Sunny, the Big Black Dog

This is a late post. I should have done this the day following Sunny’s arrival. I would like to introduce to you all the new member of our family, Sunny. She is 8 months old (when she arrived, we don’t know when’s her birthday). She is husky/blue heeler mix.

She is a big dog, something that we are not used to. For 8 years, we only have one dog and she is so tiny, a 1/2 chichuahua/ 1/4 dachshund and 1/4 pekingese breed named Chicha.

Sunny, is so dark in color, gigantic in size but friendly, playful, energetic, fun and sweet girl. She only pooped and peed once in the house since she arrived almost two weeks ago. Oh, I should not forget the date she came here, July 27,2016.

Her staying with was unexpected. Her owner brought her in our house so we can see her and know if the dog will get along with our chihuahua. But, we thought Sunny was pretty, she obeys basic commands and about to be potty trained. My husband gave me two options, accept Sunny and let her stay or we set another appointment to see Sunny at her owner’s house someday with our dog. I chose the former and so the owner did not hesitate to hand me the leash and left the dog with us.

There has been lots of barking and an almost-fight incidents in this house since Sunny arrived but things are going pretty well. Our little dog I can see is jealous of her because she now has a rival when it comes to petting and affection from her human family.

Sunny became comfortable with me right away and became mommy’s girl since then. She cries when I am out of her sight and follows me around the house. I must admit, Sunny is so playful and we love it from her. Although we are still adjusting of her size and presence, she is literally a good dog. A great addition to our family and Jadyn loves her already.

…. this is Sunny’s first picture the day of her arrival, July 27,2016..
 photo first day_zpsvdupva2u.jpg

…this is her now, August 8,2016. Just three days away since her arrival…
 photo sunny headshot_zps624ymhxf.jpg

Doggie Love

We have this 7 years old half chihuahua, 1/4 Pekingese and 1/4 dachshund dog that feels like a human being and trapped in a dog’s body who is the center of our family’s love and affection.

Whenever we wake up in the morning, come home or just being in the house, this dog knows that she is a part of us. She is a happy greeter too that’s why we love her so much. She is the same age as our first born and we treat her like a baby.

Whenever we sat down on a sofa to watch t.v, rest assured she will be there too. She is an indoor dog so her smell is addicting. She doesn’t stink at all! In fact, I keep kissing her belly up to her chest and neck and not a day to pass by without smelling her, haha. Weird I know but her smell is addicting.

Here’s a snap of us this morning while I am on the computer and her on my lap. She is sweet and can be aggressive one threatened with a bite by her mommy. Chicha is her name and the cutest dog of all.

 photo doggie_zps76ozpakx.jpg

Beautiful Dog Got Hit and Died in Front of Me

Early this morning we had two visitors, these were not the usual visitors you would see in your front yard. These were too beautiful Chihuahua mixed dogs, both females, brown color, lovely, happy, energetic and healthy looking dogs. I saw them in our neighbor’s front yard so I called them, they came to me first then went to our gate (our dog was there on the inside part of the gate) and they were barking each other. I thought they looked so cute, three dogs looked the same except that our dog is older.

The too loose dogs kept running back and forth to the gate, one would come to me occasionally and I petted and carried her, I found out her name is Sara. I let them go and they ran to the East side of the neighborhood, I tried calling them but they just kept running farther. Minutes later I saw them heading back to my direction so I ran hurriedly inside and took our dog’s dish so they can have some water and food as they were both panting. I came out the door but then boom! The bigger dog got hit by a fast running car, right in front of our house, right before my very eyes I witnessed how she was in so much pain and seconds after that THE DOG IS DEAD.

The woman that hit the dog stopped 300 feet away and walked toward the dog saying, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry”, picked up the dog and put her on the side beside our mailbox. I didn’t know what to say or what to do so I tried calling my husband saying to the woman, I’ll call my husband, maybe he knows what to do, he’s a policeman. Then the woman said, I should move my car (as she left her car parked in the middle of the street). I thought she’d come back and do something else but she drove away and did not come back.

That was just a rough morning I had. It was my first time seeing a dog being hit right there in front of me. I couldn’t eat lunch because of that terrible incident happened. When I look at our dog, it’s like looking at that dead dog. I just don’t understand why people drive fast in the neighborhood streets while they know there could be dogs on the loose or children suddenly cross the street.

According to the guilty woman, she thought they were squirrels. When she pass by the street again, I can pretty much tell who she is. A woman driving a silver PT cruiser car and I was kind of looked at her plate number, I guess I can tell it once I see that vehicle again. For sure she lives in this same neighborhood.

 photo 1290092_10152169928244517_235365560_n_zpsb7979964.jpg
… these were the two dogs that were running loose this morning. The bigger dog was the one that died…the dogs were sisters according to the owner
 photo 1208866_10152169928479517_1339561445_n_zps93e9df9b.jpg
… ten minutes I captured this photo of the dog, she got hit… after the incident, the owner picked up the dead dog’s body and came back to pick up Sara, the one I saved. So the owner lost one dog, and Sara lost a sister. How awful.


The Importance of Going to the Veterinarian Clinic Often

Pets are something that many kids grow up owning. However, the truth be told, mom and dad love the pets as much as the kids. Pets are part of the family. They may have quirks that no one likes about them, but they also play a large role in the family of loving everyone all the time. It is important to keep them healthy. To do this, it is critical that they be taken into the veterinarian clinic for regular checkups to make sure they remain healthy. By doing this, anything that may be wrong will be found early and treated.

Some Pets Hate Vets, but They Need Them

Although most pets are not fans of going to the vet, they need to see them. In most cases, a pet can tolerate a vet, once there in the office. They may show some resistance going into the clinic, but nearly every pet will tolerate the checkup from the vet. It is similar to any child who does not like going to the doctor’s office. Once there, they can tolerate what they need to in order to have the appointment done. In addition, by going for regular checkups, there will not be major work to be done at the vet’s office.

