Goodbye is Not Always Easy

Over the course of almost ten years of living here in the USA, I have traveled at least 9 times back to my homeland. I consider myself lucky because I know a few of Filipinas who have not gone home for a couple of years and visit their family. One reason is that, traveling overseas can be very expensive and not all people have the budget for that so they stayed in America and do not know when they will be able to do that.

Have I not going home in the past years my children would not have  a sense of living in a poor country nor an idea where their mother came from. They would have not known their Filipino roots especially my first born who luckily met her grandfather before passing away, they would have not experienced playing with relatives outdoors with pure fun and gadgets is out of the picture, etc.

Every trip we made in the past always had good memories created and the more we come visit the Philippines, the more my little siblings and our girls form a solid bond only uncle,auntie and nieces share. We travel every two years and stay there for a month or longer but that seems too short when you are enjoying your stay with them.

As what they say, all good things have come to an end just like a vacation should also end. And you know when that time comes, even if you are not ready to come back to the US yet, you have to and saying goodbye is not always easy. Pictures below were taken just a few hours before our departure on August 12,2015. My mother, little brother and sister have always been grateful of our visit and they are the reason despite of my bad encounter with my brothers inspire me why I should come back to the Philippines again and again.

 photo departure1_zps8cxm6f9y.jpg

 photo departure_zps8nwlgtvj.jpg

Recap of My So-Called Homeland Vacation

Pardon for the long absence in blogosphere. As most of my friends know, I went on a vacation to my homeland with our girls for a month. While being there, I did not have a decent internet service so I could not update my blogs as often as I wanted to.

Anyway, we are back here in the States since last week and still suffering what we call “jetlag”. My body clock is adjusting to the new time zone. I can’t sleep at night and can only take a few hours nap during the day.
Anyway, I did not expect for my vacation to be so exhausting and stressful for my part and some of my family members affected. I was really hoping I could take a relaxing vacation but to my dismay, there are people there that caused so much trouble to our mother due to drug use and had gotten worse over the years to the point of maltreating her and kicking her out of her own house.

A few days after my arrival in Cebu, we had an early confrontation with two of my younger brothers, it was me and my mother and them against us. We hurled hurtful words against each other because they were becoming so disrespectful of my mother and me that made me moved out of the house where we grew up. According to them, I brought trouble with me when I arrived.

Not only that I had to deal with those two SOBS, yet another challenge came up. We went to the beach for my second born’s birthday and my nephew had a near-drowning accident that almost cost him his life. He was so lucky there were doctor and midwife interns at the beach that performed CPR on him and  got revived. All medical bills were paid for none other than me. Then this drug addict father of the child wanted some of the money that the beach resort refunded me. Heck, he did not even contribute a peso for that accident.

Then a major job I had to do, I moved my mother out of that hell house, finally. After years and years of verbal abuse and threats from her son, she can finally have a relief from stress. I paid her house rental for two months and for the cab that we rented to transport some of her stuff to the new house. Arggs!

After all that financial help I did, he had the guts to chase me with a “sundang”. Only because I did not pay him of his three days work towards the fence I built up against the neighbors. Shameless SOB, he eats, sleeps and don’t wash his dirty dishes yet he acted like I was the one who owe him anything? F!

I did not get to enjoy my vacation until the last week of it. Thanks to my little siblings who were there for me and my girls, they helped me to be a better older sibling to them so they will continue to respect me as their “ate”. Unlike those SOB brothers of mine who took the wrong path in life by taking drugs.

We flew back to the US not even talking or saying goodbye to my three brothers. I don’t see the need to do so anymore and when I go back in the next two years, I would let them feel that I am no longer interested making up with them or whatsoever. My concern now is my mother and my two younger siblings. I promised to my self, there will be no financial support they can get from me from that day forward.

There will also be no more pasalubong for them as they don’t see the value or did not appreciate the stuff I gave them. In fact, the severely addicted SOB sold the stuff that I gave him for cheap price or worst swapped them for a gram of shabu! Imagine?

