Snow 2018

Snow at last! We’ve waited for snow here in Texas for 3 years and it finally came yesterday. Well, luckily we got an inch or two here in our new place. Meanwhile, in Fort Worth and DFW metroplex, they got none.

For some people in much colder states like NY, MN and other parts of the United States, snow for them is a calvary. It’s the opposite here in Texas but once we do get some, rest assured roads will be dangerous to drive especially on bridges. That is why, when there is sleet, icy roads or snow, school and businesses will be closed.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I expected for some thick and all-white ground. To my dismay, there wasn’t much except for some spots that have leaves on the ground holding the snow to keep in close contact directly to the soil.

Anyways, we enjoyed it a bit but then the temperature is overly cold so I did not stay outside for long. My girls were in and out the house yesterday and complained about being too cold.

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

I Love My Naturally Smooth and Black Hair

While most people are so fond of coloring, ironing and curling their hair, I’m not! I dare not to damage my already naturally smooth and black hair. As long as it stays black, I will not touch it. What for? My hair is manageable and I don’t see the need for it to be abused with those chemicals and hot irons!

Since I’ve been here in the USA, I never had a hair cut or gone to the salon ever, not once! I am pretty frugal, I am not willing to spend $20-$30 on a haircut so I always waited for me to go back to the Philippines had it cut to my liking since it is way cheaper over there.

I usually have my hair cut every two years but then I am not planning of going out of the country this year and my hair got really long to the point of me getting annoyed sometimes so I just did it on my own. It was crooked and that made me unhappy. Gladly though, I am easy and wanting just a simple trimming. The husband fixed it for me and he did it really good.

You see, cutting my hair straight across is enough for me which my husband can very well do. If I’d let other people in the salon cut my hair, it would have cost me a whooping $30 plus tip, a job that is very easy and simple to do.

 photo myhair1_zpsgop248qh.jpg

 photo myhair_zpsyjgenjar.jpg

Sunny, the Big Black Dog

This is a late post. I should have done this the day following Sunny’s arrival. I would like to introduce to you all the new member of our family, Sunny. She is 8 months old (when she arrived, we don’t know when’s her birthday). She is husky/blue heeler mix.

She is a big dog, something that we are not used to. For 8 years, we only have one dog and she is so tiny, a 1/2 chichuahua/ 1/4 dachshund and 1/4 pekingese breed named Chicha.

Sunny, is so dark in color, gigantic in size but friendly, playful, energetic, fun and sweet girl. She only pooped and peed once in the house since she arrived almost two weeks ago. Oh, I should not forget the date she came here, July 27,2016.

Her staying with was unexpected. Her owner brought her in our house so we can see her and know if the dog will get along with our chihuahua. But, we thought Sunny was pretty, she obeys basic commands and about to be potty trained. My husband gave me two options, accept Sunny and let her stay or we set another appointment to see Sunny at her owner’s house someday with our dog. I chose the former and so the owner did not hesitate to hand me the leash and left the dog with us.

There has been lots of barking and an almost-fight incidents in this house since Sunny arrived but things are going pretty well. Our little dog I can see is jealous of her because she now has a rival when it comes to petting and affection from her human family.

Sunny became comfortable with me right away and became mommy’s girl since then. She cries when I am out of her sight and follows me around the house. I must admit, Sunny is so playful and we love it from her. Although we are still adjusting of her size and presence, she is literally a good dog. A great addition to our family and Jadyn loves her already.

…. this is Sunny’s first picture the day of her arrival, July 27,2016..
 photo first day_zpsvdupva2u.jpg

…this is her now, August 8,2016. Just three days away since her arrival…
 photo sunny headshot_zps624ymhxf.jpg

Weekend Meetup with New and Old Friends

I had so much fun hanging out with a new and my old time friends. Two of the girls were Sheryl and Rosalie are my friends more than 7 years here in Fort Worth, there are actually three of us, Annie and family weren’t able to come for she had to work. We used to hangout often back in our early years but then it had changed since Rosalie moved to Utah. We can only hang out when they fly over here. When they do, we make sure we sit down together to have dinner and chit chat just like the old times.

Their visit to Texas was a perfect timing to celebrate my firstborn’s 7th birthday. I invited them over to Chuck E. Cheese’s so the kids can do the rides and games in there. That weekend hangout went perfect as planned except that we didn’t get to dine in at Japanese Hibachi restaurant for they opened a little later than we anticipated.

The weather was gorgeous and the company was nice. All in all, it was just a total blast for all of us especially our children. Here a few snaps of our beautiful and healthy faces, haha! That meet up was what I needed, I so missed real face to face interaction with good friends, friends I am comfortable with and friends that I can be myself around them.

Left to Right: Piping and her two children, Rose and Allison, Myself and my firstborn, Sheryl and my husband and my second born on a beautiful day.
 photo Jadyns7thbday095_zpsf07595a7.jpg
the three beautiful mommies and our FIL-AM beauties

 photo Jadyns7thbday119_zpsdedb5c77.jpg

… the originals!
 photo trio_zpsc08429cf.jpg

Keeping my Weight Under 95 Pounds

The only thing I can do at least for myself to boost self-esteem is to keep my weight under 95 lbs. I am 5’1″ in height and currently weighs 93 or sometimes 92.8 in the mornings. I am happy with that but I wish I can do more in my midsection. Although it is not bulging but it is soft like jelly.

I tried some abs exercises weeks ago and stopped due to the lack of energy at the end of the day and busy schedule juggling my household chores, motherhood, online tasks and couponing. I almost have no energy left to do that anymore. I know I can do it if I don’t have any excuses but geeezzz I look skinny compared to those who got two children just like me. Anyway, I am happy of my current weight, if I lose some more pounds… that would be great too.

 photo 1441553_10152367658344517_841221599_n1_zps45f83266.jpg

Papa Live On Webcam

It always feels good to be able to talk to my father. We can only talk online once a week since he doesn’t know how to operate the computer but despite of that he manage to get online with the help of my little sister just to keep in contact with me. Thanks to yahoo voice chat for it is bridging loved ones from across the globe.

I captured our video call (above attachment) last weekend but just now have a chance posting it here for I have been busy. I do it to document each chat I made with my father for keeps.

Just like my last chat with my grand father, I kept it on this blog. Good thing I did that for I have a last peek at him before he was gone. Now he is probably in heaven and yet I have a clear picture of him while he was still alive.