Factor Vet Care into Your Budget

One of the reasons people do not take their pet into the vet is because of cost. However, it is part of the costs associated with pet ownership. Ironically, no pet owner refuses to buy pet food because of the costs. It is understood that the pet must eat, like anyone else. The same is true with vet care. Everyone needs to see a doctor from time to time for a checkup for health. The same is true for any pet. It is something that needs to be in a household budget if there is a pet in the home.

Shots, Shots, and More Shots

Just like a child needs shots for immunizations, so pets too need shots. A vet will do this in a regular checkup at the veterinarian clinic. It is to protect the pet and the people who are exposed to that pet from disease.

Dog on a Diet

Fat dogs can be a funny sight but the truth is, the more overweight a dog is the more it will be inclined to suffer from health issues. These issues can be wide ranging, from long term diseases like diabetes to the more serious outcome of death due to heart issues.


You may argue that it is hard to make a dog lose weight because they seem to have such an insatiable hunger. Bar from starving them, how are you able to make them lose weight? Well, it can be done but first, you as the owner must take some responsibility. If a dog is overweight, it is because of the owner.  For example, if you regularly feed a dog food like left over chicken, they will quickly acclimatise to this new tasty food and begin to turn their nose up at regular dog food. This means that the dog will be receiving fatty foods that don’t offer any nutritional benefit instead of eating food designed to keep them healthy.

So how do you help a dog diet? First, you must purchase some quality dog food. Hills Science Plan Dog Food is a top quality dog food which is balanced with all the essentials nutrients a dog needs, meaning that use of extra supplements is unnecessary. If your dog has Hills Prescription Diet Dog Food. Next, your dog must experience the feeling of hunger. This will take will power on your behalf.  You must refuse to give your pet any treats like chicken bones, or steaks. The dog will soon eat the dog food when nothing else is offered.

The next step is to gently exercise your dog. Taking them on long walks are good for this, nothing too strenuous, but enough to burn away calories. As the dog becomes fitter and more used to the new food regime, you will see the pounds fall away to reveal an energetic, happy and healthy dog. Eventually your dog could be eating Hills Natures Best Dog Food, food where the nutrients are derived from natural sources.

Pets Are Treated Like Kids Or Part Of The Family

Having a dog can be expensive for we have to spend money on dog’s vaccinations, medicines or a simple veterinarian visit could cost money. Every time my husband brings the dog to the doctor, he would not go out the clinic without a two-hundred dollar bill for checkups and other stuff done to the dog.

Americans have so much compassion to animals. Dogs, cats, alligator, snake and many others. They treat them as if they are their kids or part of the family. That is what I like about them. Most if not all bring their animal pets to Pet Shop for grooming. That is awesome. While that can be expensive, some people don’t mind the expenses they face for the sake of their beloved pets.

We have a half chihuahua, 1/4 pekinese and 1/4 duchsund who is our first baby but my husband never brought her to the pet shop ever. What for? She is has a short hair that doesn’t need professional to trim her hair or do grooming.

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Pet Sitting Business

Pets are men’s best companions that I so agree. Before we had our little mixed Chihuahua dog, we had another dog which had a different breed from the current one named Giza that died of cancer. But before her, my husband have had 3 other big dogs that I forgot which breeding they were but they sure looked pretty for I’ve seen the pictures of his dogs. My husband is a dog lover that is why he never hesitated to give me one when I asked him to give me a pup after our Giza died.

Chichai is the name of the dog which is now our Jadyn’s playmate, sister and bestfriend. We love her a lot so does my baby. One time we drove down to San Antonio and we had no one to ask to look after Chichai, we brought her with us in a painstakingly 5 long hours of drive. The dog as it was her first time to travel long distance, she throw up on her dad’s lap while driving. That was so gross!

After that incident, we never ever brought Chichai again. Instead we left her in a dog hotel every time we travel to San Antonio that cost us 25 dollars a day. That’s a lot of money taken out from our pocket. Huh, no wonder dog hotels, veterinary clinic and other Pet Sitting Business establishments never run out of business because too many people will need for their service and too many pets out there needing their warm comfort while their masters are gone.

pet insurance

In the country where I grew up having as many as 10 dogs or cats in the house wasn’t a problem at all. We are not bothered as to how many domesticated animals we can afford because we don’t really spend money on them. We just feed them with whatever food leftover from us and they are good.

Unlike here in America, it is very costly to have at least a dog in the household. It is such a burden to people who choose to have two or more for it cost a lot of money for medical alone. Some would even get their pets a pet insurance just so they can have something to use in case something bad is going to happen with their beloved pets. How lucky are the pets, Americans treat them like human beings.

cat supplies

I am not a fan of cats simply because they do stink when they release their waste but I do have few friends who have got cats in their house. They treat their cats as their own baby and provide everything their cats need. From foods, toys, clothes, medications etc, all their cat supplies are bought at This website is specializing in selling products exclusively for cats only. Right now they have products that are on sale as well as scary cat costumes for Halloween. Check them out now please!

She’s Part of The Family

For two days I didn’t allow our dog to get in the computer room or in the living room because she’s shedding too much hair right now. There’s dog hair all over the floor and the baby wants to crawl whenever she’s awake. I can’t stop my baby from crawling because its part of her growth.

So what I did, I kept the kitchen gate locked all the time so Chichai can only stay in the kitchen and go outside. My husband told me that he’s a little bit worried about her because she is part of the family, she’s an inside dog and all of a sudden she’s limited to only stay in one place of the house.

I felt quite haunted with what he said so I let her in and now she’s happy and playing here with us.