Mother’s Day Bouquet of Flowers

Over ten years of our marriage, my husband still gives me flowers occasionally which I appreciate so much. It’s nice to know that he hasn’t forgotten me despite of his busy schedules at work combined with chores around the house every weekend. Our marriage is not perfect, there were times when I tend to feel that I am of no value to him but most number my days being married to him are being happy, content, fulfilled and loved.

He knows I love flowers, I have two big flower beds in our front yard yet he bought me assorted flowers last Friday as an advanced present for last Sunday’s occasion. Not only I received flowers from my husband, my firstborn also made me a big Mother’s Day card in school and a few handmade ones she made at home expressing her love for mommy and that she is appreciative of the things I do for her and her sister.

Ah truly I feel blessed because of the only treasure I have in this world, my family!

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Easter Dinner with the Neighbors

These are the pics during our Easter Sunday dinner with the neighbors from across the street. Thanks to them for we had somebody to eat dinner with during that special occasion when Christ has risen! We have no family in this country so, having them as our close neighbors serve as the closest friend we have.

The woman who lives across our house is 101 years old and it is such an honor to know her, she is such a beautiful person in spite of her age. Her daughter lives in Missouri but visits her three times a year. It was nice to at least sat on the table with them and talk a little bit.

I am glad they are there because our Easter would have been just as usual like ordinary days… Thanks to nice friends, they are a blessing!

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9 Years on the American Soil

Today marks the 9th year since I set foot on the American soil. I feel like I have accomplished a lot albeit I don’t have a career. I feel blessed more than ever that I am living in this great nation. This is my dream country to live in, build my family, be a wife, be a mother.

Yes, I have been living here that long now yet I have not tried getting or experiencing on how it is to go to work everyday. It is because, my main purpose of getting here is not to “work”. I am here to realize my dream of becoming a housewife and a mother to my children. Getting a job can wait. My family is my priority and the only reason why I am here.

Yes, the possibilities are endless. I can become whoever and whatever I want to become because, in America, anything is possible.

Well, I am not really jobless for I do have freelance works at home. I earn a little bit of money while sitting on my computer so for me, I am not that totally penniless, haha! My children won’t always be small, they will grow up and when the right time comes, I would surely be exploring the world and join the working force of America.

Anyways, I am just proud of myself I made it this far. Nine years of battling my greatest enemy, homesickness, that is! When I am attacked with homesickness, I would question myself “why am I here?” and then when I look at the two beautiful faces of my children, that somehow eases the feeling of loneliness I feel. Cheers to myself and looking forward to celebrating many more years in America!!


The Filipino-American Christmas Party 2014

Here’s a photo of me and my first born taken last Saturday at a neighbor’s house during a FIL-AM Christmas Party located just five blocks away from our house. It was a last minute invitation from one of our mutual friends and gladly I was available.

I only brought J with me, little M was too sick to come with us. It was nice to have attended the party, there were plenty of scrumptious food but the attendees were mostly Tagalog since the host of the party are Tagalog. There were just three of us who speak Bisaya. I didn’t talk much around them instead I was the listener most of the time. Most of the visitors I haven’t met before and didn’t want to talk about either so just stayed quiet the entire time, or if I did talk, just a bit.

You know I am in my most comfortable self when I am with people I know/have met before or with fellow Bisaya.

After the feast, we had an exchange gifts.  Second photo shown below is what my first born got, a party serving set. I am happy of what she got, this is very useful during a small gathering or any occasion that requires me to display small servings on the table for my family to enjoy.

I didn’t expect that we can bring home this beautiful set for I didn’t put a prettier stuff for our gift. But anyway, what’s inside the box don’t matter much, what counts is we got to join the activity and got to meet new people.

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My Husband Turned 58

My husband turned 58 two days ago. We had a very simple celebration with our kids of course. He told me that he cancelled his birthday, how can that be? I baked a small chocolate with avocado cake a day before that and let the girls help me decorate it with pink icing and skittles, lol. When he got home from work, we called him to the dining table, J sung a happy birthday song to her dada and they both each blew the candle on his behalf.

She also made a personalized birthday card for him. Second photo below. You see, his cake and birthday card are homemade which for me, are way better than those store-bought stuff.

After that, J sliced the cake and we all ate together. Yes, that is how we celebrate birthdays in this household, no party, just us, not a lot of people or whatsoever. I could just simply forget the day since he already told me that he cancelled his birthday but no, I had to at least make an effort for it just so he knows he exist and that he matters to me and to our kids.

 photo 58thbirthday005_zps9aad5f0b.jpg

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Family on 4th of July 2014

It’s a late upload for our celebration of 4th of July. My family went to downtown Fort Worth to witness the annual spectacular Fireworks display. As usual, there were hundreds of people of all ages drove down there to watch the show. My last visit to the fireworks show was maybe three years ago. Back then, people would just go downtown and sit down to wait for it to start. The city since changed that. They enclosed the entire vast area with fences, put entrances to it and made sure the crowd would only go to the designated entrances where they are being checked for food and other items which aren’t allowed in the vicinity.

