togetherness, love, one more kid and most of all more patience and understanding for us! Cheeersss!!

Guilty Conscience

I posted something on my FB wall about me not cooking my husband’s dinner for how long I don’t know and I received ample reactions from people on my list on that. Now I am guilty! While it’s true, do I have to shout it out to the world that I am of no use when it comes to taking care of my husband especially when he’s home tired from work? 
I don’t know how we started this set up. All I know is that all I could remember, one time when I was just a newbie here in Uncle Sam, I cooked him dinner and when he got home he didn’t eat it right away. He had waited for hours to pass before he could start munching on the food. That somehow disappointed me..from then on I never cooked him his dinner.
And besides, he loves grilling a lot. The thought of sitting outside and wait for the food to be done makes me lazy for I don’t wanna go through the hassles of lighting up the coals, wait for it to be ready before I could put the foods in the grill. Since he loves grilled food then he must do it himself. As a result, it is my husband cooking me my dinner instead of me serving my king! And take note, he cooks food even after a ten-hour work shift every other night!

Family Bonding

So nice of my husband for taking us out to the Botanic Garden today. We had a pretty calm walk at the garden today. We didn’t do anything except taking a nature walk with our baby which I appreciate so much for I know it feels good to breathe some fresh air, walking at the same bonding with both of them. Nothing is precious than having a good time with my family in a cooler day like today. Here are few of the pictures I took…

………. getting into the woods…

…..resting for a while by the pond with a fountain..Jadyn was leaking in this picture

………..husband and baby with the 200 year-old pecan tree

and myself and the baby by the pumpkins outside the conservatory

fat burner

Soon I don’t have to worry about having this slight fats in my belly for my husband and I both agreed to possibly have another baby. There will be no looking or searching for fat burner on the internet or if I do, I only do it for my friends who asked me for best fat burners that they can use. Poor people struggled so much trying to lose unwanted fats in their body. Back to having another baby, this is something major to think about but thanks to my husband, he is such a nice and easy man to deal with and agreed to me right away when I open up this issue to him last night. I am a few days on my birth control pills, after that I will start my journey to conceiving another blessing.

Quite Satisfied

I have done so much today when it comes to doing my household chores around here. At 5 o’clock I am almost done with my work except that laundry is still running and chicken soup for Jadyn is still cooking but all in all I am satisfied with what I have accomplished. I watered my plants in our front yard, I ironed all 6 pairs of pants of my husband, I put my baby to sleep, I swept the floor, did my dishes, I took a nap and most of all, I emptied my mind by doing all those so then I don’t have to keep thinking about those things when I am gonna have enough motivation to do things I ought to do since the past days.

The Magic Of Ordinary Days

This is how we look in ordinary days. We are one small happy family that finds great pleasure just being together as a family doing things around the house. As long as we are healthy and baby is happy, I am cool with it. I am the type of person that is easy to please, having my great family is big enough to celebrate life and thankful to God above. I don’t care if the world turns its back on me, as long as my family is with me then that is what matters to me most. Blessed and contented is me, indeed!

………. could not ask for more.. I have everything I ever wanted!!!