Officially 33

Another year is added to my existence here on earth. I am beyond blessed to be living and reach this age because there are a few of my batch mates in school who unfortunately did not make it to my age.

As usual, we celebrated our birthday by dining out at Red Lobster exclusively with family. Nothing fancy, nothing special except that I feel special because my husband took a day off today. He gave me flowers and a balloon yesterday. That alone make me feel pretty, haha.

I am thankful to the Lord above for giving me this opportunity to celebrate my 33rd birthday with people I love the most. I am healthy at this age and most of all, I have peace of mind. That’s a gift because not everyone in this world have that and having peace of mind is something that cannot be bought.

Anyway, I ordered the biggest plate of Red Lobsters’ “Lobster and Shrimp Summer Fest” menu. It’s my birthday so it’s a treat and I believe, I deserve it. Who does not? The food is scrumptious and yes, it’s huge that I couldn’t eat it all. Bringing home the leftover just give me another meal to enjoy my birthday food.

I saw the summer fest advertised on Facebook last night and I knew right then what I am gonna order today, so I did. We had some appetizer, main dish and a dessert which is a strawberry cheesecake. We all enjoyed the dinner and I feel blessed.

…. a reminder how I look at 33
 photo P1013784_zpsihz7nizc.jpg
… a treat for myself on my birthday. I love everything that’s in the plate. My kind of food to be exact.
 photo fb6295ef-11e8-40eb-b492-f180bc6eaf2c_zpsnv8s1vt7.jpg

…. cheesecake with strawberry, the only dessert that was ordered because everybody was too full for more food, except Jadyn…
 photo 5075e591-2faf-4552-a814-83f4ba1b607b_zpswe5sjxmv.jpg

A Birthday Suprise!

This is what greeted me this morning when I woke up and walked to my desk. Two dozens of roses, wow I am feeling special and loved by my better half! He is like courting me again because of these flowers!

After all these years of being together, he still the same guy I met almost 9 years ago! God, I am blessed, so blessed by You! Thank you for giving me a great life, a wonderful husband and most of all healthy super silly beautiful kids! My life is complete having You and them!

 photo f3pszydwxgd8mw8zfsqv5hch6xetagco_zps596f03e0.jpg

Celebrating My 28th Birthday

Dear God, thank You for giving me another year to live. I have been very blessed with so much love from my family, friends and a new blessing, our second baby! These I owe you a lot. I want nothing else but to be healthy all the time, having a good and safe delivery in August, for this family I have to remain intact and strong forever and most of all for us to be safe all the time. Amen.
As I’ve posted on Facebook wall, it is also our 7th engagement anniversary and my father in-law’s first death anniversary! Who would’ve thought that these two unforgettable moments (good and bad) would fall on my birthday? Each year as I celebrate my birthday, I also have to remember those two events happened on the same natal day of mine.

27 Years Old Now!!

Thank you so much oh my Lord for giving me another year of my life to live and see my wonderful family growing. This I owe You my good Creator! I cannot fathom how deep your love for me and to your people nor do I describe your wondrous gift you have given to me and to each one of us on Earth! I sincerely giving You my praise oh Lord for you are so good to me all year-round.

Another year old for me to celebrate life and yes, I love it although I will be three years far before I am out of the calendar, but the heck I care about it. I am settled down and I have a family of my own, so why worry anyway? Lolz. I wish I could offer or light a candle to the Heaven’s above as my way of showing how blessed and thankful I am to be this old.