I don’t remember having that three years ago. It’s like a city’s idea to take advantage on making money from the crowd. While it was lively, upbeat music, with plenty of activities for kids to do while waiting for the display, food stands for hungry crowd and so on, they wouldn’t allow our own food to be brought inside. Heck, our chips and juices got confiscated by the entrance people.

Me and my kids were really looking forward to munching on our chips but to our dismay we weren’t able to do that. Added the fact that their dada refused to buy them hotdogs or burgers during our entire stay by the river which resulted to cranky, hungry, whiny and bored children. Lesson learned, I should bring my own wallet next time we go out so that I can buy my children food whenever they ask for it and don’t let them go starve!

All in all though, we were all amazed at how beautiful the fireworks display was. My girls couldn’t stop uttering, “wow! I love it mommy!” or “wow, magical!”. I should say, it was worth the wait, worth the hassle of traffic getting in and out there and most of all worth our time!

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Today, I’d like to take a moment to thanks the servicemen who died and currently serving for this great country and giving me the freedom. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY USA!

And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free… and I gladly stand up next to you… there ain’t no doubt I love this land! God Bless the USA!!

Video courtesy by Youtube… it’s not mine and I don’t own it.

Alive at 31

I don’t normally take solo pictures of myself, not unless I have to. I often update my Facebook wall with photos but not of my face but of my kids, food, flowers or other interesting shots of things I see beautiful. Anyway, since it’s my blog, I am entitled to love myself a little bit by posting these photos taken a day after I turned 31 for remembrance purposes.

As much as possible, I take photos of how I look each year I celebrate my birthday so to compare them from previous years. Oh man, I’m really 31 now! I remember, when I was 17… I was rushing to be 18 so that I won’t scare men of my age. I was itching to find a serious man at that age and when I told them how old I was, they seemed to back out and never chat with me again. When I was 18, I was the happiest. A couple of years later, here I am… amazed at how the years went by so quickly.

Yes, I am 31 and a secret to confess, I have not had an experience working from outside the house. I mean, I only had a brief 3 months paid occupation when I was single and that’s it. All I was focusing in my younger years was to find a man to marry.

I found the one for me and now have a close-knit family of my own. I am a full-time mom, a blogger and does a job that pays so little online. I don’t complain being at home though. Not all mothers have the privilege to stay home, take care of their kids and have no boss around. Some are forced to work just so to make ends meet, I am not. My husband provides for the family and consider myself lucky because of the stable job he has.

Thankful to the Heavens above for the life’s blessings He poured into me and to my family. For all the greatness life has to offer and for granting me my biggest dream in life.

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Birthday Card for Me from My First Born

Today is my 31st birthday. Nothing significant going on, just another year added to my life here on Earth. I am thankful to God because of it. I have been blessed with so many things and can only wish three things, that I will live longer/more years to come for me, good health, safety for me and for my family all the time and lastly, financial relief for us so then we will start saving up for a possible vacation to the Philippines next year.

Anyway, we planned of going to a Japanese buffet today but guess, it’s going to be postponed tomorrow due to some reasons. I woke up feeling alright this morning and that is all what’s important to me. Received a happy birthday greeting from my husband in bed, minutes later, my first born woke up and handed me her handmade heartfelt card for my birthday. She told me last night that she has a surprise for me and that she made me a birthday card, when she handed that to me, the feeling was just overwhelming with joy.

It feels I am appreciated and thought of by her because of the card. She had given me several cards on ordinary days but the idea she made me one on my birthday is amazing. How thoughtful can she be? I am lucky! I want to keep the card forever because I know this is just the beginning…. the first gift she could give me.

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Happy National Siblings Day!

If it wasn’t of Facebook I would have not known that today is a National Siblings Day celebration. Here’s my family photos for today’s occasion. Photos 1 and 2 are pretty much the same, only we took
turns by the photographer to ensure everybody is in the picture.

These were taken last November 2,2011 in our house in Cebu, Philippines. They were by the way when me and my firstborn about to go to the airport for departure. My father wasn’t in the picture and wouldn’t be anymore for he went to Heaven with the Lord.

In fact, the purpose of my travel at that time was to attend his wake and funeral. Sad huh, yes it was! Looking at these photo makes me thankful for the “pasaway” family I have back in the Philippines for they are the reason to come home to every two years.

 photo siblings_zpsc5220357.jpg

 photo siblings2_zps288a7930.jpg