Late Upload Mother’s Day Celebration

When there is an occasion, we try to celebrate it simply and exclusively for our family. On Mother’s Day, as a tradition in our household, my husband took us out to a 45-minute drive away from home for dinner and for the children to enjoy bungee jump at the mall.

Rain Forest Cafe in Grapevine Mills Mall was the destination where I had my seafood combo, salmon and rice for the husband and chicken/shrimp nuggets for the girls. We do not require grand celebration in our household as long as the husband remembers me on days that pertain to appreciating the hard work I do for our family, that’s what matters to me. And I am happy with it.

What’s important is, we got to go out, everybody had fun and we bonded together as a whole family.

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Mother’s Day Bouquet of Flowers

Over ten years of our marriage, my husband still gives me flowers occasionally which I appreciate so much. It’s nice to know that he hasn’t forgotten me despite of his busy schedules at work combined with chores around the house every weekend. Our marriage is not perfect, there were times when I tend to feel that I am of no value to him but most number my days being married to him are┬ábeing happy, content, fulfilled and loved.

He knows I love flowers, I have two big flower beds in our front yard yet he bought me assorted flowers last Friday as an advanced present for last Sunday’s occasion. Not only I received flowers from my husband, my firstborn also made me a big Mother’s Day card in school and a few handmade ones she made at home expressing her love for mommy and that she is appreciative of the things I do for her and her sister.

Ah truly I feel blessed because of the only treasure I have in this world, my family!

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I was always resentful to my mother when I was in my young youth. I never got along with my mother for so many reasons. Although we lived in the same roof but I never became really close with my mother because she was too busy with my other siblings. I am the second child of six and my mother was an all-around homemaker trying to juggle between taking care of her kids and doing the chores and other responsibilities too as a parent while my father was out working hard to bring money into the family.

Even though I wasn’t the favorite kid in the family, my mother had always time to attend to school meetings since grade school until my high school days, during the important events of my life she was the one who was always there with me in my kindergarten, elementary, high school and college graduations to witness the accomplishments I made, she never failed to take good care of me when I was sick (though she forced me to eat something when I’m not feeling good, even if I so want to puke yet she forced me to have something in my stomach), she bought me things I needed, she bathed me, washed my clothes and made sure I had neat and clean clothes when going to school.

Mama, I know you can’t read this but somehow I am hoping you will. It pains me so much that we’ve not spent as much time as I wanted when I was still living with you but anyhow, deep in my heart, you filled that void in my heart for having a mother like you. I may have not told you ever before that I LOVE YOU, now is the time you know those words. I seldom say it to you because I am kind of shy uttering these to you but please know deep inside I really do and I care for you mother dear….and I appreciate all the good and bad things you have done to me… I never knew how it is to be mother until I became one myself… and being one isn’t easy. A mother always puts her child on top before anything else no matter what the circumstance is.

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