Hanging Out with Friends Who Like to Be Fit

“No man is an island” as the saying goes which has proven to be true to me. I am in a country half across the globe and away from my Filipino family. I have built my own family yet my heart yearns for a company that can relate with me, who speak the same language as me and most of all who I can be with simply because we can talk anything and laugh together at silly stuff. That is how my friends come in and fill that little void in my life.

Luckily, I know a few in our area that don’t only speak Bisaya but also are interested in keeping themselves fit. In fact, one of the ladies I hangout with runs in marathons and she gives us motivation to sweat! I could not ask for a better group of people than these ladies. We walk t, we laugh and be silly together. When all is combined, endless fun is achieved the entire walk on the trail not knowing we’ve done 9.47 miles last Saturday.

Of course, taking pictures along the way makes it even better. Looking forward to be with these ladies next Saturday and for the many Saturdays in the future.

 photo walk1_zpslu2toyal.jpg
 photo walk_zps0iaokpvr.jpg

 photo trinity_zpszdeeiu7j.jpg

Weekend Meetup with New and Old Friends

I had so much fun hanging out with a new and my old time friends. Two of the girls were Sheryl and Rosalie are my friends more than 7 years here in Fort Worth, there are actually three of us, Annie and family weren’t able to come for she had to work. We used to hangout often back in our early years but then it had changed since Rosalie moved to Utah. We can only hang out when they fly over here. When they do, we make sure we sit down together to have dinner and chit chat just like the old times.

Their visit to Texas was a perfect timing to celebrate my firstborn’s 7th birthday. I invited them over to Chuck E. Cheese’s so the kids can do the rides and games in there. That weekend hangout went perfect as planned except that we didn’t get to dine in at Japanese Hibachi restaurant for they opened a little later than we anticipated.

The weather was gorgeous and the company was nice. All in all, it was just a total blast for all of us especially our children. Here a few snaps of our beautiful and healthy faces, haha! That meet up was what I needed, I so missed real face to face interaction with good friends, friends I am comfortable with and friends that I can be myself around them.

Left to Right: Piping and her two children, Rose and Allison, Myself and my firstborn, Sheryl and my husband and my second born on a beautiful day.
 photo Jadyns7thbday095_zpsf07595a7.jpg
the three beautiful mommies and our FIL-AM beauties

 photo Jadyns7thbday119_zpsdedb5c77.jpg

… the originals!
 photo trio_zpsc08429cf.jpg

My First Pet Sitting Job in America

I know it’s not a big deal for some whose job is petsitting and all sort of jobs but for me it is. It is my first time to petsit a neighbor/friend’s furry babies just four blocks away from us. I will not forget my first ever paid job I had in America, lol. I’ve been living in this country for over 8 years and have not had tried applying for a job outside our home. I am a full-time homemaker and mommy at the same time doing my online freelance little tasks that has very little payouts, that’s it.

I actually am proud of myself today for it was the last day of my petsitting job offered to me by my friend, lol. I like it a lot, not only I got to play with the cute doggies but also it gives me a sense of responsibility and do my job with no supervision.

I was given specific times as to when to go see the dogs and I tried to be there on time as much as possible to attend their needs. The job earned me $150 for 7 visits total with 2 very early start. I can’t complain at all, it was easy and loved what I was doing.

Hopefully, I will be confident to take another petsitting job from someone else’s pets in the future and start making money outside of our home.

 photo petsit_zps98059155.jpg

…. meet the cute four-legged pets, Snowball in white and Buddy, the black mischievous dog, lol
 photo akosit_zps6edc0316.jpg
… me and Snowball, I love this dog, so cute, playful, cuddly and very friendly…

Spending Time Together at the Mall

I am a stay-at-home mom, wife and blogger therefore, I have ample time with my kids at home. Some mothers who are working outside their home see it as a privilege which I agree but sometimes I can’t help but wish I work too because, staying at home everyday is tiring you know.

Summer blues is what I usually feel around this time of the year, I feel stuck and there is nowhere to go. Or if there is, it is at the mall but heck, what do I do at the mall? Spending money is not always good. My husband asked me one time where my friends are, I told him. They are out there partying, having fun while I am stuck here. I know a couple of Filipinas but those that I consider my FRIENDS are at least 45 minutes away and I am not willing to drive that far for a quick hang out with them so I would rather stay and be lonely.

Anyway, I try to go out to the mall once in a while with my two girls. I bring them to the mall’s play area so that they too can socialize with other kids. An hour or two stay at the mall is good enough, we cannot stay longer than that because my little one gets fuzzy when it’s her nap time and if I continue to browse around, it would not be fun with a crying baby in the stroller.

Photo below is of me, the owner of this blog and my second girl at the mall. Taking pictures of our bonding sometimes is cool so someday they’ll see it and appreciate our time spent together.

 photo 983420_10152040016109517_1429091598_n1_zpsa5a22a10.jpg

God Bless My Little Girls!

These are my girls and God Bless them for they are good girls. Mommy and daddy’s sweet delights! The big sister is such a nice sibling to have and our little Pearl is lucky to have her as her big sis for she truly cares about her.
We are lucky and proud parents of these two beautiful kids. We wouldn’t exchange them for anything in this world. They are our sole treasure that keep us intact and strong together as a family!

Heart Melting Smile

This is my little Pearl at 2 months, 1 week and 1 day old. I love her so much. She is soooooo pretty,cute and adorable. I don’t care if other people won’t agree but for me my child/ren are the prettiest of all. Looking at these pictures of my baby make me smile deep in my heart too!

They Are My Pride

Thank God for my cute precious little girls. They are my pride and my joy. Mommy and daddy’s little angels. Big sister Jadyn being so good at her little sister, she feels absolutely no jealousy towards Megan. She looks after her and she even help her mommy in her small way. Megan on the other hand, the pretty and easy (well, Jadyn too when she was a baby) baby is quiet and would just sleep all day long. She’d only cry if she needs to be fed or need to be changed a diaper. 
How lucky I am to have these little girls to take care of, to watch them grow and most of all to love them with all my heart! Thank You, Lord! I am so blessed with precious beautiful girls; Jadyn and Megan!

She Is A Week Old

Amazing how days gone by so quickly. Our second Princess has turned one week old yesterday at ten forty three in the morning. Yes, she is that young… that also means that it’s been a week I’ve been losing my sleep at night. I don’t know how long is this going to last but I am hoping that the baby will learn to sleep by herself pretty soon. 
But anyways, I receive ample amount of compliments when I posted some photos of my little girl on Facebook. Some say she looks like her grandfather, most people commented that she got prominent nose which I agree. Its shape is different than her big sister.

Making A Snow Angel

Jadyn was being cooperative when I told her to make a snow angel. I demonstrated to her how to make it and afterwards she just voluntarily lay down in the snow and start doing it. I know my Jadyn pretty well, she is the kind of kid that doesn’t want to follow what you are saying unless she likes what she’s being told. Silly girl she is but I love her. Too bad dada wasn’t able to capture her snow angel yesterday.

Our Temporary Curls

And this is the continuation of my previous post titled temporary curl, here are the photos of our hair after we took off the stalks that were in our head for couple of hours. Our curls look beautiful, aren’t they? Huh patronizing ourselves. I am going back to my grandma’s place and I make it sure I’ll bring that special medication in order to keep the curls longer. 

………….. myself in the first photo..then my baby below, the third one is of my little sister Alex with my lil bro Adong…