I will still visit the Philippines but am not gonna set foot in that house ever again. I can live without them and I won’t die not talking to them. Promise, my next vacation will be enjoyable with just a few members of my family to hang out with.

My emotions are raging, I know. But can you blame me?

I’m Going Home, Yeah!

Summer is fast approaching. Before we know it, it will be here. Well, here in Texas it kinda arrived for me. It’s the second day of April yet the temperature is already reaching up to 87 today. Anyway, I need not worry about me being attacked by homesickness this year because I AM GOING HOME to a country where I grew up, the Philippines!

I know it’s just four months away but it is good to have something to look forward to. I already have plans what to do and people to meet who I have not met in person, and some that I already met once before. I go home every two years, that is enough time for me to save up some money for my allowance while being there for a month.

Hopefully, there’ll be no major unexpected expenses that is out of my control so I can enjoy my vacation without worrying too much running out of budget. I hate it! I go there because I want to enjoy, have fun, pamper myself as much as I can because I cannot do that here. Everything here is expensive. I can only feel like I am pampered when I am in my country!

Happy National Siblings Day!

If it wasn’t of Facebook I would have not known that today is a National Siblings Day celebration. Here’s my family photos for today’s occasion. Photos 1 and 2 are pretty much the same, only we took
turns by the photographer to ensure everybody is in the picture.

These were taken last November 2,2011 in our house in Cebu, Philippines. They were by the way when me and my firstborn about to go to the airport for departure. My father wasn’t in the picture and wouldn’t be anymore for he went to Heaven with the Lord.

In fact, the purpose of my travel at that time was to attend his wake and funeral. Sad huh, yes it was! Looking at these photo makes me thankful for the “pasaway” family I have back in the Philippines for they are the reason to come home to every two years.

 photo siblings_zpsc5220357.jpg

 photo siblings2_zps288a7930.jpg

I Miss Bonding with My Family

I just had our Philippine vacation two months ago and here I am feeling homesick again. Days like this that is so boring and nothing else to do make me reminisce of the good times I spent with my family back home. I miss bonding with my little sister, brother and my mother and it sucks knowing that I cannot be with them anytime soon, phone them is the least I can do for now. I wish Philippines and USA were close and it can only be traveled by car for some hours.

Looking at the photos I took during our time last April-May of this year make me missed them more than ever. Snaps below are just a few of the family bonding I had with them. I took them one day to the Santo Nino de Basilica church in Cebu City then we went to SM City for lunch and after we filled our hungry stomach with good food at Jonie’s, I treat the children with painting.

 This is something that America can’t offer no matter how comfortable and good my life here. My heart longs to be with them and I guess I can never get over with homesickness. The only cure for this is a vacation to my home country, my native land, the Philippines! I don’t know when that is but one thing is certain, I am coming back and will start saving money from now on for the next trip.

 photo P5015589_zpsd1daa527.jpg
… family outside Santo Nino Church, resting for a while before heading to SM

 photo P5015598_zps90512bf7.jpg
… lunch at Jonie’s… everybody ordered their favorite meal and I guess they were happy of their food.

 photo P5015605_zps276c1882.jpg

 photo P5015621_zpsb946fdaa.jpg
… and here they are busy painting the ceramic figures that I bought for them.

Good Times with my Little Siblings

I chose to stay at my parents’ house than in a hotel for my main purpose of visiting the Philippines is to spend ample time with my family. They are the first reason why I always go back and travel to my own native land. I love how they grow to be respectful of me and appreciates my presence around the house.

It is always nice to come home to a family although admittedly they are annoying sometimes. My bad! But anyway, I only got five days left as of writing this entry to stay in the Philippines and for that I would love to minimize going out of the house as much as possible and just spend my remaining days with them. It is just so unfortunate to know that we may not be able to go to the beach together but I can assure them that next time I will surely bring them to the beach.

