Small New Year Feast and 12 Round Fruits

If you have been following this blog, you would know that it is our tradition to put 12 different kind of round fruits on the table every New Year. Round fruits to represent prosperity and abundance and to also hoping for more $ this year.

This is what I prepared for my family last night, just cooked rice noodles soup with chicken and baked chicken breasts and drumsticks for dinner, some round chocolates and a round oreo cake that my girls love. A small feast is enough for the four of us, nothing fancy… just small and simple and that’s it.

What I am praying and wishing for this year is for us to be always healthy, strong, intact/being together, always safe wherever we may go and most of all, worry-free for the rest of the year!

2016 has been so great for us, I would say!


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Round Fruits and Polka Dots Before 2015 Ends

Before this year ends, I would like to post my last entry for the year 2015 and I end it with my 13 kinds of round fruits and myself wearing polka dots all over. One of ┬átraditional Filipino beliefs, we collect 13 kinds of round fruits is for the next year to have abundant food on the table and polka dots clothing for money to come in. I know it is a total crap but I grew up believing it, there’ll be no harm done by doing them so I am doing what I am accustomed to do even here int he United States, I am bringing with me the Filipino myth and belief.

I have done this since I first arrived here in the US and there is no stopping each year, I think.

A short recap of how year 2015 has been for us. Well, I should say that is way better than the previous 4 years for we are completely out of debt. Thank God for that! The long hurdle and burden of the lawsuit we faced for 4 years is over six months ago. Although we did not get all the money we want but we got some. The stress and frustrations it had caused us were overwhelming so now we are glad we put that behind us.

Everybody in our family is healthy throughout the year, nothing shocking had happened, we bought our new ride and most of all, WE GOT PEACE OF MIND we so yearn to achieve. I could not ask for more, truly. We have no debts to pay, we are all healthy, good marriage, good kids, nice and dependable husband. I am pretty BLESSED!

I guess this would be all for this year. Until I can write again next year!

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I am Feeling the New Year Blues!

For seven years of living in this country, one thing is for sure that I can never get used to, is the feeling of being lonely during major Holidays like birthdays, Christmas and New Years! I have been battling this feeling for years, although I may not say it so often but it hit me big time whenever these Holidays come.

My husband and kids were born here so I am pretty much alone in this battle every year. They can never relate with me or understand me unless of course they were born in other countries. Things are so different here. You know the feeling when you have no family or friends around to celebrate it with? Nowhere to go, you wanted to go out but you don’t know where exactly you want to go? My social life is pretty much dead. Life in this country is sooooooo boring! This is not the life I grew up with. This is not how I am used to celebrating these occasions.

I wish my husband was outgoing so at least I can divert my attention and have fun once in a while, but no… he is just happy to stay in the house. I’m not.

I missed hanging out with my old friends, I missed my little brother and sister, I missed to just sit down and laugh with my friends and just be me! I am very jealous looking at those pictures shared on Facebook, the food they prepared for Noche Buena, the sincere smiles on their faces, the fireworks and all, they don’t have much there but they have all the joys painted on their faces as they celebrate Christmas and welcoming the New Year. What about me? Well, I just sat on a chair, on the computer, so lonely, feeling the New Year like an ordinary day! Sucks, ain’t it?

Last time I spent Christmas and New Year with my Filipino family was last 2010, it was unbelievable and I don’t know when I will be able to do that again… it was the last Christmas I have seen my father alive… I want to go home forever and never come back.

I have seen what America is like, I have experienced what life in America is so if I can go back to the Philippines for good, I’ll be happy. Only if I can have my own place, live a peaceful and convenient/comfortable life alone, away from the chaotic and crazy people (people who contribute nothing but trouble into my and mother’s mind)… then I’ll be happy living in the Philippines again…

Duh, just venting out exactly how I feel right now, ranting my New Year blues! It is not a good way to start my year I know but I am just being transparent of the way I feel… Being homesick is my greatest enemy in this country. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and girls, most of the time I am loving my days here, living life the way I pictured out 10 years ago but I can’t help feeling homesick around this time of the year!

Goodbye 2009 Welcome 2010

happy new year 2010 Pictures, Images and Photos

Looking back the year 2009 I certainly say it was an awesome one. I was able to fulfill all my goals for that year. Everything fell into places as planned and that thought alone makes me very thankful for the Lord above. Realizing the graces He bestowed us makes me feel loved and fortunate. A loving husband, beautiful and healthy child, nice family and friends around and a healthy marriage is what I got. I may not have all the things I want but at least I have everything I need and that’s what matters to me.

Although we’ve kind of having rough times financially at the end of this year but we are still blessed and doing good. Surviving, ika nga lolz! Oh one major thing that took place this year is that we were able to have our house back and it happened in our 5th anniversary, isn’t that the greatest??

My Family’s Beautiful New Year Celebration

…….it’s beautiful for me because we all enjoyed of what we just did 2 hours ago. We went to our favorite restaurant and had a simple dinner. I had red snapper fish with rice and my husband had 4 catfish fillets. My baby only shared my food and drink.

After the dinner, we proceeded to Hillcrest, it’s a neighborhood where rich people living in mansion residing. It’s pretty nice over there because they have their Christmas lights displayed in their yard. People from other places drive to their street and watch, witness the spectacular Christmas lights along the road.

So we were there and got out of the car, brought the baby outside and she was overwhelmed of what she saw! By watching the video I share in this blog, you can tell how happy and excited she was to see all the colorful and many many lights!

SO, that is all for our New Year celebration! We did have a fine nice day all three of us. How about yours? How did you spend your New Year?

I don’t know after uploading this video on youtube, it became so blurry while the original footage of it is as clear as rabbit’s eyes. You can also view a much clearer view of this video just go to my baby’s blog at Jadyn’s A Little Bit of Heaven.