My First Red Pajama Party

Of my over 9 years here in America, it was my first time to have attended a Pajama Party 3 days ago. Most parties I’ve been to were the typical parties wherein people get to dressed up in casual attire and everybody trying to look good.

The Red Pajama Party was held at a Spa retreat on Bryant Irvin road by a Filipina. It was the most interesting party I have ever attended and the best for me! Aside from a lot of foods, they actually have something interesting/educational kids craft and game activities for our little ones.

The highlight of the night was a Santa’s visit who appeared suddenly at the front door that made everybody excited and happy especially the kids. Of course, sitting on Santa’s lap and picture taking were not missed.

I love that there are party invitations closer to our home most of which are Filipino-American gatherings. It somehow eases my homesickness and the yearning to be with my family in the Philippines because these parties are attended by my friends or some people I know.

December and the entire summer are my worst months for homesickness but three upcoming parties to look forward to, that diverted my emotions to at least not feeling homesick! Thanks to those Filipinas for inviting me!

 photo adultpajama_zpsmkh0nwvl.jpg

Being Wacky with Friends I’m Comfortable With

Socializing is vital to one’s life especially for us Filipinas here in the United States so we don’t feel homesick and or isolated from the world. I don’t go out too often or if I do, I am always with my family doing things together. However, when I get a chance to hang out with people I already know, I do it but only with people I am comfortable with. I don’t go with bad companies (people that love to gossip other people or talking about their friends behind their backs). How fun it is to hang out with Filipinas who have no other motives but EAT and just have pure fun at the party?

This photo was taken last Saturday in Dallas at a baby shower party of one of the Filipinas. Thanks to my neighbor friend who invited me there and offered me a ride so we can both go together. I got a few photos of the group but this one I chose to share here because it’s fun and I look wacky on this shot. I am tired of projecting cute poses in front of the camera, that’s why!

 photo us_zps1fc34339.jpg

Roasted Pig!!

It was my second time to have eaten most Filipino’s¬†“blood pressure raising” favorite¬†roasted pig at a friend’s house just three blocks away. She had an advanced birthday party and we were invited. She sure gave me excitement when she told me she gonna have a whole roasted pig in her party. Yep, the said roasted pig filled a lot of tummies that day including mine. She bought it at Nguyen Loi and it tasted so good. Everybody liked it I know!

me and the roasted pig, bow!

Jadyn and the lechon

Post Celebration

I invited friends over yesterday so they can help me finish a whole fruit of jackfruit not thinking about celebrating my US citizenship but then when they start arriving, each greeted me because I am now a US citizen. How nice of them. I served them just “inato lang” foods, nothing special as long as I can have something to offer them….then the jackfruit as dessert.

They were here for four hours and I tell you what? I really enjoyed their company. There were 6 Filipinas in total doing karaoke afterwards. That was fun and real loud. When my husband came home from work he said that he could hear us from the street. I thought he was just kidding about that but then when I asked him again later, he said he could really hear us!

Filipino Christmas Party 2009

My family and friend Rose attended the Filipino Christmas party for 2009 held in Lewisville at Myra’s house yesterday. We all had a lot of fun together seeing a lot of filipinas at the party. As usual, when there is a party foods of various kind were present as if it was a war of food for there were really plenty of it like fried milkfish, pork bbq (Filipino style), monggos soup, shrimp sinigang, bihon, chicken adobo, tuna kinilaw, tortang talong, egg roll, fajitas and a whole lot more. Even the desserts were flooding on the counter top weewwwwwww. I couldn’t stop myself from loving the food only I didn’t have ample room in my stomach yesterday. If only I could eat all of the foods so I don’t have to keep thinking about it until now.

The girls who attended the party were mostly from DFW area and I knew most of them as I met them before a couple times over. My Jadyn was able to meet the fil-am kids too so do my friends for the first time. We took a group picture before we left at the party as a remembrance for this year’s Christmas celebration with them. Here I share with you guys our few shots. Enjoy.
…above is a picture of the ladies who were able to attend the party

…above is my family…picture taking before leaving..

…and the photo above is of Titing and her baby girl and of course yours truly with my girl

…chadaaaanggggggggggg the little mestisa Jadyn is the smallest in the kids group