Photo below is of me and my little brother and sister. You can see we got dirt marks on our faces because we just finished playing card games when Jadyn took this photo of us. The one who got the most marks on his/her face lost a number of times in the game. Soooooooooooo much fun to play with them and will always treasure the memories we make during this vacation of mine.

 photo 912286_10151915739769517_753644280_n.jpg

Big Fat Payment and I’m Thankful

I am always grateful for every blessing that come into my Paypal account even if they don’t come everyday. Today I received a rare big fat payment that is just unbelievably true. Well, it really is true since the money has been sent into my account. Thank God for it. He knows that I am in need of money to slowly pay off my credit card and for allowance as well.

I prayed for some blessing and God is awesome for hearing my prayers, He always does! Anyway, I know I can pay off my small debt before I fly to the Philippines in less than two months. I just have to spend less and make more money blogging. Please Lord, keep those blessings coming! Amen!

Ten Things I Missed Being In The Philippines

I live a comfortable life in America with my kids and my husband of course but there are some things that are just hard to get or do here that can easily be done in the Philippines. There are certain food I missed eating a lot especially seafood and other Filipino delicacies that are not available here. Top ten things I wish I can eat/do/experience right now are as follows;

1. Pampering myself from head to toe. This include a hairspa, a full body massage, footspa, manicure/pedicure, haircut and spend only $11 bucks total. I do these things in the Philippines every two weeks, imagine that how spoiled I am there while I have never tried these here of my 6 years of living in America.

2. Eating at Jollibee. Jollibee is a popular food chain in the Philippines most loved by kids and even adults. Despite of the high cost of their food and small servigs, yet people love to come and dine there. Even my Jadyn keeps bugging me these days to go eat spaghetti at Jollibee. And I so love their burger yum, chicken joy with gravy and their fruit pies.

3. Fresh Seafood. Those fresh seashells/clams and seaweeds, freshly caught fish for soup or raw salad. Yum!

guso mo bay!


4. Fresh vegetable soup and Filipino delicacies like puto.

sikwate and puto maya

tan dabong

5. Friends and Jadyn’s playmates

Tracy Flores, her son, myself and Jadyn

aybol ni janet ug liezl

6. Filipino Ice cream and others. Halo2x in Chowking and ice cream of any flavor are something I cannot have here. Ice cream I can only eat it here probably once a year because it costs $8.99 per half gallon of it.

halo halo Pictures, Images and Photos

7. The Beach. I missed the seawater, the sand, the smell of the ocean breeze! We are in North Texas. The closest beach we can go to is in Houston which is at least five or six hours away from here.

8. My Freedom. Having to go out the house without the need of dragging my husband along. Public utility vehicles are available whenever you need one.

9. The noise and the crowd. You can rarely see a big crowd here in the neighborhood unless you go to events like state fair or festivals. Unlike in the Philippines, they are always in your face in or outside the house. Loud stereo volumes can be heard several houses down.

10. The mall. In the Philippines, the mall is the perfect place to be when you feel like being in an airconditioned place or just want to be comfortable.

Flooded With Opportunities

I woke up just half an hour ago, a bit early for someone who doesn’t have any obligations nor school or work to attend to. I turned on my computer and checked on my dashboard only to find I am being blessed and flooded with opportunities or online tasks to do. I am so thankful and happy. Thank You for this oh Lord, these will be done right away in one day promise!
If the people in this house are rushing at an early hour like this because of the small kids going to school, I am not. I am here sitting alone in this bedroom taking my time doing the very thing I love most, blogging that is. It is in the morning that my brain works fine. It is full with fresh ideas that I can up to compose an entry so I better take advantage of the time I have before my mother starts nagging hehe. Morning Philippines!

Painting At SM City Cebu

These are the two closest girls in my life. Little sister Alex and my big Princess. These photos show their artist side. I brought them to the Let’s Paint center at SM one time just so they can explore and realize their creativity. They enjoyed the activity so much while I was there waiting for them to finish at the same time taking a bunch of pictures of their busy hands. I plan of bringing them again next time with my little brother so he can experience how it is to paint, choosing his own color and let his imagine wander. It is such a great activity for little kids like them, I am sure.